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Lonely birthday boy surprised by the Phoenix Suns
Teddy chose having a birthday party over going to Disneyland to celebrate his sixth birthday. When no one showed up his mom posted pictures of her sad son to Facebook. Well, the Phoenix Suns heard about Teddy and showered him with a few surprises today.
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How a Mesa Lieutenant thought he was above the law
One Mesa police lieutenant expected to be treated with professional courtesy during a traffic stop by Gilbert police for suspected drunk driving. More coverage here: http://12ne.ws/2bdVpcY
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Granite Mountain Hotshot families review 'Only the Brave' movie
Family members of fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots react to the movie "Only the Brave," which tells their loved ones' stories.
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Arizona's Evie Clair takes final bow on America's Got Talent
We watched the Arizona's Got Talent finale with members of the Clair family.
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Phoenix heat wave: Cookies and more bake on a car dashboard
Phoenix summers can be brutal. We were able to bake cookies on a car dashboard, melt chocolate over strawberries and bend a record. Get the latest heat updates here: http://www.12news.com/weather/heat
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Two IRS scammers arrested in Arizona
The scam originated from India but employed people working in the U.S. to make calls to unsuspecting people claiming to be the IRS. One of 12 News' own got a call from the scammers, so we called them back.
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Coyotes goalie Mike Smith gives us a glimpse at his sports memorabilia and his epic backyard
See what Coyotes goalie Mike Smith and his family call home in Scottsdale.
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Cars vandalized at Plaza Motors
Cars vandalized at Plaza Motors
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Warren Jeffs' 65th wife transforms compound into social services shelter
"It's my dream to see this compound turned into a safe house and a refuge for victims," writes Briell Decker.
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Navajo flutist performs at John McCain's memorial service
Navajo flutist Jonah Littlesunday performs a tribute to John McCain who was revered in the Navajo community.
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Spotlight on the cast from 'The Brave'
Actors Noah Mills and Natacha Karam talk about finding out their new roles on NBC's "The Brave."
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Behind the scenes of NBC's new drama 'Rise'
"Rise" also stars the legendary Rosie Perez and Disney's "Moana" Auli'i Cravalho.
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New bioluminescent tattoos? Blindspot behind-the-scenes secrets
Blindspot is all new -- and this season is about the bioluminescent tattoos. Krystle Henderson gets all the behind-the-scenes secrets.
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Hitting the weights with new ASU coach Herm Edwards
If you want to beat Herm Edwards to the gym, you have to wake up really, really early. But you might learn a thing or two.
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Secrets on the set of NBC's 'Superstore'
NBC's Superstore has returned for its third season.
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DUI cop given free rein of city jail
Former Mesa cop had free rein of Scottsdale jail while serving DUI sentence.
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Brophy Ensemble sings 'Amazing Grace' at memorial service
Brophy College Preparatory's ensemble sings 'Amazing Grace' at John McCain's memorial service.
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Pilots report encounter with UFO over southeastern Arizona
On Feb. 24, both a Learjet pilot and an American Airlines pilot reported a strange encounter with a mysterious object in the sky over southeastern Arizona.
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Tommy Espinoza gives his tribute to John McCain at memorial service
Tommy Espinoza speaks on John McCain's faith in God and his country and the love of his family with a reading of the scripture.
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Glendale student with autism nails National Anthem
Ridge performed the Star Spangled Banner at a pep rally at Ironwood High School. It was his first public performance ever.
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1 officer fired, 3 resign amid scandal
Four officers are no longer with the Marana Police Department after internal investigation of sex on-duty and computer tampering.
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Herm Edwards may be the Sun Devils coach, but he doesn't like devils
Edwards responded bizarrely to a reporter's identification during his introductory press conference as the Arizona State head football coach.
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Local hoop dancer to appear on 'Little Big Shots' tonight!
Yellow Bird Indian dancer, RJ Lopez, to perform on Steve Harvey's "Little Bit Shots" tonight.
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Taylor Swift kicks off worldwide tour in Glendale
Tens of thousands of fans came to Glendale for the Taylor Swift concert.
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What's new at the Arizona State Fair?
The food, the rides and the entertainment that you love are all coming back. But check out what is new for you to enjoy at the Arizona State Fair!
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New Arizona laws that go into effect this year
Here is a glimpse at the new list of Arizona laws that could impact you or your loved ones.
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Brophy Ensemble sings of Arizona at John McCain's memorial service
Andrew McCain reads a scripture and Brophy Ensemble performs another song selection at John McCain's memorial service.
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Larry Fitzgerald gives his tribute to John McCain at memorial service
Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald pays tribute to the character and lasting impression of John McCain.
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Thanksgiving mix-up turns into tradition
You may remember the Mesa woman who accidentally invited a total stranger over for dinner - thinking it was her grandson. It wasn't, but he showed up anyway, sparking a new Thanksgiving tradition.
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Phoenix pastor, community leader dies at 50
Bishop Alexis Thomas from Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church died Thursday at the age of 50. Church members said he was a standout presence in the community.
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Grant Woods gives his tribute to John McCain at memorial service
Briget McCain reads a scripture and Grant Woods gives his tribute to John McCain at memorial service.
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Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death
Sisters in Phoenix were surprised with bears with of their father's favorite cologne and a recording of his voice. Their father passed away in summer 2017.
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Zack Hample teaches us how to catch baseballs while at a game
Zack Hample is a little obsessed with baseball. Okay, a lot obsessed! He has over 10,000 baseballs he's caught at games across the country. Hample shows Ryan Cody how to catch as many as you can while enjoying America's past time.
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Tour the 2017 HGTV Smart home in Scottsdale
This 3,300 square feet of wow is HGTV's 2017 Smart Home and it could be yours through HGTV's Dream Home sweepstakes.
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92-year-old woman shoots and kills her son
Investigators say that Anna Mae Blessing may have been plotting the death of her son for days. They argued about him moving her to a assisted living facility.
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Teen with autism talks about cop takedown
Connor Leibel gave his account of an encounter with a Buckeye police officer.
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Opioid epidemic impacting legitimate patients who suffer from chronic pain
Patients who experience chronic pain are feeling the sting of the opioid restrictions.
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Uncensored: Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures visits Globe and some 'friends' make an appearance
Many of you have heard of the long-lasting reality show called "Ghost Adventures."It's a group of friends that travels the world to investigate potential haunted locations. In October, our own Ozzy Mora went to cover a Halloween event at a well-known jail — the 1920 Gila County Jail in Globe.
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USS Kentucky submarine crew demonstrates emergency blow
The crew aboard the USS Kentucky demonstrates an emergency blow, where the submarine rises quickly to the surface.
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Wounded survivor meets President Trump at a Las Vegas hospital
Natalie Vanderstay and family talked about prognosis after being shot at Vegas shooting and meeting President Trump. Read more here: http://12ne.ws/2zhTydY
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President Trump arrives at Luke Air Force Base for tour and round table discussion
The president is in the Valley for a campaign event for Senate candidate Martha McSally. The president is at Luke Air Force Base to take a tour of the base and for a round table discussion.
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Could Phoenix shut down if temps hit 120 degrees?
Could excessive heat create chaos at Sky Harbor and around the Valley.
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Waymo is expanding in Chandler
The push for more self-driving cars is in high gear by expanding its operation center to Chandler.
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McCain's kids thank mourners at the Arizona State Capitol
Several of John McCain's children came out tonight to thank mourners for standing in the Arizona heat to pay their respects to their father.
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LISTEN: Radio transmission from DPS during I-10 incident that left trooper Tyler Edenhofer dead
Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper Tyler Edenhofer was shot and killed by a suspect on Interstate 10 near Avondale Boulevard Wednesday night.
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Sammantha Allen sentenced to death for the murder of her cousin, Ame Deal
Jurors speak out about Ame Deal's murder trial and what didn't persuade their decision in Sammantha Deal's sentencing.
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Desert Vista High School volleyball player suddenly passes away
Varsity volleyball player Alexandra DePriest passed away of complications associated with diabetes.
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Sammantha Allen’s mother testifies in penalty phase of Ame Deal’s murder trial
Cynthia Stoltzmann testified describing to the harsh punishment that family members were exposed to that lead to the murder of her granddaughter, Ame Deal.
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Drone video shows monkeys in supposed abandoned facility in Mesa
Drone video shows the former Primate Foundation of Arizona, who was supposed to shut down, still inhabiting monkeys. Drone video credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BxQ4RVSPBo
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Goodyear teacher accused of sexual misconduct with 6th grade student
The allegations against Brittany Zamora, a sixth grade teacher, were brought to the principal's attention by the parent of the victim, police said.
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