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Blood Pressure & Bananas
Learn how bananas effect your blood pressure. Photo provider Flickr photostreams: Bananas by nannetteturner's photo stream Banana Bread by dichohecho I'm a Chiquita Bana by alibree Banana #3 by NH53 Bananas by Squash Valley Produce The Ying & Yang of Bananas by Srgpix
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8 Benefits, Garlic The Super Food has for Your Body
8 Benefits, Garlic The Super food has for your body, it can help your blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation it can even help you lose fat. Please like, comment and definitely subscribe, and tell all your friends. My goal at 365fitnesstips is to help you; Eat Healthy, Exercise Daily, Enjoy Your Body, & Become Fit & Empowered with MartiKay The Queen of Fitness. Ding!
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Increase Testosterone
Increase testosterone, erection, libido & moisture in men & women. Images courtesy of Microsoft Power Point
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Nutribullet Milling Blade Demo
Here is a demonstration of the NutriBullet Milling Blade using flaxseeds. This Milling Blade is great for seeds and nuts. www.Nutribullet.com www.cdc.gov Producer - Marti Carter Camera & Lighting - Cecil Carter Editor - Marti Carter
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The Food Lovers Fat Loss System
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System, Learn about The Food Lovers Fat Loss System. I ordered mine see all the great things included. Your personal nutritional coach is Robert Ferguson
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Human Growth Hormone - Benefits to Your Weight Loss
Human Growth Hormone - What is Human Growth Hormone and how it benefits your weight loss..
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15 Benefits of Daily Exercise
15 Benefits of Daily Exercise Learn the health benefits of exercising: Increased red blood cells; lower cholesterol, weight loss, increased muscle strength, better sleep, better sex, improved libido, better stamina, increased energy, reduced stress & anxiety. Clip art compliments of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 www.mayoclinic.com www.webmd.com www.health.usnews.com
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Fiber & Apples
Learn some of the health benefits of eating an apple a day. It will make a world of difference in your health.
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Viagra & Watermelon
Correlation between Viagra and Watermelon as researched by Dr. Bhimu Patil, Director of Texas A&M's Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center. Photos courtesy of Flickr, Watermelon on Sale - Raymon Yee, Watermelon - Persocomholic
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Lose Weight by Increasing Your Brown Fat
Learn how your body can lose weight, without you going on a diet or going to the gym by increasing your brown fat. Cold temperatures have proven to help in losing body fat.
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Green Peppers. Good Source for Vitamin C
Learn how Green Peppers are a good source of vitamin c along with a host of other health benefits.
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3 Steps to Detoxing Your Body
3 Steps to Detoxing Your Body,Broccoli can help you detox your body through its three stages of detoxification: activation, neutralization and elimination. The only vegetable with these properties. Detoxing your body leads to weight loss.
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Honeybees & Monsanto Company
Honeybees & Monsanto Company. Learn why the honeybees are disappearing and why you should be concerned. Internet Sources: www.WJLA.com Honeybees disappearing http://www.beesfree.biz/Home The Cronell Daily Sun - http://comellsun.com - Disappearing Hone Bees www.chicagonow.com - Are Monsanto Genetically Engineered Seeds Killing Off Honeybees? www.about.com - Why are Honeybees Disappearing? Requim for the Honeybee - Prof Joe Cummins - Neonicotinoid
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Kellogg's Special K Red Berries Recall
Kellogg's Special K Red Berries Recall for glass fragments.
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Nutribullet Review, Blasting Your Way to Health
Nutribullet Blasting Your Way to Health. The Nutrubullet is my main source for getting in fruits and vegetables daily. I am so glad I purchsed this appliance, it is improved my Health. It is easy to use, clean up is simply. Just wash out the glasss you were blending in wash off blade and your set. Never put the extractor or milling blade in dishwasher.
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Kellogg's Special K Red Berries Recall 4 glass fragments
Kellogg's Special K Red Berries Recall 4 glass fragments.
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29 Cancer Fighting Foods
Cancer Fighting Foods.Red Wine, Broccoli, Blue Berries, Green Tea...Cannabis www.webmd.com www.doctoroz.com www.prevention.com www.livescience.com www.care2.com ]www.420magazine.com
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The Monsanto Protection Act & Your Food Supply
The Monsanto Protection Act & Your Food Supply. Learn what Monsanto is doing to your food supply and the everyday farmers of America.
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NutriBullet Nutriblast Demo
NutriBullet Nutriblast Demo. Here is a clear demonstration of how The Nutribullet extracts, pulverize fruits & vegetables using the extractor blade for a superfood for your body. Enjoy Drink to Your Health. www.Nutribullet.com www.cdc.gov Producer - Marti Carter Cameraman - Cecil Carter Editor - Marti Carter
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15 Marijuana Health Benefits
15 Marijuana Health Benefits - In this video you will learn over 15 health benefits of marijuana otherwise known as cannabis.
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Dehydration, How to prevent dehydration, benefits of drinking water, signs of dehydration, what to do for dehydration.
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CDC & Sickness
CDC recommends that we eat fruits and vegetables daily to ward off sickness and illiness.
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365 Fitness Tips uploaded from FliXpress.com
365 Fitness Tips Intro. Create your own at http://FliXpress.com
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Lose Fat
Top 3 things you need to do everyday to lose fat.
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Creative Visualization
How to get what you want.
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Fitness & Running
Learn how Chia Seeds can increase your fitness and running.
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FDA Approves Obesity Pill to Help 72 Million People Lose Fat
FDA Approves Obesity Pill In July 2012 The Food & Drug Administration approved the first obesity pill in 13 years to help fight obesity. The pill is designed to help individuals that are considered overweight and obese with at least one additional medical condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. The pill should help some 72 million patients. Qsymia was formerly known as Qnexa. Photo "Fat People Exist" compliments of Flickr, Doctor Who by Michael Nyika CC Attribution - NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CCBY-ND2.0)
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Celebrities Losing Weight
This video is a message to the CEO of Weight Watchers, David Kirchhoff. Why not pay the everyday people to lose weight instead of celebrities. I am sure a lot of you would like for someone to pay you to lose weight, and we would do it for a lot less.
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The NutriBullet Review
The NutriBullet Review by Marti Kay. Supercharge Your Health with a NutriBullet in just seconds a day. Receive natural healing with the Nutribullet and drink a Nutriblast daily. It will improve your health.
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