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Morgan Freeman: let women chase you
Morgan Freeman talks to Piers Morgan about how to attract women - let them chase you.
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Korean singer's rags to riches story
This singing sensation on "Korea's Got Talent" lives on the streets for 10 years, as CNN's Paula Hancocks reports.
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Last living U.S. WWI vet turns 110
America's last surviving World War I veteran celebrates his 110th birthday.
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CNN: 2007 interview with Amy Winehouse
In 2007, fresh off her album Back to Black, Amy Winehouse sat down with CNN to talk music, addiction and inspiration.
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CNN: Jimmy Fallon as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Neil Young
Jimmy Fallon sings on "Piers Morgan Tonight" as Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.
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Is Lisa Kudrow friends with 'Friends'?
Lisa Kudrow tells Piers Morgan whether she and her "Friends' co-stars are still friends.
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CNN: Jada Pinkett Smith on sex with Will
Jada Pinkett Smith tells CNN's Piers Morgan what makes her relationship with Will so special.
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CNN Official Interview: Dwayne Johnson on his manager/ex-wife
Dwayne Johnson describes his unique relationship with his ex-wife, who serves as his manager
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Betty White: Bea Arthur was not fond of me
HLN's Joy Behar talks with Betty White about being last surviving "Golden Girls" and how Bea Arthur did not like her.
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9/11 children 10 years later
Children who lost parents on September 11 reflect on the day that changed their lives forever.
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What scares the 'The Walking Dead' cast?
Cast members from "The Walking Dead" share their biggest fears and think that zombies might have something to teach us.
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CNN: Obama greets Memphis high school grads
Pres. Obama meets with graduates of Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis before delivering a commencement speech.
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Firth's secrets to a happy marriage
Colin Firth talks about how he's able to maintain a successful career and marriage in Hollywood.
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The RidicuList: Cooper's case of giggles
Anderson Cooper explains why a case of the giggles has added "Last Night's RidicuList" to the RidicuList.
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How Meat Loaf got his name
Singer Meat Loaf tells Piers Morgan how he went from Marvin to Michael to Meat Loaf.
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CNN Official Interview: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's new goals
Dwayne Johnson tells CNN's Piers Morgan about his goals, which relate to family, acting and more.
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World pays tribute to 9/11 victims
People around the world remember 9/11 victims on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Natalie Allen reports.
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CNN: Marie Osmond on son's wedding presence
Marie Osmond talks about losing her son, but feeling his presence at her recent wedding.
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CNN Official Interview: Janet Jackson 'I'm not close to Joe'
Janet Jackson says she rarely speaks to her father, Joe Jackson, and never calls him "dad."
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CNN: 'Real' horse whisperer revealed
A new film tells the story of the man known as the "real" horse whisperer. Kareen Wynter met up with him in San Diego.
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CNN: Inside a hedge fund
As stock markets brace themselves for more turmoil, Nina Dos Santos gets a glimpse inside a hedge fund.
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CNN Official Interview: Bill Maher talks sex and marriage
Comedian Bill Maher sits down with Piers Morgan to talk about marriage and attending parties at the Playboy mansion.
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CNN: CNN covers Michael Jackson's death
CNN covers Michael Jackson's death, from the moment news breaks he's at the hospital to the time he's confirmed dead.
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Spoken word: The roots of poetry
Spoken word poet Sarah Kay explains the roots of the genre and how to perform it yourself.
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CNN: The RidicuList: 'Educated Lady'
Anderson Cooper adds an outspoken, well-educated commuter rail passenger to AC360's RidicuList.
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CNN: Meet South Korea's answer to Susan Boyle, Sung-bong Choi
Move over Susan Boyle, "Korea's Got Talent" has found its next global talent sensation, Sung-bong Choi. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports.
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CNN: Donald Trump on Weiner-gate
Donald Trump shares his opinion with Piers Morgan of the Anthony Weiner scandal
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CNN: What Grace Potter does before a show
She may look like a model, but Grace Potter from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals cooks up classic rock on her tour bus.
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CNN: Heaven's Gate suicides remembered
Heaven's Gate member Rio DiAngelo talks to CNN's Dan Simon about discovering the scene of the 1997 mass suicide.
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Josh Groban on why he doesn't do drugs
Singer Josh Groban talks to Piers Morgan about why he doesn't do drugs, and why he can only drink occasionally.
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CNN Official Interview: Actor Colin Firth talks love scenes
CNN's Piers Morgan asks Colin Firth what he thinks about shooting love scenes with beautiful actresses.
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Man beats speed camera in court
A man says his speeding tickets were thrown out because he proved the cameras were inaccurate. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
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CNN: Year round training for cheerleading competitions
Mikayla Raleigh is focused on her training, diet and her teammates so she can lead her squad to a world championship.
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Jermaine reflects on Michael's drug use
Jermaine Jackson talks to Piers Morgan about Michael Jackson's use of sleeping pills and other prescription drugs.
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CNN Official Interview: Matthew McConaughey talks marriage
Matthew McConaughey tells Piers Morgan about the marriage of his parents and his marriage prospects.
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CNN: Slum village puts trash to good use
Nairobi slum residents burn trash for cooking and hot water. CNN's Isha Sesay reports.
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Paramedic recalls when Jackson flatlined
A 27-year veteran firefighter/paramedic recounts the rescue efforts to revive a dying Michael Jackson.
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Jackson's assistant recalls final hours
Michael Emir Williams, Michael Jackson's personal assistant, testifies about Conrad Murray and Jackson's final hours.
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Mario Lopez: Not all immigrants are Latino
Mario Lopez talks to CNN's Piers Morgan about immigration and other political issues.
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CNN: What really happened in Wanat?
CNN's Drew Griffin reports on calls to hold U.S. military brass responsible for a deadly 2008 battle in Afghanistan.
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Paramedic 'felt he was dead'
Paramedic Martin Blount testifies Conrad Murray denied Michael Jackson was on medication or had a preexisting condition.
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CNN: Barry Manilow on the price of fame
Barry Manilow tells Piers Morgan about the dark side of fame and how he's been the lucky one.
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CNN Official Interview: 'Blind Side' football player, Michael Oher  tells all
Michael Oher, the football player who inspired the movie "The Blind Side," tells Piers Morgan about his birth mother.
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CNN Official Interview: Whoopi Goldberg 'I wasn't in love with husbands'
Whoopi Goldberg tells Piers Morgan she's only been in love once, and never with her ex-husbands.
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CNN: President Obama zings Donald Trump, birthers at White House Correspondents' Dinner
President Obama jokes during his speech at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner.
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The unexplained '27 club'
CNN's Atika Shubert reports on the myth and legend of the "27 club."
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Family stuck in corn maze calls 911
CNN's Jeanne Moos looks at one family who needed 911 to help them out of a Massachusetts corn maze.
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New 9/11 audio recordings released
Newly-released audio recordings from 9/11 include chilling words from the lead hijacker as the attacks were in progress.
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Piers Morgan Tonight - Trace Adkins recounts house fire
Country music star Trace Adkins talks about losing his home to fire.
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Helping King George VI speak
CNN's Nick Glass meets Mark Logue, the grandson of King George VI's speech therapist.
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