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Preschool Whole Group Lesson
This video is a teacher directed activity introducing a lesson based on student interest during a unit on food. The focus is on receptive vocabulary, following one-step directions, asking/answering questions in one word to short phrases, and participation. The population is an at-risk preschool class with the majority being ELLs.
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Preschool Small Group Teacher Led Activity
This video portrays a follow up small group lesson focusing on vocabulary, story/recipe retelling/sequencing, following directions, answering/asking questions using one word to short phrases, and active participation with a group of diverse preschool children.
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Third small group discussion on Cornelius with Early Intervention Kindergarten
In this video, it is the third group discussion on the same book, Cornelius. Each session held a specific focus and began with a question prompt by the teacher followed by questions or discussions derived from student responses. This group of diverse students are mostly ELLs, all within different levels of proficiency.
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Because it Matters
This was a promotional video for the Division of Early Childhood conference's in 2017. They asked for the rights to use my video to showcase the diversity of an early childhood classroom and how everyone can be taught no matter the capability.
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This video is from my Graduate School student teaching experience. In this video, I teach a lesson to at-risk preschool students focusing on language, speaking and listening, and story vocabulary. You also see developmentally appropriate behavior management strategies.
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