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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 6
Routeing the haft of the knife into the lower part of the walking stick, drilling the holes and some added information.
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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 11
In this video I show how to sew the leather on the handle for the grip. Continues into the next video also showing covering the latch.
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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 7
Setting the haft into the handle. I'm useing the tooth pics to keep the knife blade centered, straight and level in handle as it sets.
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How To Make a Trot Line
How to make a trot line. We use trot lines for catching catfish. Check your local regulations first.
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Hook Removal, How To Remove a 10/0 Circle Hook
THIS METHOD IS TO BE USED ONLY IF THE HOOK IS VERY DEEP AND THE BARB HAS COME ALL THE WAY THROUGH AND CLOSE TO THE SKIN. THIS HOOK WAS 1.5" OF EMBEDDED STEEL. THE TIP WAS 1/4-3/8" FROM COMING THROUGH. OTHERWISE YOU SHOULD USE THE FISHING LINE LOOP METHOD TO AVOID FURTHER DAMAGE. I caught a hook for the first time while running jug lines on Calaveras Lake here in Texas. I threw my anchor brick out and the circle hook caught my hand. I use circle hooks for safety and this time it failed. I have thrown jugs weights hundreds of times. It only takes once. From now on I drop them. I had my first aid kit plus work tools and luckily I had an ex EMT for a guest on the boat. Way less pain than you would think. Be careful with those hooks! He used needle nosed pliers to force the hook through and bolt cutters to cut it. Then he remove it. The hook was embedded in the tendon and muscle of my finger and thumb as near as we can tell. Enjoy Y'all!
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MagPul, MOE, MBus Sights, Close Up Look For Your AR15
I bought my back up sights for my AR15. Front post and Peep in the back. Just wanted to give Y'all a close up look because I haven't seen any on tube so far. This way you can get a good look before you buy them. They are made from polymer with steel sping and pins.
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How To: Weld a Cargo Carrier From Junk, Scrap Steel
I wanted some more hunting equipment and a cargo carrier for my hunting truck. iopghjk001, from Richland Hills, Tx requested a trap building video, this is what I'm doing so I'm showing this. The next welding video will be a double ladder stand for bow hunting. Enjoy y'all!
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How To Make The Worlds Best Cat Fish Chum Bait, Redux
Better quality and an up to date, more informative video. Catfish Chum Bait 101, Redux! I've had alot of questions over the years about this chum I use so I decided to do another video on how to make this catfish bait and where to get the millo. Alot of people can't find it, in this video I give you a few more pointers and tell a few differant grains you can use. I've pulled in 100s of pounds of fish useing this bait. Give it a try! Enjoy Y'all!
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Custom Texas Hunting Blind, Whats In Your Blind? 4/5
The platform blind is finished. I'ld like to call this my Upside Down Blind due to the fact that the blind usually goes up top on a tower stand. But I like open air hunting more than blinds. What in your blind? Leave it in comments!
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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 4
This videos shows how to recut that latch from the bayonet and mill it into the scabard useing a drill bit and dremel. This will be used to hold the scabard to the blade. This work continues into the next video as well.
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How To: Fillet a Big Calaveras Lake Redfish dnahoghunter Style
Got a few big redfish at Calaveras Lake Texas. Ya'll asked how I fillet them, this is how I do it. How to fillet a Redfish without an electric knife to get through the bones. Aslo Redfish on the Half (1/2) Shell. I use my hand to break them, its easy, watch!!! Sorry it was so windy!!! Hope this helps ya'll!!!
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Hog Trapping Defensive Tactical Walking Stick
Whats a tactical walking stick? Something a hog hunter might use while trapping pigs. If you can't use a firearm or remove them live then that leaves one thing. The Tacticle Walking Stick. In short, its a billy club with an 8 inch bayonet blade inside! Kind of like a Sword Cane. It might be something those spear hunters would use. Check it out Y'all! You've gotta hit the like button on this one!
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How To: Catch a Calaveras Lake RedFish
Going redfish fishing? Wanna catch a redfish? Don't know how? This video will show you just what to look for, use a shrimp, make a cast and land a redfish. Its as easy as 1 2 3!!! GOOD LUCK!
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Welding a Double Bow Hunting Ladder Stand From Steel Fencing 2/2
The finish ladder stand Y'all. I started with a section of steel fencing and ended up with a 12'+ tall bow hunting ladder stand for 2 hunters. I used the expanded steel from the coke machine security cage I tore apart last year. I even added camera mounts for my home made wood clamp camera tripod. It took about 3 days of free time to do. Enjoy Y'all!
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G-Line, Scope Camera Mount, Hunting Shooting Product Review
Mount your camera phone to your scope! This is an aluminum mount that slides over your hunting scope and tightens down. Then there is another plate that you attach to the mount that your smart phone tightens onto. Once that is done, you are ready to use your phone screen to sight with and record your shots. You can not only record your hunts, but you will be able to tell if you are missing due to pulled shots. Its a pretty cool product, it worked very well for me. I shot out to 240 yards through my phone screen. Essentially, it gives you a scope mounted camera. Enjoy Y'all! http://www.g-line.net/
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How To Catch and Filet a Big Calaveras Lake, Blue Catfish...Properly
Lets go catfishing on Calaveras Lake, Texas ya'll!!! I'll show you how to properly fillet a big blue catfish.
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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 5
The rest of the information on milling the spring loaded release into the scabard. How To secure the spring against the catch.
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Building a Tactical Walking Stick 14, Done!!!
This video shows pouring hot wax into the scabard to stop the blade from rattling, painting the steel cap and adding a rubber stopper to the bottom. The wax was a chore! Theres one more video after this adressing tips and thoughts about the building of it after I am done. be sure to watch that one!
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Taxidermy How To: Hog Skull to European Mount
DnaHogHunter shows ya'll how to save 4 months at the taxidermist and do your own skulls. Boiling my sons very first hog and trophy. Check out THE HOG ZONE, by deepfriedking!!! Great channel ya'll!!!
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Catch and Cook a RedFish on the Half Shell, How To
Everyone wants another fish cooking video so here it is. How To Cook Redfish on the Half Shell. Meaning a fillet with the scales left on. Add some spices, crackers and smoke or BBQ them. What a treat to eat! You can do this with thick or thin fillets, these happen to be from a few really good sized fish! Enjoy Y'all! How To BBQ Fish
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How To Properly Set a Trot Line
How to set a trot line for cat fishing. This is how I set my trot lines. I can catch 500-750#s in catfish in 2 days this way. Give it a try! Enjoy.
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How To: Remodeling Bathroom 7
I lost some clips guys. Not many. Second taping and floating. Mudding and floating the sheetrock walls...Here you go.
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How To Make a Leather Western Cowboy Holster 1/3
I decided to do a bit of leather work. I have Caleb's Heritage Arms .22 6 shot revolver, with a 6" barrel and he wants an older style western holster for it. I haven't made any like this before. So here we go. This video addresses fitting and the start of forming the holster. It also covers a bit of the stitching and such. Enjoy!
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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 10
Steel capped and lead packed! This video shows how I drill out the club/scabbard and build a steel cap for it. I heated the cap, pounded it on and cooled it with water. Almost done Y'all, just 5 more to go!
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River Hogs, One Big Nasty Wild Boar!
This is Miguel's first real wild hog hunt. I was in the lead and he spotted the hog before me when I was passing a bush. It turned out to be a big old nasty boar that had rubbed most of his hair off when rubbing mud against trees. It was moving along feeding when he took his shot. Its rare that I get a chance to take someone hunting and I appreciate the land owners letting me do so. Congrats and good job Miguel.
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How To: Homemade Venison Jerky
Cooking with DNAHogHunter. Once again useing Bill's Spice. Making easy jerky in the dehydrator. If ya'll haven't tried the Spice yet, contact Bill online at Billmon8@yahoo.com.
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Fighting Da Blues, Big 30 Pound Blue Catfish!
This video will put a smile on your face! It does mine! I went cat fishing with a two friends of mine. This is Lorenzo's birthday fish. It was so big he though he was stuck on bottom! He almost lost it because it was going under the boat and we a were using 12# Berkley Trilene for line. I took the rod and went under the anchor line with it, then handed the rod back to him and he landed it nicely! WHAT A FISH! Congrats Lorenzo and Happy Birthday! What a present! Enjoy Y'all! Music is Dumpster Diving from FreePlayMusic
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BedRoom Remodel 3, Astro Turf Instead of Carpet?
Caleb didn't want carpet, he wanted Astro Turf. You can't use a carpet stretcher I was told, got to glue the padding down and then the astro turf. Green flooring and red walls!!! Calebs making a baseball field with his team colors I think.
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Sweet and Spicey BBQ Wild Boar Ribs
I cooked the ribs from that big wild hog I took at Chase's. That Boar was a little tough. He tasted just fine though! Heres how I cooked them. I started them in the oven at about 250 degrees for about 5 hours then smoked them for several hours to finish. If you have the time, add your own spices then make your own sauce. Just make it up! Enjoy Y'all!
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HomeMade Leather Shoulder Holster
This is an old shoulder rig I made. I did this before YouTube so I never taped it. Its easy enough. I show you about all you need to know in this video.
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Custom Texas Hunting Blind Tips, Adding 12 Volt Power 5/5
Cip, Elgrandedawg has a blind with 12 volt power to run all kinds of stuff. Check out his channel Y'all. I liked his Idea so I added it to mine. Its not hard to do it yourself, just add a 12 volt solar panel, a battery and a few extras. Heres how. Enjoy Y'all
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Calaveras Lake Catfishing Fun
A few friends and I went cat fishing at the lake with rods and reels and threw a few jug lines out. We caught a few channels and some blue cats too. It was slow but we still caught a few. Enjoy Y'all.
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MagPul Rear Peep Sight Helps Astigmatism!!!
I added a MagPul Mbus Rear Peep Sight on my AR15. Once I looked thru it to see if my red dot would line up, I found that he peep cuts down on the refracted light passing through it and now when I look through at the red dot, I see a NORMAL Dot instead of a big red smudge! I was so happy about this I just had to share it. Maybe it will help your Astigmatism Also!
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Calaveras Lake Redfishing! Catching Redfish Every Cast!
I was out on Calaveras Lake with my son Caleb and a friend Alex. The reds were hitting really good so I took a few clips of them releaseing, casting and hooking back up, fish after fish. Enjoy Ya'll! www.dsfishingtripsonline.com www.dnahoghunter.com www.facebook.com/darak.n.armstrong
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How to make The Worlds Best Catfish Chum Bait 101: Part 1
How To: Easy catfishing tips. Chum.
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How To Repair A Senator 9/0 115L Bait Alarm, Clicker, Penn Preventive Maintenance
I recently had the "spring ring"(?) for the bait alarm break loose from the houseing. It was held in place by one screw at the center and two plastic posts on the outside edges. Those post gave way when I had a big shark hit the line and run. This is how I fexed it. Then I went in and "broke" the other one I had and repaired it as well. That way I don't have to worry about it on the beach! enjoy and I hope it helps!
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Cat Fishing Fun With Catfish Chum Bait!
My friend Andrew and I were bored so we too a trip to Calaveras Lake here in San Antonio Texas. I threw out a bit of my cat fish chum bait and we caught 41 cat fish in about 4.5 hours. No big ones but not a bad trip! Enjoy Y'all! The Music is Bad Road from FreePlayMusic Here's a link for the Chum Video http://youtu.be/Ibqgc06Cylc
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Stalking DayTime Hogs On Their Beds 1/2
Preperation... I'ld like to share how I go about finding hogs in the daytime when they aren't on the water. I did these exact things the day before and I shot a sow from about 3 yards away on my knees in the deep brush. Enjoy Y'all
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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 2
This video shows you how to plane the oak dowel and rework the bayonet blade so it will be the proper width for the oak.
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How To Clean a Shark Jaw
Once again I am not a professional taxidermist. If you have good advice on how I can do this better please speak up. This is the first jaw I have ever done. That said, this was a 6'2" bull shark that died because it swallowed a hook so I decided to do my own shark jaw. This is how I cleaned it. Be sure to tape it down as you dry it. I was very surprised at how much it shrank. Enjoy!
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FAIL Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Challenge, OWNED!
Let me tell you, THEY ARE HOT! I didn't even watch anyone elses videos because I didn't want to scare myself off. I DO NOT eat hot food as a rule. Cooked in peppers sure, but NEVER raw, and NEVER one of the worlds hottest peppers! As I sit here a few hours later my stomach is on fire! I ate a big meal before this to try and help. DON"T EAT ONE OF THESE! Enjoy MY PAIN Y'all! Bhut Jolokia Chili Pepper
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DnaHogHunter, Jugging Calaveras Lake for Texas Catfish
Marilyn Manson, Sweet Dreams. Cast Netting for Bait, Texas Juggin at its finest. Jugging Blue Cats, Channel Catfish and Some Redfishing Action all in one.
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How To: Home Made Hog Light, Feeder Alarm
I wanted an alarm to silently alert me to Wild Hogs at the feeders. I had a driveway alarm from Harbor Freight Tools and this is what I came up with. Don't buy it, Build it the poor mans way!
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BedRoom Remodel 4, BookCase HeadBoard and Done
I need to close the big hole at the end of the room. I dont want a wall. I'm going to build a big headboard bookcase to fill the space. Hopefully I can make it easy to take in and out. I'm going to build it out of MDF. Grab a room, kick the kids out and redo it y'all. Takes a week and about $1000. BUT wait until they are old enough to respect the work. AND make them help the entire time so they know what you went through the first time... Enjoy Y'all! I'm taking a break!
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DnaHogHunter, Top Hooker, Who Am I?
I Have Over 400 Videos of Me and My Friends That I Put On Fish, Hog Hunting, How To, Designing, Welding and Sooo Much Fishing. I even redesigned a motion light for hunting, other companies put it on the market and got rich! I didn't get a penny! CHECK ME OUT Y'ALL!!! This is an intro video for a new competition fishing show on Tv called Top Hooker. I was notified of it 4 days before the dead line expired. That would be Tuesday. This is Monday morning right now and I'm jamming because I've been super busy. I figure with my Baby BlackTip Shark Attack Vid playing all over, (they are playing it again this year on True Tv, I have not seen it yet) and being on Eric Youngs Off The Hook, Extreme Catches, I thought I might give this a try. What do Y'all think?
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Hog Hunting Texas Style Hog Doggin With DnaHogHunter
Wild Boar hunting with knives and dogs. 250lb pig down!!! Feral hog hunting in the extreme!!! YA'LL PUSHED ME TO DO IT, SO HERE IT IS!!! Remember, I had the camera, not the knife!!!
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Building A Tactical Walking Stick 8
In this video I trim the bolts holding the haft to the handle. Trim the end of the scabard, trim the opening and get the Spring Latch to catch and start working.
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Custom Texas Hunting Blind Building Tips 2/5
Turning the platform stand over looking the platform feeder into a blind. This has been the plan all along. Just took some time to get it going. Enjoy
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JugFishing, Jugging, How To JugFish For CatFish 1
JugFishing Tips. I was asked to make a video on how to jugfish. I will show you how to do so in the next few videos. This video will address how to set up your jugline, rig your bait and set the jug in the water. Enjoy!!!
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Boating Tips, Boat Repair, Fix Blown Boat Bumpers
STOP buying new bumpers for your boat every time they blow! Thats about $40 a pop! Go out and get some Great Stuff Foam and fill that blown bumper up. Do it in a few stages and you will have that boat back on the water in no time! Enjoy Y'all!
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