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Best MUSICALLY and TikTok Compilation 2018
The TikTok mobile app allows users to watch musical clips, lip-sync to songs, shoot short videos and edit them with built-in special effects and filters. To create a music video with the app, users can choose background music from a wide variety of music genres including hip-hop, pop and electronic, and record a video in fifteen seconds before uploading to the servers for sharing with others. The app allows users to set their accounts as private, allowing only people they approved can view their contents. It also permits users to set either everyone or only their friends can send comments or messages to them, and react or duet with them.
Просмотров: 6 DoctorBilla
Relatable and awkward
Просмотров: 192 DoctorBilla
Travis Scott VMA 2018 backstage
Просмотров: 280 DoctorBilla
Dog afraid of Cops | Funny Video
Просмотров: 39 DoctorBilla
What kind of weighing machine is this ?
Просмотров: 1 DoctorBilla
Do you even lift bro?
Просмотров: 0 DoctorBilla
Awkward moments compilation #1
Просмотров: 4 DoctorBilla
Champagne bottle epic fail
Просмотров: 18 DoctorBilla
That tornado was really in tents
Просмотров: 27 DoctorBilla
When you see that perfect booty on the road
Просмотров: 6 DoctorBilla