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Tributes pour in at Sir Ken Dodd's funeral
Tributes to Sir Ken Dodd from Ricky Tomlinson, Stan Boardman, Claire Sweeney, Roy Chubby Brown and Jimmy Tarbuck at his funeral in Liverpool.
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British big wave surfer breaks back in horror wipeout
A British big wave surfer has broken his back in an epic wipe-out as he tackled one of the world's biggest waves. Andrew Cotton, 36, suffered the worst injury of his professional career in the mountainous seas off Nazare in Portugal where waves reach almost 80ft. CREDIT: NEWSFLARE
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Manchester crowd sing Oasis song after minute's silence
Manchester came to halt this morning as the city paused to observe a minute's silence in tribute to the victims of Monday's terror attack. Read the story here: http://bit.ly/2qWwjof
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91-year-old gymnast completes impressive routine at Berlin competition
An impressive video has emerged of a 91-year-old woman performing a flawless gymnastics routine during a competition in Berlin, Germany. (Newsflare)
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Sunny the Coati Is a Board Game Genius
Credit: Nicolle von Eberkopf via Storyful
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The Red Turtle: Behind the magic
An exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the making of The Red Turtle - a film our reviewer described as a 'sublimely simple animation' that will 'transport you to another time and space'.
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Unicyclist completes round the world challenge
The first man to unicycle round the world said he will cycle another 10 miles home after his welcome party as he made his triumphant one-wheeled homecoming.
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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lay flowers at monument in Poland
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lay flowers at the Solidarity monument alongside the former President of Poland and founder of the Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa, in Gdańsk.
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Driver refuses to reverse to let bus go in small street
Credit: Newsflare.com/ChadBikesLondon
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Dog revived by firefighters after fire
Bakersfield Fire Department firefighters rescue a pet dog and revive him
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General Election 2017  The biggest seat shocks
Many big names lost their seats in the shocking General Election results, including Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg and the SNP's Alex Salmond.
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Prince George arrives for his first day at school
The Duke of Cambridge has said Prince George's first day at school went smoothly after he was forced to manage parenting duties alone. The prince, who will known as George Cambridge to his classmates, was helped out of the car by William after being driven inside the school gates at around 8.45am.
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Diane Abbott's 'car crash' interview on LBC with Nick Ferrari
Labour’s Diane Abbott said she ‘misspoke’ when she gave a string of incorrect figures during a radio interview about her new policing policy - video courtesy of LBC
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CCTV  Biker hit by flying mattress
A rider in Brisbane has a lucky escape after being hit by a mattress on a busy road.
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All you can eat: Shark goes on feeding frenzy
Drone footage captured the predator feeding on thousands of bunker fish which have gathered  off Long Island, New York. (storyful)
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Election 2017  TV leaders debate highlights
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were forced to defend their records as they faced a live TV grilling.
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Tanker driver makes nail-biting turn beside cliff face
A driver of a tanker made the tightest of U-turns on a narrow road beside a cliff face in southern China's Chongqing City earlier this month (Newsflare)
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Body found in search for 12 year old boy in River Trent
A 12-YEAR-OLD boy who went missing in the River Trent has been named by family as Owen Jenkins and described as a 'hero' who had tried to help a struggling friend.
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Working dogs show remarkable restraint before gorging on treats
A pack of working dogs at the Beloka Kelpie Stud farm showed remarkable restraint after their handler poured a line of food and made them wait until he gave the green light before they began chowing down. (Facebook/Beloka Kelpie Stud via Storyful)
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Deceased grandma has the last laugh as her ashes blow back in the face of family
When Liz Hopson tried to scatter her mother’s ashes from atop a bridge in Newcastle the wind had other ideas (Storyful)
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Watch these robots sort packages in a factory in China
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