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Wedding Dance
This was when i was still warning up for the dance i unleashed.
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Shift 4.0 - The Visit
This is a drama by The Commissioned; the maker of **"Ashake"**.
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Teach Me To Be Strong: Untalented-SingSong
This song speaks about every man having his weakness and asking God for strength. He is always ready to trade our weakness for His strength. Ask the saviour to help you, comfort, strengthen and keep you. He is willing to aid you, He will carry you through. This song is by David Omodunmiju.
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Fearless unveiled.
This is what Fearless is all about.
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Birthday surprise
She surprised me with this. Isn't she wonderful?
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Promoting Steem.
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Blow My Mind: Untalented-SingSong
I picked this song by my brother because it is all about love. Love is enough to make the world go round. Never underestimate the power of love felt truly and deeply in the heart. Love can change the world. If only we care deeply enough, share enough, then the world would have enough. The world has enough of our need but not enough for our greed.
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Ibadan Meet Up.
Tojukaka speaking with a group of steemians on the recently concluded Ibadan Meet Up.
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Short clip; orphanage visit
Just having fun, while waiting for the children at the orphanage to get back from School.
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Ibadan Meet Up Lecture.
Ejemai speaking at the lecture. What a man!.
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Orphanage visit on Valentine's day
HAHAHA i couldn't help but disturb people as always.
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Valentine's day orphanage visit.
We had fun at the orphanage on Valentine's day and it was amazing. Steemit made it all possible with partnership with @stach and what a better way to spend it with these amazing children with a heart of love in the season of love. Happy Valentine's day.
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Ulog-Vines: Promoting Steem
Promoting Steem/Steemit
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Mother-Son and Father-Daughter Dance
Hahaha we had to switch
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