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Planet X. Is this Nemesis 7/29./17. Hayward Ca.
Me and a friend was up chilling all night for his Birthday in his backyard in the Hayward hills. The sun was up and it was about 9:03 am. We woke up still drunk.lol and went to his back yard and noticed how everything was more orange and a lil sun light but all Orange. He looked up to see where it was coming from and said. "DUDE I swear before the Sun starting burning my eye's I see like another planet." I also looked up and saw just the sun beams but something there. But the sun's glare was more blocking it. So I went up the tree so the leafs can help hide some of the light beams and glares and it kinda worked .You can see the sun is shinning on something huge.Its on the left side round and the sun beaming on it there it is. What you think or should I just have another drink.. Thank you and sorry if I wasted your time.
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