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X-Men Evolution- Rogue overwhelmed
When Rogue first gets her powers the memories of others cloud her mind. Endowed with the powers of Nightcrawler and confused Rogue inadvertantly absorbs Storm's powers. Overwhelmed by the immense power and fighting for control will she be able to keep from destroying the x men and herself along side them?
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Eastwick- Bad Moon Rising
Kat finds out the hard way that over using her powers is dangerous when the strain nearly kills her. The song playing is called Bad Moon Rising by Rasputina. :)
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Tobuscus crazy girlfriend
I dont really know why I did this... I figured I'd make it a video response but since I dont know how to do that it'll just float in youtube space for now :)
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Easy A- Burn!!!
Just a clip from Easy A
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Smack You by Kimberly Cole (Explicit Version)
Kimberly Cole- Smack You with the first minute and a half shaved off for those of us with short attention spans and limited patiences for filler
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ShaneDawson spanish speaking tellitubby
Just a snipet of Shane Dawson's latest video that I found hilarious. Paris being Paris and Shanayna doin what she do
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Fav FCKH8 bloopers
Fav bloopers from the FCKH8 project
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Storm is pissed!
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Mirotic Dance Version Snipet
Just a taste of my latest fav song :D
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