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Progressive Addition Lenses how to use them
Learn how to use your progressive lenses, easier adaption to your progressive lenses.
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Progressive Addition Lenses Gone Wrong
How to avoid problems adapting to Progressive Addition Lenses. Know how your technician should be measuring for the frame you have chosen.
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Monovision and Cataract Surgery
Monovision done with Cataract Surgery. Yes, you can have near vision correction done instead of far as an Option. I go over the pros and cons of Monovision as a permanent choice when you get your implant put in. Links to all My MonoVision Videos http://youtu.be/it6peqZ2NPc http://youtu.be/TOgGvzakh9U http://youtu.be/_2pAB0Dsa68 http://youtu.be/_U6zBtgVrig
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How to Clear Your Throat
Easy tip on How To Clear Your Throat of an annoying piece of food. I learned this tip from a Speech Pathologist that was so easy and useful that I had to share it with you!
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Multifocal Lenses
Multifocal Lenses vs Frame Choice. Which frames are bad for a Progressive Addition Lens Prescription. Understand how to avoid adaptation problems to a Progressive Addition Lens.
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Computer Reading Glasses
Progressive Addition Lenses and why a regular Progressive Addition Lens will not work for a computer user.
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Reading Glasses For Computer
Reading Glasses for Computer or Progressive Lenses for Computer? Which glasses are best for the Computer?
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How To Put Eye Drops In With Eyes Closed
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What Are Progressive Addition Lenses
How do they work, and which one is the best? Why you may not like your Progressive Lenses.
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Headaches With New Glasses
When the Eye Doctor screws up your prescription. Signs & symptoms of an Rx that does not work for you.
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How To Make Glasses For Golf
For $20.00 you can turn your sunglasses into golf glasses that you can read with. Link to Hydrotac Stick On Bifocals: http://optx2020.com/p-2-hydrotac-stick-on-bifocal-reading-lenses.aspx Link to Slice Slice Baby Music Video http://youtu.be/nDN0CtAiYjw
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Eye Allergies Signs Symptoms & Treatments.wmv
Spring time eye allergies, signs, symptoms and treatments in a short video.
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Eye Problems with Diabetes - Bleeding in the Eye
What can Diabetes do to my eyes? Video #1 in a series on Diabetes and the eye. http://www.viz101.com
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Ophthalmic Migraine.wmv
What is an Eye Migraine? Ophthalmic Migraine also known as a retinal migraine or visual aura. What triggers an eye migraine and how it is treated.
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What Is Monovision part 2
Monovision explained, is monovision good for driving? Is it good for sports? Who does the best with monovision. See it answered here. www.viz101.com
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Reading Glasses For Computer part 2
What power should you use on glasses for the computer? How can you decrease eye strain on the computer. 1:35 computer attachment 2:35 Anti-Reflective Coating 3:10 Lasik
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Headaches With New Glasses part 2
How to get your glasses remade for FREE!
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Contact Lens Fitting
Contacts fitting too tight and what problems it causes.
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Legally Blind
Legally blind definition. What does it mean to be legally blind. App for the blind or visually impaired is FREE! What does 20/200 actually mean? Link to the Tommy Edison XP channel...... Learn what life is like for a Blind man who has a great sense of humor!!! http://youtu.be/NeB0BH8rAc8
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Diabetic Retinopathy (Bleeding in the Eye)
How does diabetes affect the eye, bleeding in the back wall of the eye and how it happens. Learn what you should do to prevent vision loss due to diabetes
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Best EyeLash Extensions video 3
Best eyelash extensions and why. Synthetic eyelash extensions vs Silk eyelash extensions. Are Mink really the best eyelash extensions?
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Vision Problems and Diabetes
Vision problems and Diabetes, what can it mean. Changes in vision is commonly a sign that you may be Diabetic (Type 2). What kind of changes can you expect and why do they occur with Diabetes? What can you do about vision changes due to Type 2 Diabetes?
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Best Eyeliner for Waterline
Lining the waterline of the eye, is it safe to line the inside rim of the eye? What makeup is best to line the inside rim of the eye?
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Cataract Surgery
Cataract Surgery, Should you have Cataract Surgery or Not? When you should have cataract surgery and when you do not need to have cataracts removed.
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Eye Floaters.wmv
Eye Floaters and Flashes of the Eye, what causes eye floaters and what do they mean.
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Lasik and Dry Eye
Dry Eye after Lasik is a complication you need to be aware of before deciding on Surgery. Even though less than 2% experience it for a long time after surgery, if you are one of those 2% you could be miserable! Over half of patients complain about dry eye just after the surgery which is the most common problem after Lasik but not all go on to continue with the complaint long term. Beware if you already have dry eye, Know that you are not on the good side of the stats!
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Lasik Risks
Lasik Risks, how Kathy Griffin lost eyesight after Lasik Surgery. Know the real problems that can happen after surgery when our bodies react the wrong way.
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What is a Stye (2)
What is a Stye? What causes a Stye, how to treat a stye and what Not to do to a Stye! 0:17 What is a Stye 0:37 Why do you get Styes 1:10 Picture of Styes 1:14 How to treat a Stye 1:29 How to make a heat pack 2:19 How long does a stye last 2:23 When should I see a Doctor 2:35 Should I squeeze a stye 2:58 Cellulitis 3:14 How to get rid of a stye If you have Chalazion please see this video link for answers http://youtu.be/WsQC8TVg0q8
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Does Drinking Coffee cause blindness?
Coffee causing blindness? Can coffee cause Glaucoma? Harvard University recently did a study that found moderate to heavy coffee drinkers have an increased risk of developing Exfoliative Glaucoma. How much is moderate or heavy, who is really at risk? How much is in a cup of coffee? Get your answers in this video on the coffee connection to glaucoma.
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Why Eyelashes Fall Out.wmv
Why do eyelashes fall out? The medical and not so medical reasons eyelashes fall out
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What Is Dry Eye Syndrome
Dry eye syndrome. How Dry eye can affect your vision, the problems dry eye can cause. This is Video #1 in my Dry Eye Series.
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How To Spot a Fake Smile
How to Spot a Fake Smile, helpful in Business Negotiations. Liespotting is a great book to learn more Business Negotiation Tips. I also explain why our eyes close when we sneeze. Can we sneeze with our eyes open?
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How to put eye drops in the easy way
Easy way to put eye drops in with eyes shut! Best way for kids and animals! Try it on yourself and see just how great it works. As a retired Eye Doctor, I had a busy practice and my staff enjoyed this quick no nonsense method.
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Eye Problems with Diabetes - Cataracts
Cataracts and Diabetes, how and why a Diabetic is prone to get Cataracts.
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Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction, what causes erectile dysfunction or E.D. as it is also known. How do you know if you have erectile dysfunction and what to do about it. Link to Sexual Med website http://www.sexualmed.org/index.cfm/sexual-health-issues/for-men/erectile-disfunction /erectile-dysfunction-overview/ Link to My other Viagra Video on Visual Side effects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb5YFsWiRZg&feature=share&list=UUwQnpxcitvfnJJ1bivF_f3w
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High Blood Pressure Symptoms
What are the symptoms of High Blood Pressure? In Honor of American Heart Month, learn how your eyes can tell a doctor how your blood vessels in your body are doing. See the inside of your own eye all with out a dilation! www.viz101.com
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Monovision, What is Monovision
Monovision Explained. Is Lasik good for Monovision?
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Overnight Contact Lenses
Overnight Contact Lenses and how they give you better vision by morning. If you are too young for Laser Surgery or want a natural approach to better vision, consider CRT. Corneal Reshaping Technology or Orthokeratology. Get better vision without surgery! www.viz101.com
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Eye Allergies and Contact Lenses
Eye Allergies and Contact lenses, how to wear contacts with allergy eyes. Help contact lens wearers during allergy season with this great tip! Wear Daily Disposables during High pollen count days. 0:20 Pollens and contact lens wear 0:33 itchy, red, irritated eyes 0:40 contacts and allergies 1:00 solution to allergies and contact lens wear 1:09 tip and trick to using contacts with allergies 2:02 astigmatism and contact lenses 2:40 DMV vidion requirement to drive 3:09 brand names of disposable contacts 3:10 Ciba Dailies 1 day disposable contacts 3:15 1 Day Acuvue daily disposable contacts 3:17 Cooper Vision Proclear daily disposable contacts 3:30 contact lens travel tip 4:00 cleanest, safest way to wear contact lenses 4:24 video link to astigmatism explanation
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Crows Feet
Crows Feet, how to get rid of them and why do we get Crows feet in the first place.
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Football Eye Black, Does It Work
Why do football players paint black under their eyes? Does it really work. Eye Black, Function or Fashion?
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Macular Edema with Diabetes
Diabetes complications of the eye, Macular Edema. What is Macular Edema, how and why it occurs. How is Macular Edema treated and what are the symptoms of Macular Edema.
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What Is Monovision part 3
Monovision is explained, when is monovision a good thing. Monovision and eyestrain. 0:55 man with 3 eyes http://www.viz101.com
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Cat With A Cataract
Cat with a Cataract. Cat Cataract discussed. How she got the cataract, how the cataract affects the cat.
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How To Pick Out Sunglasses For Sports.wmv
How to choose the right sunglasses for your sport for that competitive edge! Learn what the different colored lenses can and can not do for you.
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Glaucoma Types & Treatments
Glaucoma Types & Treatments explains in a short video the main types of Glaucoma. Glaucoma treatments discussed for the different types of Glaucoma.
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How to Pass an Eye Exam
Which is better 1 or 2? Why do eye doctors ask that? Cause for anxiety during an eye exam? Astigmatism explained. Have a football shaped eye? http://www.viz101.com
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How to take care of your Halloween Contacts
Just got your contacts on line.....Now what? Learn how to take care of your contacts before you put them on. Learn about the infection that can make you go blind!
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Circle Lens Problems & How to Fix Circle Lens Problems
Circle Lens Problems in relation to not being fit properly. Why some contacts do not fit and look awkward!
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Wavefront Lasik
Wavefront Lasik also known as Custom Lasik, part of video series on corrective eye surgery pros and cons.
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