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Kelso freaks out seeing Jackie without make up
That 70's Show Kelso freaks out seeing jackie without make up. Season 1 - Episode 24 (Hyde Moves In)
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Need for Speed game airtime glitch
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Karaoke - moose geeko and "the weird guy" (lol)
Tenacious D - Beelzeboss @Chainsaw
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diablo 3 barb power leveling (a3 first check point
Alright, I guess this would only work starting at level 39 because that's when the rune "The Mountain's Call" is available for the skill Earthquake, making it castable without any fury being required (due to when resuming the game you start with 0 fury, so that is why this works most efficiently from level 39). This is in A3 NM first checkpoint and I was doing this on my hc barb, so my gear was pretty much just a lot of cheap +vit gear with a high dps 2H weapon with a socket for loh gem. Sorry about the quality and the choppyness my pc is not the greatest. Pointing out again this is after the nerf of the NPC running further down and you not having to engage the mobs. This goes pretty fast up to maybe level 46 or so, but I haven't had any close calls dying (like I said I have a lot of +vit gear and my HP is around 17k at level 45). So for me this is pretty safe and a faster and more efficient way to level a few levels (going to keep doing this until I feel my brain can't take it anymore and then go back to the proper way). PS: I show my talent build at the end of the video.
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Friday Baconfest 2018 Dan
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Honda Accord 2002 coupe - rear brake/caliper stuck
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So cold in the truck - steam coming from my hand
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Destiny - rocket launcher PvP fun
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Destiny - a fairly quick game of Rift PvP
Destiny™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/tid=CUSA00219_00
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Destiny - funny 11 kill spree
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Farming Lovely Charms FAST (as a DK) while watchin
SORRY ABOUT THE REALLY BAD VIDEO QUALITY AND EDITING! First of all, I am posting this to help people out, not to get anything out of it, because I don't. I am sure there are a lot of fast ways out there to farm Lovely Charms during the Love is in the Air World Event in WoW but this is the way I use and I am sure a lot of other people know about this, the only difference is that I have a way of doing it so it's not as boring and you can watch a movie, or a show, or even lay in bed like I do sometimes with my wireless keyboard. So basically, I farm them by killing the small water elementals that continously respawn in the instance Throne of Tides (Cataclysm dungeon), yes a lot of people know about this. The way to do it if you are at level 90 is to set it to heroic, if you are 85-87, you can do it on normal, as long as the water elementals aren't grey. I choose to do it on my level 87 Death Knight on normal as blood, and this works for me simply for the fact that I made a macro to cast Blood Boil and Rune Tap and this allows me to stay alive and keep AoEing as the elementals respawn. I bind the macro to my spacebar key on my wireless keyboard for the time I am doing this, and I run my game in Window Mode, and resized to as small as possible and dragged in a corner, while I watch a movie on netflix or on my movie player (bsplayer, wmp, etc) while the WoW window is the one selected (run the movie, alt+tab to your small resized WoW window so it's somewhere in the corner tucked away). So basically: - Run WoW and go to the instance Throne of Tides, if you are level 90, set it to 5 player heroic. Clear the first boss on the top level, come back down, go towards the last boss and you'll come accross the hallway/path where the water elementals are. (MAKE SURE YOU MAKE ROOM IN YOUR BAGS AND REPAIR BEFORE GOING!) - Make a /macro and put the following: /cast Blood Boil /cast Rune Tap - Drag that macro to your bar for example where your "=" key is binded. Go to key bindings and scroll down to Action Button 12 and rebind it to your space bar, or whatever is easier for you. - Set your WoW to Window Mode from your System settings in WoW and Resize it manually by dragging the corner of the Window to as small as possible. Drag the window and tuck it away somewhere in a corner. - Run a movie in for example, Windows Media Player, set it to full, alt+tab and select WoW. - Keep hitting spacebar on your keyboard every few seconds while enjoying your movie, you'll soon forget your doing it, and you won't mind doing it! I am sure everyone may have ideas to play around with this to make it fit to their own personal style. Hope this helps some people out!
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Test footage - Carcam Full HD 1080P G1WH (dash cam
Test footage for Carcam Full HD 1080P G1WH - Dash Cam
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So cold in the truck
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Sony AS20 Action Cam - Video Sample (day/night)
Testing the Sony AS20 Action Cam Driving around London during the day and some night footage. No interesting footage, just testing the quality of recording during a cloudy day and some low lighting night recording.
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