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Mortal Kombat II Unlimited- SECRET CHARACTER!!!!! (Sega Genesis)
Press LOW KICK only just as if you would want to battle Jade. This is who you get.
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Bloodstorm- All Secret Boss Agents and Freon Ending (WITH CHEATS)
EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THE DESCRIPTION HERE! Here's all the secret bosses in the game and the ending of Freon, I cheated to make it go a lot quicker and to get to the point of the video. If you watch the video you'll see how to get to each boss, and all of the pit fatalities. Most require special circumstances, (LEGEND: FA=front arm, FL=front leg, BA=back arm, BL=back leg, BLK=block) here they are: DIMENTIA: In the video right at the beginning, in the Obsel Desert (OBSEL backwards is LESBO, lol) you need to lose your gauntlet (forward+BA+BL), then on the symbol on the ground that is a circle with segments that look like a pie, hit the ground WITHOUT YOUR GAUNTLET on the right side end of the circle (Back+FA). BLOOD: Just get a perfect and win the match! WRAITH: On the Scorch HQ stage, win the match and while it's saying you win tap UPx3 then BLK. You will get a special message that says WRAITH SUMMONED. SHADOW: Win the first and second round, (if you get a round three, start over) Do a fatality on both rounds, AND don't block. Stage pits count as a fatality!! GOLEM: In Subterra knock down the giant spike hanging over the pit with either a special move projectile or throw your gauntlet. You have to hit it twice. Then jump into the pit. Make sure you knocked the spike down or you'll die. CRANIAC: On the Black Armada background, hold BLK tap UPx3 then HOLD DOWN when you land on the back catwalk, do it three times then he will drop down, make sure you land back on the back catwalk while he is still there, if he leaves you have to try again next round, or next time you come to the stage. You will get a special message when it works. RATCHET: (I messed up the code the first time, so i brought in the 2nd player to get back to the stage) On Nimbus, you or the opponent MUST be against the left hand wall on the second round and win. There is a line you can barely see, you have to be behind it. Just be as close to the wall as you can get, when you win, type the code while it says you win. HOLD LEFT and tap FLx4 then BLK. The sky will turn red, and a message will appear. SIN: She is the first sub boss before the final boss. There is no special achievements here, BUT you will notice that the walls close in, if you do not defeat her each round before the room gets small, you will be impaled and die, while SIN is unharmed. NOTE: As you can see in the video, you can kill all the special bosses, except CHAINSAW and the end boss NEKRON.
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Robocop VS Terminator CHEAT CODES (Sega Genesis)
Cheat codes for the game based off of the comic book and involved characters, this is the Sega Genesis version.
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Bare Knuckle 3 (AKA Streets Of Rage 3) How to play as secret characters
UPDATE### To play as Super Skate start a game with him. use his special till his health is really low but make sure you dont hit anyone in the meantime. let him get killed and when he respawns his finger gains the power of EPILEPSY! Here's a guide on how to play as secret characters in Bare Knuckle 3 also known as Streets Of Rage 3 in the United States. NOTE: The Ash character is not available in the U.S. version of this game unless you use a game genie code (play as Ash: BAWA-AAA0).
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The Death and Return of Superman PART 2
Part 2 *****special thanks to notthesameman for the soundtrack, go here. www.zshare.net/download/94869548d­9ea9b45/
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Super mario 1 free guy glitch
Got bored made a video
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Battlantis (arcade run first wave)
this is the first wave of the arcade game, there are two runs altogether the second is the same as the first just harder. There isnt a video on youtube of a run so i thought i would do one, its very hard so i used cheats.
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(PS1) Xenogears- COMBO
Here's a nifty little option you can use once you learn super attacks. You can chain supers together in a combo after you save attack points up to the max, then unleash a super combo chain on a enemy to completely destroy them if the attack chain is strong enough.
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Art Of Fighting PART 1
A play-through of a Super NES game made by SNK Playmore originally on the NEO GEO home systems and arcade.
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MK2 SNES Scorpion altered fatality
Enter the following code in your emulator cheat menu to alter some of the characters moves to another fighters: 81A94FA9 81A950 xx 81A95100 replace the xx with the following: 00 - Kung Lao 01 - Liu Kang 02 - Cage 03 - Baraka 04 - Kitana 05 - Mileena 06 - Shang Tsung 07 - Rayden 08 - Sub-Zero 09 - Reptile Each number represents the character you wanna use for the player you select so if you pick subzero you can add moves from scorpion. I used scorpion and added subzero, and did his Ice ball finisher and got a funny new finishing move!!!
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Cheating with Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)
Cheating with the crappiest version of this game. Cheat menus: Enter one of the following series of controller actions at the start/options screen to display the corresponding cheat menu. Kool Stuff Press Right, Up, B(2), A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B. Kooler Stuff Press Up, B, A, Left, Down, Y. Scott's Stuff Press B, A, Down(2), Left, A, X, B, A, B, Y. Sound test: Press Left, Down, Y(2) at the start/options screen.
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Street Fighter 2 Champ Edition Accelerated and MAME cheats
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Mortal Kombat Project 4.4: My Roster
###EDIT### HERE'S THE LINK, http://mkdreamhere.piczo.com/cr=1 or http://mkmp.myfreeforum.org My Roster for MKP 4.4 Does anyone know how to make and add select screen photos?
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Mortal Kombat 1 playable forbidden fights!!!!!!
*NOTE* ITS ALL IN THE DESCRIPTION Hypercam made this snes game run weird recording. Here's a few things that your not suposed to do in the SNES Mortal Kombat 1 The song is 123456 Bass by Beat Dominator (japan 1994 edit) or something like that on the 2 cd album Hyper Techno Bass the codes 7E002204 7E002408 7E001400 7E001600 7E02C101 7E000806 play with them to get the same results. The goro code is just "Always fight Goro"
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Mortal Kombat II- Hat throw glitch (Sega Genesis)
Kung Lao gets to off the opponent twice. go to options scroll to done and tap left,down,left,right,down,right,left,left,right,right do one hit death and use kunglao and do his hat throw immediatly. It works best if you do two player like i did, or use soak test to let the computer do it, it doesn't always happen. On soak test you have to wait for Kung Lao to be in the match, or use this: ACMT-BE76 (always fight kung lao).
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The Death and Return of Superman PART 1
CHEATS HERE: Play the "0B", "29", "2C", and "05" selections in order on the sound test screen. Full energy, life, and special powers: Enable cheat mode and press A + B + X + Y during game play. You will also be invincible during the missions when you fly in the sky, shooting the robots. Level skip: Enable cheat mode, then hold A + B + X + Y and press Select during game play. Based off of the comic story, this game was on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. This is the SNES version. Start to finish, #NOTE# I used a cheat code to speed up the ammount of time for the movie. This game isn't the greatest but it is kinda long. *****special thanks to notthesameman for the soundtrack, go here. www.zshare.net/download/94869548d­9ea9b45/
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Bare Knuckle III  ending and credits (English Patch)
Ending + credits Comment and rate. Special thanks to MrDbz1995 for the patched game. Thanks for watching!!
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Cheating in Street Fighter II TURBO Hyper Fighting (Guile)
this was pretty fun..... I took away the charging limitation to have Guile play more like ken, or ryu. Hell, the computer can, why not me?
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MKP GLITCH-Human Hydro Fatality
I was playing my MKP and then this happened........... http://mkmp.myfreeforum.org is where you can find mkp
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[Playstation 1] Mortal Kombat 4- Liu Kang (1 loss no continues)
Almost got to the end...... until the four armed bitch got cheap.
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Killer Instinct Glitch
Played with Cinder then this happened.....
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Daft Punk- Around The World (Hard House Mix)
new project I did
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The Death and Return of Superman PART 5
Last part *****special thanks to notthesameman for the soundtrack, go here. www.zshare.net/download/94869548d­9ea9b45/
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Superman Mugen characters wish list
These are people I'd love to be made into mugen characters, unfortunately I cant edit well and I dont know a thing about programing them into mugen.
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Sega 32X- Mortal Kombat 2 (PART 2)
part 2, still pissed about that!!
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Killer Instinct Playthrough (Orchid) PART 2
part 2 of the orchid run and ending no credits
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Headbangin' at the movies- Jet Li's "THE ONE"
lmao, I dont have any clue how this came to be but here it is. Hell, if this catches on maybe i'll do more. All I need is ideas.
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Chameleon 100% combo, juggles, Juggled brutalities & fatalities
THIS IS MUGEN Here I show a easy 100% combo with Cyborg Chameleon, juggles, fatalities and brutalities, and I even juggle on a few brutalities. Notice that Noob and Smoke both have a Scorpion fatality.
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Mortal Kombat Project: Season 2 Final Revitalized 2- Johnny Cage Play-through
Johnny Cage and technically Subzero. This version of Johnny is the beeze neeze. MKA is responsible for this game all credits go to him and the people involved in this game. Check out his channel if you haven't yet. https://www.youtube.com/user/M0rtalK0mbatAddict
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DJ Blaqstarr- Shake It To The Ground (Self-Destructive Mix Redux)
****WARNING LOW BASS**** Bigger, badder, and just plain better. Miami style. The original mix is here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTMaTgju0qs
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Art Of Fighting PART 2
part 2
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Killer Instinct Playthrough (Orchid) PART 1
Killer Instinct 1 playthrough with Orchid PART 1. (2 continues due to fricking lag in the recording time) ironically you cant even tell in the video except for the obvious screw ups i do. PART 2 in the video response. www.mediafire.com/?bsk0n8kra00...
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Mortal Kombat Quadrilogy: Classic Subzero Playthrough
Classic Subzero. This game is fucking hard! This game is by Halil Scorpion, check out his channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9QJ1EmsA--RsjkcFZR6Uhw
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Dumb and Dumber- Toilet Scene Fail
Be careful, what you eat could prove to be disastrous! I can't wait for the true sequel in 2014!
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TMNT Arcade (Very Hard with Cheats)
This was done with a invincibility cheat on very hard, why did I cheat? Watch the video and see how they upped the enemy count to like triple the normal bad guys. I've never been able to get far without continuing tons on this difficulty so we are just going to get the express route.
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MTV Music Generator- Techno Booty Bass
Something original for ya. comment and rate!!!
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(PSX)Marvel VS Capcom- Strider (Best 3 out of 5 matches)
My first video past 15 minutes, now i can make hr long ones!!! January is my 4 year anniversary of being a youtube member!!! Here I'm just doing something to prolong the fights.
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mortal kombat II(me playing as Jade)
friendship, friendship...... link: httpswww.4shared.comfolderi6CZ7b0ZMortal_Kombat_2_Hacks.html AT THE CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN TYPE IN A CODE FOR EACH! JADE: DOWN X5 AND SELECT (Kitana moves) SMOKE: RIGHT X5 AND SELECT (Scorpion moves) NOOB: LEFT X5 AND SELECT (Subzero moves)
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This awesome openbor is by MersoX. Check him out! https://www.youtube.com/user/merso10 https://gamejolt.com/games/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-rescue-palooza/39658 https://www.facebook.com/TMNT-Rescue-Palooza-459836544187895/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rule!!!! Turtle Power!!!!!
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The Death and Return of Superman PART 4
Part 4 *****special thanks to notthesameman for the soundtrack, go here. www.zshare.net/download/94869548d­9ea9b45/
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MTV Music Generator-Dominated Beats
Another old track I made years ago with a sample from Beat Dominator's "123456 Bass" chopped into something fresh.
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HARDHOUSE  "Keep Playin'' (long mix)
Nice little track I threw down on tonight, my best yet. I sampled Roger Troutman's "Play Your Guitar Brother Roger" and did a Chicago Hardhouse style track. Rate and Comment!!!
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Sonic CD- Special Stage (Drum n Bass Mix)
Drum and Bass version I created out of the Japanese versions special stage song. I thought it could use a bigger thump. lol
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Alien VS Predator ARCADE- Complete Playthrough
Time to hunt...
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LOL SHANG-ZERO!!!!! MK 1 Game Genie code test for Sega Genesis
*7WXA-AC32* This is the code I got, it may work as the original code or the version on the video try both. Check out this Game Genie code for MK 1. The morphs are random so you just have to get lucky. Watch the whole video for the code.
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MTV Music Generator-Junglization
Alittle dnb and jungle rolled together, courtesy of MTV Music Generator. All samples are provided on disc.
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heh heh heh
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Mortal Kombat 1 SNES
Playing using a keyboard is hard compared to a controller!! Here's a glitch in Mortal Kombat 1 for SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This is a hack that added blood back in and allows the fatalities. You can find it at www.rom-world.com or www.romnation.net
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A few quick matches with the nastiest mugen character ever created, HELLSPAWN AKUMA!! This guy is grossly overpowered and almost invincible. If anyone knows how to extend the match line up in mugen please leave a comment on how to. I dont know how to make my game last longer than 4 matches. LOL, GUILE IS MY ENDBOSS!!! LOL Time for me to percolate on people he he he! GET HIM ON ESNIPS.COM
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