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Watermelon and ginger | Natural Viagra for men - immediate effect | How to prepare it.
Watermelon and ginger is nature’s given viagra for men to improve sex performance. Strengthen your penis.
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GABA Fish Market, Kampala- Uganda
Fishing is one of the most lucrative businesses in Uganda and the foreign exchange earned from this activity is really high. Most people in Uganda are engaged in the informal sector and fishing is one of them. Here at gaba landing site,it is one of the main activities that upholds people’s livelihoods. There are people who go and fish in the lake,others buy from them in bulk and sell retail mode,and others are engaged in preparing the fish for people to eat like smoked fish,fried fish,and a good number of people are engaged in de-scaling the fish for customers at a certain fee agreed upon. One side of gaba has a big market and the other has beaches where people go and spend their holidays. Fish is prepared according to a customers needs and style. Some is cut into fish fingers,fillet and some cut into small or big pieces. Now days fish is expensive to buy due to scarcity of the fish caused by different factors one of them being overfishing. A kilogramme of fish can go for around 3 dollars.
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Emirates  Airlines taking off at entebbe international airport
Emirates is one of the big airlines that lands at Entebbe International Airport.
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Qatar Airways taking off at entebbe international airport
Entebbe International Airport is the Uganda’s main airport. It is a busy airport now days compared to decades ago. Many airline companies like Qatar airways,Kenya airways,Emirates,Etihad KLM,etc...
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Malaria is cured by Bitter leaf 🍃  (Vernonia Amygdalina) how to prepare it.| 11 August 2018
Among the many benefits or uses of bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) include malaria cure as an equivalent to quinine,used as a food in some parts of Africa,cures skin infections,helps relieve indigestion,detoxifies the body,improves skin condition,treats fungal infections,it increases milk production in lactating mothers,improves appetite,treats hepatitis B,cures cough,it has vitamins,proteins and minerals,helps in weight loss,treats fever conditions,cures some stds. Some animals eat it to cure ailments especially chimpanzee group of animals. It is a small shrub which mainly grows wildly in Africa but can also be grown for medicinal or commercial purposes. Before using it it’s better to consult your doctor especially if you have a chronic illness.
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Emmanuel Macron kisses mbappe forehead| France v Croatia | 15 July 2018 Fifa Worldcup Russia
This is the momen5 when French President Emmanuel Macron kisses mbappe as he picked his young player award in Moscow,Russia. Mbappe has scored a goal in the match with Croatia won by France with 4 goals to 2.
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St. Peter's church Nsambya is a former cathedral and is under the archdiocese of Kampala led by archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.
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Kolinda Grabar- Kitaroovic And Macron hold hands to podium| 15 July 2018 Fifa Worldcup Russia
This is the moment when Croatia president kolinda grabar - kitarovic hold ha d in hand led by mr. Putin to the podium to present medals to France and Croatia football players in the finals of the World cup. France has won the World cup in Moscow,Russia.
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Meet the Ssembeeras| Miss World - Africa 2018 finalist Quiin Abenakyo’s parents.
The parents of miss world- Africa, Quiin Abenakyo say that their daughter has made them proud by winning the coveted Miss world Africa crown in China. However they hinted that government never gave them any considerable support to their daughters to go to China.
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Driving through Kampala city to Luwero town.
This video shows driving from Nakayiba taxi park through old Kampala road,col. Muhammad gadaffi road, sir Apollo Kawanda road then through bombo road to Luwero town. Driving on this road is normally light traffic and the road is good according to Ugandan standards. The journey normally takes you one and half hours. And the distance from Kampala city to Luwero town is around 60kilometres.
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FIFA World Cup Tour Uganda: B2C performing at Lugogo
For the last two days the FIFA World Cup trophy has been in Uganda where by citizens were given a chance to view it at Lugogo cricket oval. The trophy is on a tour around the world before it will go to Russia in June just before the tournament kicks off. Nations like Russia,Brazil,England,Germany,etc...will compete for the trouphy. The previous winners are Germany and the hosts for the next tournament after Russia will Qatar. Local entertainers have been arraigned to entertain people at Lugogo cricket oval in Uganda.
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Ngwali   No Creature
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Pitch fighting France 4-3 Argentina: Russia 30 June 2018
There was a scuffle on the pitch after a French player was tripped down. The referee had to get involved in order to cool tempers down. France came on top with four goals and Argentina got three and one in extra-time which were not enough to do anything. They are out of the Worldcup competition in Russia.
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QATAR AIRWAYS- Dreamliner landing and taking off| Entebbe Airport| 28 November 2018
Qatar Airways planes are some of the major airlines that use Entebbe International Airport airport in Uganda. They include other airline companies like Emirates, KLM,Ethiopian,KQ, SouthAfrican,sax,rwandair,UN and military planes. Among the clients include holiday makers,people attending conferences,expatriates etc... qatarairways.com Kenya-airways.com
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Ball scramble (Spain vs Iran) Russia, 20 June 2018
There was drama at the Iranian goal as Spanish players wanted to shoot the ball inside the net while the Iranian players wanted to prevent it from entering inside their net. In the end the Iranian keeper had to get hold of the ball and the few second fracas ended.
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Gulu chief magistrate grants Bobi Wine private medical care.
The Gulu chief magistrate has ordered prison authorities to grant Bobi Wine medical care urgently because of his physical condition.
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Omwalo gwe GABA: abakalakatta ebyenyanja,abaguzi nabasubuzi.
Omwalo gwe gaba gwegumu ku nyabo ejamanyi Emilia year Kampala. Abantu bagendayo goulash ebyenyanja ebyokusubula Swamy nokulilrayo nga babisise. Mu video enno tukulaga byona ebibayo Nacala nga ebyenyanja bituse ku meal.
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Ostriches at UWEC Zoo in entebbe.
Ostriches are known to be very powerful birds and a kick by one can mean injury or even death to any other animal or people. Here they about their normal business of feeding at UWEC Zoo.
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Arsenal vs PSG 5-1 | All goals, highlights| international champions cup
Arsenal beat PSG with a 5 x1 goal margin in the international champions cup in Singapore.
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lions feeding at Uganda wild life education centre-entebbe.
Normally in the jungle life for lions the males feed first but in captivity I saw I different thing whereby lionesses fed before the male lion.
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Bobi Wine’s Kassiano Wadri wins Arua MP seat. 15 August 2018
The Uganda electoral commission has declared kassiano Wadri as the winner of the Arua municipality member of parliament seat which fell vacant after the murder of Abiriga.
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Driving on old Kira road to kamwokya, Kampala 21 June 2018
This is the traffic flow on this stretch of road with light traffic.
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Crane performers at Lugogo: fifa World Cup tour in Uganda
Crane performers are a cultural dance group based in Uganda. Here they were entertaining people at the FIFA World Cup tour at lugogo in Uganda. People were given the opportunity to take photos and view the trophy.
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Rhinoceros wallowing in wet mud on a hot day | 18 August 2018
Where rhinoceroses are some of the endangered species in the world. Mainly they are found in protected environments like zoos, game parks and are constantly guarded against poachers. This rhinoceros was in UWEC Zoo playing in mud to cool its self from the heat of the day.
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Tower bridge retracting to allow ship pass.
tower bridge was designed to accommodate ships to pass under it and vehicles traffic over it.
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Pastor Jessica Kayanja preaching about GLORY|77 DOGS|8 July 2018
Glory is not felt but it is seen. River,water,clouds work together to form rain...that was part of the sermon at the 77 DOGS at rubaga miracle centre cathedral,Kampala.
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Miss World 2018| Quiin Abenakyo wins Miss world -Africa in China.
The coveted miss world 2018 crown went to Mexico. However Uganda did not come out empty handed as its representative Quiin Abenakyo clinched number three and was crowned miss world - Africa. The competitions took place in China and many countries participated in the event.
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GABA road driving in light rain
Sometimes it becomes very hazy when driving in rain as visibility is reduced to as low as 30 meters.
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Ono Owa boda boda ALULA!
In Uganda boda boda cyclists are peoples' choice of quick transport to avoid heavy traffic in order to arrive at their destinations in time. However many riders are a menace on the roads as they don't follow normal traffic rules and laws like driving on wrong lanes, overtaking in tight spots. here a rider had knocked a cyclist in Mukono, Kampala. This is not only a challenge to Uganda only as in major cities around the world like, London, New Dheli, etc...where there are more chances or high risk of getting involved in an accident if you are a cyclist or motorbike rider.
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Gaba market, Kampala Uganda| 24 November 2018
Gaba landing site in Kampala is known for its fish from lake Victoria. These include fish types like tilapia, Nile perch,catfish,silver fish. Punters also go there to have fun on its beaches.
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Driving through kampala on Kira Road
This video is showing traffic on Kira road on a sunny day. The traffic is light and vehicles are moving smoothly without any holdups. Along this road you find offices like the British council,British high commission, Arcacia mall, Arcadia suits,nbs television,opportunity bank, mulago referral hospital etc...
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South African Airlines (SAA): Landing at Entebbe airport
South African Airlines is one of the best airlines in Africa. It flies to Uganda almost on a daily basis taking passengers to different cities like Johannesburg,Pretoria and other parts of the world.
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Driving on entebbe Road
Entebbe road is one of the busiest roads in Uganda because its the only big motorway that leads to the country’s International airport. Many travelers use it ranging from tourists,students,and entebbe town also has a number of offices in that many people reside in Kampala and commute to work everyday. Today was exceptional as the World Cup trophy was expected at the airport Around 11:00 am.
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Ethiopian Airlines taking off at entebbe airport
Ethiopian airlines is one of the best in the world. In the video it was taking off at entebbe airport for Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia.
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Emmanuel Macron and Kolinda Grabar  KISS 💋 trophy 🏆 | 15 July 2018 Worldcup final
Emmanuel Macron and Kolinda Grabar both kissed the trophy almost simultaneously before it was presented to France captain Lloris In The Luzhinik stadium. President Vladmir Putin hosted the tournament in Russia and led the presidents to the podium.
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Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi ayogedde kubya Bobi Wine
Barbie kyagulanyi mukyala wa Bobi wine ayagala bayimbule bawe mu bwangu.
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Minister Odongo ne Kayima babakubye amayinja mu kuzika afande Kirumira.
Minister wensonga zegwenga munda nomudumizzi wa police bakubidwa amayinja nga bagenze okuzika Kirumira eyatemudwa abantu abatanategerekeka.
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Kampala city drive - Kampala to mukono Kayunga road.
This was driving from the city center to mukono kayunga road towards kalagi in Uganda.
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LUIS SUAREZ Butt bumped PAVARD|France vs Uruguay: 6 July 2018 Fifa Worldcup Cup Russia.
Luis Suarez butt bumped Pavard in a fight for the ball in the quarterfinal game between France and Uruguay. That was not enough for Uruguay as they failed to even score a single goal and exited the Worldcup. France advances to the quarter finals of the Fifa Worldcup in Russia.
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Entebbe Airports, Uganda.
Uganda’s main airport is entebbe. It is the major entry and exit point in the country. Here planes are seen landing and taking off during the day. Although plane traffic can’t be compared to the lakes of heathrow, gatwick or London Luton, it is somehow a busy airport on Ugandan standards. It has improved over the times.
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Pope Francis meeting the Youth at Kololo in Uganda on 28.11.2015
Meeting the youth in Uganda was one of Papa Francesco's official engagement today,on his 3 day visit to the country. Immediately after leading prayers at the martyrs shrine,Namugongo he went to Kololo to meet and interact with the youth.
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Driving through rain,Kampala,Uganda
When driving through rain,though less traffic,its more risky due to poor visibility and especially if the roads are too narrow. The risk of a head-on collision increases.
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Does FIFA test players for drugs? If yes, WATCH THIS! 3 July 2018 Fifa Worldcup,Russia.
The England and Colombia match was so intense on the pitch with so many stakes. But many people could not believe what was happening on the pitch. The match was riddled with many fouls and a minimum of six yellow cards were shown on the pitch to the players and many other fouls where cards were not shown. There was a lot of shirt pulling,player shoving player,nasty tackles,quarreling among opponents and head butting players, shouting at the referee,trying to influence referee to give cards to players etc....on the pitch. It was as if some players were high on drugs or had taken some sort of substance. On the pitch the behavior was poor and in some instances the match became boring because of many stops.
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Traffic flow on yusuf Lule-jinja road(yard)
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Pitch fighting (Argentina vs Croatia) Russia 2018
Tempers really got high on the pitch between the players and the referee had a difficult time to separate the players. In the end otamendi got a yellow card for his tackle on a Croatian player. There was pushing,shouting at each other.
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PRESIDENT YOWERI MUSEVENI - I’m not your servant.
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Emirates Boeing 777-300ER landing | Entebbe| 28 November 2018
Emirates airlines is one of the major airlines that land at entebbe airport. It is an airline with headquarters in Dubai in the UAE. Many Ugandans and other travellers use it in and out of the country.
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driving on kampala's gaba road
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The Butt-ness after bathing.
Everyone is free to flaunt his or her body the way you want. Sometimes we become naughty . Here is body goodness. You can learn a few things of how to use a towel.
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