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How to make effective microorganisms EM1
Tommy Cowett the Real Alien Tom from Outerspace Landscape shows you how to make a natural organic product that works in many ways to improve your garden your household your pets and your life!
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Tree disease treatment and deep root injection
GrowinGreen "On The Lawn with Tommy Cowett". Tommy shows a tree injection device "low pressure tree injector" from Brandt. The (LPTI) contains an antibiotic to treat The disease "Bacterial Leaf Scorch" in Pin Oaks at Bryan park in Greensboro NC. Tommy also discusses the disease, it's impact on the trees, deadly, and what they can do to cure the trees. Tommy and Patrick Cunningham show a method of deep root injection with biostimulants from Brandt and Holganix to provide great nutritional needs to the trees.
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How to overseed bemuda grass with perennial ryegrass
This is a common Bermuda Lawn we overseeded with a great perennial ryegrass blend. 2" of compost, seed fertilize, and walah! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Pylex herbicide testing bermudagrass suppression
On The Lawn with Tommy Cowett of Growingreen. Tommy shows the affects on test plots with Pylex herbicide from BASF. He discusses the herbicides mode of action as well as combinations of Pylex with other products and other standard herbicide combinations he currently uses.
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How to fix a Seized Gas Powered String Trimmer
Tommy shows the steps to take to un seize a seized up husquvarna weed trimmer. He discuses steps to take, the Marvel Mystery oil additive, WD 40, how to do it. He prepares himself for the alternative solution if the final one doesn't work. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Why is my Tree's Bark Splitting?  South West Bark Split!
A classic case of What I like to call south west bark split. The tree malady goes by many names , SW injury, sun scald, frost crack, and more. The damage occurs in the winter months on thin bark trees. The cracks usually appear later in spring when growth returns, and can be accompanied by an oozing substance. Gumosis! This will usually not hurt the tree and healing will occur leaving scars. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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How to make indigenous microorganisms IMO
Alien Tom makes IMO indigenous microorganism he collected from giant Cain. The bacteria and fungi he collected and multiplied grows well with grasses, his goal is to apply this natural product in a h
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Grass seed comparison.
Tommy cowett shows the comparison between turf type tall fescue and K31 tall fescue a forage type.
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How to grow moss in a lawn
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How to remove Bermuda Grass from Tall Fescue
"On The Lawn" with Tommy Cowett of GrowinGreen. Tommy shows the results of a new product used to remove Bermudagrass in Tall Fescue. After two consecutive applications the Bermuda is checking out and the Tall Fescue shows no injury. The Pylex Tryclopyre combination is applied 3 times at two week intervals. Tommy thinks it is a very promising program. We shall see!
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Crepe Myrtle Pruning A look at Crepe Murder
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Changing a 4 prong Dryer for a 3 prong Outlet easy!
Tommy Cowett show how to connect a newer dryer with a four prong electric chord to his older 3 prong outlet. He addreses the confusion this change in electrical building codes in the year 2000 has caused. It really is a simple fix, keep your old chord and install it just as it was. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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How to measure the Square Footage of your Lawn
Tommy Cowett and Chuck Reaume from GrowinGreen are On The Lawn and In to the Math. Showing how to determine the square footage of lawns and landscape beds. Very important to properly fertilize and treat these areas. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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How to grow a moss lawn
Tommy Cowett shows the results after one year of applying a mixture of buttermilk and sulfur to bare clay soil. This videos shows what we were able to establish in one season.
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Lawn Problem Rust Disease In Tall Fescue
Tommy cowett with Growingreen shows the adverse effects of Rust disease in tall fescue. Rust is a foliar disease that is more aesthetic than pathogenic. Fungicides can be applied that can stop the disease from spreading. this disease can rapidly effect the entire lawn. It is spread by spores, pustules that can rupture and blow inn the wind or be spread by mowing and foot traffic. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Landscape Renovation Project, Replacing Overgrown Shrubs
Tommy Cowett shows the basics in landscape renovation. Out with the old and in with the new. Tommy and his assistant Jeff Hill use some common tools and an electric reciprocating saw to remove some overgrown foundation shrubs, Hollys. Youpons, dwarf Burfods and rotundafolia that had gotten big and were hard to prune and out of date. His customer chose the newest in shrubs from the Blue Cascade Dystillium to the viburnum Moon lite lace. Tommy also shows the gurdling effect of planting pot bound plants.
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How to correct a problem lawn caused by dog Urine
This is Lacys Lawn, a little terrier who uses the lawn as a urinal. The soil here is very poor despite many attempts to fix it through additions of top soil. Our soil tests confirmed a deficiency in phosphorous and a low pH. We aereate, applied super phosphate and a catalyst product called AMP which contains both Mgnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate as well as iron, humic acid and amino acids. We turned the lawn around in about two weeks. Hope you enjoy! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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How to control Rough Bluegrass in Tall Fescue
Tommy Cowett discusses the herbicide application used to control Rough Bluegrass "Poa trivialis" in tall fescue. Vilocity from NuFarm Valent is the only product on the market labeled. It requires 3 apps every 3 weeks.
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Free Plants!  Walkway improvement
Tommy Cowett shows how he thins out monkey grass, widens the walk and extends the plant row with free plants from the excavation. Free plants and beautification at little cost. Tommy shows some dividing techniques and planting and discusses the soil amendments and fertilizer for optimum establishment of the free plants. Good luck and God Bless! Thanks!
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Pruning Crepe Myrtles
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor Tommy Cowett discusses his technique for pruning a large crepe myrtle. He trys to avoid commting crepe murder. (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Insect Control For Trees and Shrubs
Tommy Cowett with GrowinGreen discusses insct control on tree and shrubs, He shows how insects can damage plants by secreting a sweet substance known as honey due which leads to the secondary growth of an unsightly black fungus known as sooty mold. The sooty mold does not necessarily harm the plant but does hinder photo synthesis. Tommy and David do a routine treatment known as a dormant oil spray with a safe oil, as well as target key insects with other effective nutritional and control products targeting key difficult to control pests. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Releasing Triploid Grass Carp For Aquatic Weed Control
Tommy Cowett with GrowinGreen shows the process of releasing triploid grass carp in a weed infested pond. He picks them up from a hatchery, acclimates them in the water prior to release and discuses the steps in pond weed control and algae management. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Tomato plant disease
Tommy Cowett discusses two common diseases on tomato plants caused by fungus. Septoria leaf spot and verticillium wilt. Both are foliar diseases where the spores are splashed onto the foliage from the soil below. Tommy lays down some news paper as a sheet mulch to keep the anticipated rain from causing more damage in the week ahead.
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Sod farming tall fescue turf establishment
On The Lawn with GrowinGreen. Tommy Cowett visits a local sod farm. He likes what he sees. The sod is a diverse blend of great varieties in this area. A good blend of genetic material, tried and true to north Carolina and the piedmont. Wolf pack, tar heel, cornado, midnight star and silver star. Let's plant some sod this weekend!
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MiniVerde ultra dwarf bermudagrass grow in
On the Lawn with Tommy Cowett of GrowinGreen. Tommy takes you on a field trip to Bryan Parks championship course. Tommy discusses the conversion process from bent grass to Bermuda greens.
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How To Landscape a Steep Slope For Beauty and Low Maintenance
Tommy Cowett Shows the process of designing and installing a landscape for a steep slope. This area is very hard to maintain and dangerous to mow. It had become overgrown with weeds and undesirable grasses. He discusses plant selection for seasonal color and interest as well as spread to occupy the entire area to make maintenance much easier. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Cryptomeria cypress die back
Tommy Cowett From Growingreen shows a serious problem with cryptomeria cypress. Wide spread planting of this tree as an alternative to Leyland Cypress may be leading to an new epidemic. As we all have experienced with Leyland cypress, red tip photinia, burford holly, when you overplant you breed disease and insect problems. Fortunately cercospora blight scale insects and mites can be treated with fungicides and insecticides. Sorry EPA there is actually a cure. No help from you, the EPA is is is is worthless!
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Verticutting Bermuda grass
On The Lawn with GrowinGreen. Tommy Cowett shows the verticutting of a Bermuda grass soccer field. The field is over seeded with perennial ryegrass and is fertilized heavy in winter which can encourage a disease of Bermuda called spring dead spot. The verticutting will cut the stoloniferous grass and encourage new lateral growth that will fill in the dead spots. Heavy feeding and high expected heat will help the field get to optimum potential. It's all part of growingreens athletic field maintenance program.
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Landscape Makeover stone edger installation
Tommy Cowett performs a make over on a typical overgrown landscape. He removes the unwanted weeds and dead shrubs as well as some overgrown shrubs. This reveals a house with a porch and adds light to the inside of the house. He replaces the large overgrown shrubs with dwarf , low maintenance shrubs. He removes the old worn out edgeing along the wals and drive way that served no purpose and were damaged by wedeaters and lawn mowers. He installs heavey duty stone edgers around the mailbox planter a Nellie stephens holly and a gloomy scale infested Maple tree. It was fun. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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growingreen 2015 spriggumentary
Winter Kill Devastated many bermuda grass athletic fields and golf course fairways all across North Carolina. Tommy Cowett shows the process of planting bermuda grass by way of sprigging the fields. This is vegetative propagation with sprigs or pieces of bermuda grass plants. He also discusses seeding and sodding. The fields were prepped with aeration, verti-cutting, aerovation and either seeding and sprigging is some cases both. A layer of excellent quality compost was broadcast over the top of the spriggs to hold moisture and provide great nutrition. The compost also protects the little seeds and sprigs as they begin to grow and spread. Turf Commander, Jon Riggsbee also appears in the video showing sprigging technique, verti-cutting and making sprigs from good healthy turf on site. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Holganix Spring Time Drench
Tommy Cowett with GrowinGreen shows how they use Holganix compost tea as a drench to revive freeze damaged plants in the landscape. He also discusses the addition of fertilizer and systemic insecticides at this time of year. Thanks Holganix!👍🙏😎👌
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Timing cover gasket replacement 1996 dodge ram 1500 brake m
Tommy Cowett the real alien Tom met his match with a stubborn crank shaft pully bolt on his work truck. He called brake master Chris master. They did the complete job for a reasonable price. Outerspace landscape is back in business.
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Mole Crickets Atacking A Lawn, Identification and Control
Tommy Cowett and Josh Bemis of Growingreen From a Frantic customer concerned about a dead spot in the middle of her back yard, Completely dead no sign or symptoms of a disease. Did someone spill something. How did this happen! What caused this? We pondered 20 scenarios, after all this is a mole cricket video. We decided to reseed it and hope for the best. Stumped! We dug out the dead grass and discovered this lonely Mole cricket. Well you can probably guess what happened next. We all went in to panic mode, applied insecticide and put the problem to rest. What a learning experience! Problem Solved! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Lawn fungus Helminthosporium
Tommy Cowett from Growingreen lawn care discusses a disease issue on Tall fescue. Helminthosporium leaf spot appears as a bronzing of the lawn a reddish to purple to orange and yellow. The disease damages usually the older leaf blades which will fall off and decompose. This disease is actually healthy in naturally thinning out the sward and aiding in decomposition by returning the growth back to the soil food web in the form of organic matter.
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How to control Disease in Zoysia Grass and Beautiful Landscape
Tommy Cowett with GrowinGreen shows how to control various problems on a zoysia lawn. And provide great service where others fail. Sorry, but you need to be looking out for your customers no mater how awesome they are. Try to care or get out of the way
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Leaf Curl on tomato plants from horse manure
Tommy Cowett the Real Alien Tom from Outerspace landscape shows suspected herbicide injury on tomato plants. he added horse manure to his new raised bed. The horse pasture where the manure came from was treated with herbicide to control weeds and reduce weed seed in the compost, subsequently the horses grazed on herbicide treated forage and passed it on in the compost. He will treat the bed with activated charcoal to neutralize the herbicide and replant.
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Diseases of Leyland Cypress
Tommy Cowett on the lawn with Growingreen discovers a deadly disease of Leyland Cypress. Seridium canker is the most deadly disease of the tree exhibited by sap oozing small black dots on the stems are the fruiting bodies. Needles will typically fall of when touched. A second canker disease of leylands is Bot canker caused by the fungus botrysphaeria dothidia. It is also deadly but does not tend to kill as rapidly. It can not be cured with traditional fungicides but may be managed through pruning of dead material, clean cultural practices and lots of TLC.
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Needle drop on conifer mystery solved
Tommy cowett from Growingreen shows an incompatibility issue with a full grown grafted conifer. The root stock of this large scotch pine is not meeting the demand from the grafted top. Not uncommon to see in some grafted trees especially cherry on apple. The plants will usually exhibit needle or leaf drop during summer when the demand for water may be higher. Not necessarily deadly, but can not be corrected. Add water and TLC.
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How to remove a stump naturally
Tommy cowett shows a natural product cantaining humic acid to remove a stump. He also shows deep shade conditions in a garden. He shows scale insect activity. He also discusses pot bound plants.
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Bag worms attacking junipers
Tommy cowett with Growingreen shows you a devastating bag worm infestation and discusses the control treatment.
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Seeding Bermudagrass
Bermuda seed germinating on cone field
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Planting begonias
Tommy Cowett the real alien Tom from outerspace landscape changes out the annual beds. He pulls the cool weather plants, pansies, prepares the soil adjusts the irrigation system plants begonias and has a great time!
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Top Dressing Athletic fields, Growingreen
Tommy cowett from growingreen shows the topdressing process on a ballfield in North Carolina. He discusses the process an benefits to the turf. Patrick Cunningham applicator, real work!
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How to Transplant a Palm Tree
Tommy Cowett shows how to move a palm tree. The most important thing to remember is to insure there are no air pockets near the root ball of the tree. this can lead to root rot. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Rachio 3 Smart Irrigation Controller Install
Tommy Cowett shows the easy install of the new Rachio 3 Smart irrigation controller. Out with the old and in with the new. He shows the mounting and wiring procedure. He also discusses some features of this new technology. The benefits are great in water wise irrigation.
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Insect and disease control for trees and shrubs
On the lawn with growingreen. Tommy Cowett narrates a tree and shrub training session with the turf managers of Growingreen lawncare company. The Turf cammander Jon Riggsbee demonstates.
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How to grow a Primo Lawn and Great Career!
If you have been following my videos for any amount of time you know I am a Landscape lawncare guy! I love my lawn and landscape and try to help give you ideas about improving your own or appreciating others, it is my main goal to inspire you. This video is a testament to a pinnacle time in my life, where a product and a great idea led me to meeting some of the most influential landscape professionals in the world. I visited the most beautiful campuses, estates, parks, museums, athletic fields and golf courses in the region. Initially the response was "are you crazy"? They looked at me like I was from "Outer Space" I go back now and see the success! The great turf quality and plant health as well as all the features and benefits we preached all those years ago have paid off! I LOVE PRIMO! Primo Man Tommy. Thank You! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Making a bottle tree
Tommy cowett shows how to make a bottle tree to add interest to his boring bird feeder post. He discusses the history and recycled material used in making his bottle tree
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Review of Dewalt 40V Battery Powered Brushless String Trimmer
Tommy reviews his new Dewalt Battery powered string trimmer. Its powerful yet quiet and really light weight and it doesn't stink, I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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fall armyworms zoysia
Fall Armyworms attacking zoysia grass
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