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Reynoldsburg School Board VP Elaine Tornero
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Governor John Kasich Lies About Healthcare and Pensions
Ohio Governor John Kasich can't keep his lies straight as he continues to offer differing numbers about the amounts that public employees pay toward health insurance and pensions. At the end, Kasich offers a surprise endorsement on the work of unions in Ohio over the past few years.
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Urban Environments
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I Stand With REA
In celebration of World Teachers' Day, this video is for the educators in the Reynoldsburg Education Association who, along parents and community members, are fighting to improve the teaching and learning conditions in their schools. Music is "Superheroes" by The Script.
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2012 EMIS Manual from ODE
The Ohio Department of Education's 2012 EMIS Manual at the center of Ohio's student attendance investigation has been scrubbed of all guidelines for reporting student attendance despite the department's staunch insistence of its unambiguous clarity.
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Senator Jones: Read the Bill
Senator Shannon Jones, sole sponsor of Ohio's Senate Bill 5 (now Issue 2 for Ohio's voters), explains how her bill does not alter bargaining on working conditions because she used the exact same language as the 1983 law. Jones calls claims to the contrary "patently false" and proceeds to point out numerous times that she has absolutely no clue what words have actually been printed in her bill. Senator Jones, please read the bill before you vote on November 8. You'll be surprised by what you learn.
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Issue 2: "Un-American"
John Kasich tells a crowd at the Statehouse that those who work hard, sacrifice, and play by the rules should not be punished by those in Washington or Columbus. Punishing those who do so would be "Un-American" and not a value he grew up with. Since actions speak louder than words, Ohioans must assume his values changed later in life.
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TourismOhio 2012 - John Kasich Edition
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John Kasich - "Education"
After John Kasich took office, he cut school funding by $1.5 billion, he signed into law a bill to end collective bargaining, he changed the laws for licensing teachers to make it easier for under-prepared "Teach for America" members to get into Ohio's classrooms, he has more than doubled the amount of school vouchers, he has promoted the expansion of low-performing charter schools, and he has expanded the use of standardized testing in schools.
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Don't women know this? Men need their little blue pills.
This is sort of how I envision my future conversation with State Senator Nina Turner about her "Viagra Bill," SB307. View the legislation at http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=129_SB_307
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"Beyond Their Noise"
Beyond their noise, the facts are clear: The GOP can only offer opinions on Issue 2.
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John Kasich: "Full-page Ad"
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It's Not About Retention
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Ohio Senator Peggy Lehner on Capitol Square
Ohio Senator Peggy Lehner talks about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee law on 10TV's Capitol Square.
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John Kasich - Dollars into Classrooms
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Missing Résumé
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Involving Stakeholders
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REAL Teamwork In Ohio
John Kasich's latest campaign ad is titled "Teamwork". This November, Ohio's workers have a chance to show the Governor what REAL Teamwork looks like in Ohio . . . again.
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