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Ivory Coast (feloszlott): Fiesta -- reggae music
Kaposváron közel 8 évig működött az Ivory Coast reggae-együttes, legyen a kaposváriaknak emlék e szám, és mindazoknak, akik szerették.
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04   Hugo Alfven   Aftonen
A Pécsen működő Cappella Quinqueecclesiensis 2017.06.17-én koncertezett a budapesti Metodista Egyházközpontban. A kórus vezetője Keresztes Nóra. A kórus facebook oldala: https://www.facebook.com/cappellaquiqueecclesiensis/
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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Felragyog egy fénylő csillag
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing: this is a popular and nice song for Christmas. This version can be played on the piano and keyboard or can be played simply on the keyboard which has piano instrument with strings effect or can be sung with this instrumental basis. Also this version is created for the text of hungarian translation. I plan to create a little variation for the english text later.
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I have been playing in a reggae band from 2003 to 2010. Greenland is the soundtrack of mine which shows these years were very important in my life. Reggae music has a special place in my heart, that is a pieceful, green area in my life, when I will listen to it, I will have a greenland-feeling. After all dreams of my youth era didn't become true but I still have some heritage of it. ISWC code is in progress from ARTISJUS. All rights reserved.
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Boci boci tarka
I used the hungarian folk song Boci Boci tarka as a theme of series of variations. The short story about that: my student told me that this folk song is too easy to her for play it on the piano. I decided to prove the opposite.
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Lilla szülinapjára
2013 nyarán Egerben voltunk nyaralni, szűk baráti körrel. Azokkal a barátokkal voltam előtte a Balatonon, majd néhánnyal Egerben, akiket Pécsen, egyetemi éveim során ismertem meg. Nyáron úgy volt, másmerre visz az út... végül visszatértem. Minden jog fenntartva. All rights reserved.
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STUNTS pc game (2017 video)
This is one of my tracks in Stunts, Speedway. I really enjoy playing with old PC games like this classic one.
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Rumble quadrakill - amateur gameplay
League of Legends amateur gameplay: the end of this match, a quick engage and secure with rumble. I am an amateur player who has some good moments sometimes. I have decided to upload this one. I know there are better plays than this one.
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