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Visiting Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
More than 7500 people from 71 cities, two countries and ten states came to The Fred Rogers Studio at WQED in Pittsburgh on November 7-8, 2009 to see Mister Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe and to reminisce about growing up with the gentle man who brought quality and values to children's television. Come...share that memorable weekend with us. Thank you to our sponsor, The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh.
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The Origins of Daniel Striped Tiger
This clip is called "The Origins of Daniel Striped Tiger" and is from "Our Neighbor, Fred Rogers," produced by Rick Sebak in 1987. In it Fred Rogers and Josie Carey describe the origin of Daniel Striped Tiger and how he came to be. These early "Children's Corner" programs were produced at WQED in the mid-1950s. They were live and unscripted in the early years and most were not recorded for posterity. Only a few episodes remain on kinescope. Truly a regional and national treasure that is now preserved in the WQED archives. Be sure to tune-in Monday, September 3, 2012 at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for the premiere of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on WQED-TV, the new children's program from The Fred Rogers Company. Want to see and learn more about Fred Rogers, Josie Carey and Children's Corner? Tune-in Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 8 p.m. for Rick Sebak's documentary, "Our Neighbor Fred Rogers."
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Its no secret that Pittsburgh is one the best cities in the country. Its also no secret that Bicycle Heaven, located on the North Side of Pittsburgh has the largest collection of bicycles under one roof in the world! CHECK OUT THIS FEATURE, PART OF WQED'S "THAT'S A LOT" PROGRAM!
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Panoramic View From Pittsburgh To Allegheny
1902 Thomas A. Edison film crossing the Sixth Street Bridge from Downtown Pittsburgh to the city of Allegheny (later annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907 and now called the North Side.) May be the earliest film footage of the Pittsburgh region.
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Dirty Dozen | It's Pittsburgh & A Lot of Other Stuff | A Program by Rick Sebak
It's a one-day bicycle ride around Pittsburgh. It covers 13 very steep hills. It's a test of strength, endurance, biking skills and human perseverence. It's called the DIRTY DOZEN. It was started in 1983 by Danny Chew, his brother and some of their friends. It's now a Pittsburgh tradition and an extraordinary celebration of our city's terrain!
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Pittsburgh 360: Fireball: Telling Lombard's Story
Pittsburgh author Robert Matzen is getting national attention for his new book "Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3." The Hollywood actress was married to the world's most popular movie star, Clark Gable, when she was killed in a plane crash during a 1942 mission to sell war bonds for her country. Decades later, Matzen climbed the mountain near Las Vegas where the wreckage still lays scattered. Those tragic images, along with beautiful photos of Lombard, and Matzen's fascinating story about her life with Gable will captivate WQED viewers.
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That French Bakery in Millvale: Jean-Marc Chatellier's
Jean-Marc Chatellier has a world-class French bakery in the small town of Millvale, just outside the official city limits of Pittsburgh. It's a bakery that everyone would like to have in his or her neighborhood. This is a segment from the program titled THE JOYS OF MILLVALE produced by Rick Sebak for his weekly WQED program called IT'S PITTSBURGH & A LOT OF OTHER STUFF. Watch the complete program here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNwEIyqZSmI
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WQED's "V is for Vinnie Pie"
In the WQED program titled PITTSBURGH A TO Z, produced by Rick Sebak, the letter V is for "Vinnie Pie" at Vincent's Pizza Park on Ardmore Boulevard in what-feels-like Forest Hills, but it's really North Braddock. This story celebrates the crust, the ample toppings and some of the history, legends and traditions that come with these pizzas that were first made by the late Vincent Chianese. http://www.vincentspizzapark.com/
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Sandwiches That You Will Like
From Rick Sebak's program "Sandwiches That You Will Like": Lobster rolls at Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine and DomiLise's Po-Boy bar in uptown New Orleans. Check out wqed.org/shop for the DVD.
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The Joys of Millvale | It's Pittsburgh & A Lot of Other Stuff | A Program by Rick Sebak
Rick Sebak's documentary explores the history and some of the wonderful surprises you can find in Millvale! It's an unassuming borough on the Allegheny River, not far from Downtown Pittsburgh, but it's got Jean-Marc's French Bakery, Yetter's Candy Store, Grant Bar, Lincoln Pharmacy, Pamela's P&G Diner, Attic Records and much much more.
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A taste of Best Breakfast & Sandwiches in Westerville, Ohio
Here's a taste of THE BEST BREAKFAST & SANDWICHES in Westerville, Ohio. Talk about loyal and devoted customers! There's more in BREAKFAST SPECIAL on PBS in the Summer of 2010.
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WQED Experience: Attachment Parenting
The Mommy Blogosphere was abuzz whenTime magazine asked "Are you Mom Enough?" That question was accompanied by a provocative cover photo of a mother breast feeding her three year old toddler. "Attachment Parenting" is a practice which commonly includes: breastfeeding into the toddler years, babywearing, responding quickly to baby's cries, and for some parents co-sleeping bedsharing with their infants and toddlers. WQED goes inside homes of three families who practice and Attachment Parenting, while exploring the philosophy and showing where it fits in to the lives and realities facing parents today.
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Pittsburgh Eats:  Vincent's Pizza Park
Pittsburgh is one of the nation's top food towns - and WQED has launched this direct-to-web series to showcase what and where "Pittsburgh Eats." In this episode, we take you to the legendary Vincent's Pizza Park in North Braddock, which has been serving up hearty "Pittsburgh style" pizza in a family friendly environment for over 65 years. For more episodes like this go to www.wqed.org/pittsburgheats. Production Team: Producer/Photographer/Editor Andrew Klein
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Isalys Chipped Ham
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Mary Wohleber on Troy Hill from NORTH SIDE STORY
A quick tour of a wonderful neighborhood! Taped in 1997. A tribute to our good friend and "neighborhood historian" Mary Wohleber. Undoubtedly the most famous and remembered scene from any of WQED's Pittsburgh History Series programs.
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North Side Sandwiches | It's Pittsburgh & A Lot of Other Stuff | A Program by Rick Sebak
The North Side Leadership Conference held a special North Side Sandwich Week competition at the Penn Brewery. Cameraman Bob Lubomski and producer Rick Sebak went to sample some of the sandwiches, and now we've put together this report celebrating ten great spots to get outstanding North Side sandwiches.
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Bunny Care Basics: Running Rabbits
The big ones are laid back. The little ones love to run - but all rabbits need exercise -- and plenty of it! To see more Bunny Care Basics and more WQED Petspots go to: http://www.wqed.org/neighborhood/pets
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San Rocco is a neighborhood celebration of Italian-American families, ancestral roots, and the old country in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.
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FRANK'S HOT DOGS in Columbia, South Carolina
One of the best hot dog places in America, Frank's Hot Dogs in Five Points was a landmark in Columbia SC from 1972 until 2002. Natural casing dogs with excellent toppings. The slaw dog was a classic. Frank Barco and his wife Peggy and their kids all worked hard to keep the place at the top of its game. Frank died on August 16, 2012. We are posting this clip from the PBS special A HOT DOG PROGRAM in his memory.
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Lilly Abreu sings "Bist du bei mir"
Soprano Lilly Abreu and pianist Richard Stern perform "Bist du bei mir" from Bach's Anna Magdalena notebook. She performs in a Baroque Salute to Spring at the Mansions on Fifth in Pittsburgh on March 26, 2013.
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Pittsburgh From The Air Trailer
It's Pittsburgh like you've never seen it before! Pittsburgh From The Air debuts Thursday, October 27th at 8PM on WQED.
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Beethoven House in Bonn
A tour with Dr. Julia Ronge of the house where Beethoven was born in Bonn Germany recorded when the Pittsburgh Symphony returned to the annual Beethoven Festival. His glasses, instruments and household records of expenses among many other items on display. Camera and Interview: Jim Cunningham Editor: Paul Ruggeri
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Watching the Wheat (Hannah Piston, harp)
Harpist Hannah Piston plays "Watching the Wheat" by John Thomas in a preview of her March 2, 2014 Pittsburgh Concert Society Young Winners recital. Hannah is an honors student at Hickory High School and placed third in her age group at the 2009 American Harp Society National Competition.
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WQED Experience: Duquesne University Tamburitzans
Travel with the world-renown Tamburitzans on the road and behind-the-scenes. The "Tammies" have delighted audiences for over 75 years as they perform, preserve and perpetuate the cultural heritages of Eastern Europe and it's neighbors. WQED explores the legacy of the country's longest-running live stage show, and one of Pittsburgh's cultural gems.
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Mental Health and College Students
According to a study conducted by the American College Health Association, more than 50% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and over 20% said they felt things were hopeless. Treating anxiety has become an enormous challenge for college mental health experts. In this web extra, learn more about factors that contribute to mental health issues in college students and discover steps to help young people ease their anxieties and manage common pressures.
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Breakfast Special - Columbus, OH with Nicholas Dekker
Rick Sebak and his trusty team from WQED are making a new program for PBS titled BREAKFAST SPECIAL. This clip is a tiny taste of the story from Columbus, Ohio, where blogger Nicholas Dekker led the crew to The Best Breakfast & Sandwiches and to a place called Skillet.
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Pittsburgh Eats: Pierogies Plus
For the past twenty-seven years, Pierogies Plus has kept Polish food in Pittsburgh. Owner and founder Helen Mannarino serves up a variety of tender pierogies and other East European favorites in the McKees Rocks area. For more episodes like this go to www.wqed.org/pittsburgheats. Production Team Producer/Photographer/Editor: Anne Casper Associate Producer/Photographer: Amy Grove Audio Correction: Andrew Holman
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Pittsburgh Eats: Spak Bros. Pizza
Pittsburgh is one of the nation's top food towns - and WQED has launched this direct-to-web series to showcase what and where "Pittsburgh Eats." In this episode we take you to Spak Bros. Pizza. From their tiny, colorful storefront located in the heart of Pittsburgh's Garfield neighborhood, Spak Bros. Pizza serves up delicious pies and hoagies with exceptional options for their vegan/vegetarian fanbase. For more episodes like this go to www.wqed.org/pittsburgheats. More Info 5107 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224 Visit spakbrothers.com Production Team Producer/Editor Amy Grove Associate Producers/Photographers Alisyn Blackwell, Zak Boyle, Samantha Gorsuch
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The George DeLallo Company was founded with the ideals of offering true authentic Italian foods with integrity and consistency. In the mid-1940s, Mr. George DeLallo began selling Italian grocery items door-to-door in the immigrant neighborhoods of Western Pennsylvania. In 1954, he and his wife Madeline established a grocery store in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, which specialized in authentic Italian foods. Soon after, they began to develop and sell traditional Italian products under the DeLallo name. CHECK OUT THE STORY - part of WQED's "That's A Lot" program!
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It's a delicious story from WQED's statewide special titled PENNSYLVANIA DINERS & OTHER ROADSIDE RESTAURANTS. Pip's Diner (now Johnny's) at 1900 Woodville Avenue in Pittsburgh's West End was the final story in the program, highlighting the number of people who left other jobs and ended up working here. Dutzer (Dorothy Elliott White) was the cook when we stopped here in 1993. Her chili and soups and lunch specials were legendary. She passed away in March 2016.
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Anne Sophie Mutter Pittsburgh Symphony in Munich
Violinist Anne Sophie Mutter joined the Pittsburgh Symphony at several stops on their 2016 tour of Europe including the tour finale in Munich at the Gasteig. She spoke in the lobby of her hotel having just returned from a run apologizing for her informality! She mentioned how much she enjoys working with Music Director Manfred Honeck and the Pittsburgh Symphony in the Dvorak Concerto which she recorded with Manfred Honeck and the Berlin Philharmonic. She suggested that the perfect visit to Munich should include weisswurst and a stop at the Lehnbach Museum with its recent addition before the concert. The footage of Anne Sophie playing is from the Pittsburgh Symphony visit to the Grafenegg Festival near Vienna. Camera and interview: Jim Cunningham Editor: Paul Ruggieri
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WQED "The Sweater" Sessions: Frzy
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Pittsburgh area musicians perform their version of "Won't You Be My Neighbor" - in their own genre. #MisterRogers50 WQED Production team: Zak Boyle, Alisyn Blackwell, Amy Grove Music Production Team: Music production by Darrin G Song written and performed by Frzy Music coordinator: Sherrod Evers Music recording at Studio84 On-Camera: Daniel Carballal On-Camera: DJ Chevy
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A Hot Dog Program
Rick Sebak looks at the great American food: Hot Dogs! In Fairfield, Connecticut, he visits the Super Duper Weenie Man. Check out wqed.org/shop for the DVD.
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Living with Mental Illness: Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a severe developmental brain disorder that interferes with a person’s ability to think clearly. While it affects only about 1% of the population, it is a traumatic illness for individuals and their families. In this report, Dr. Michael Rancurello from the Allegheny Health Network talks about the importance of early intervention. We also talk with local artist DJ Jackson, who explains how schizophrenia took over his life and what helps him stay on track.
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Extras! | It's Pittsburgh & A Lot of Other Stuff | A Program by Rick Sebak
This program is a sampler of "Extras" from 3 of our Pittsburgh History Series specials. From RIGHT BESIDE THE RIVER, Nic DiSio from Reyna Foods shows us how he makes tortilla chips in Cadogan, PA, and we talk to folks in California, PA, about an old movie of their town in 1938. Then we share some extra bits from UNDERGROUND PITTSBURGH and WHAT MAKES PITTSBURGH PITTSBURGH? Good fun stuff!
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Saint Anthony Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA is home to the largest collection of publicly venerable Christian relics – 5,000 in total – in the world outside of the Vatican. WATCH NOW - part of WQED's "That's A Lot" program!
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It's Pittsburgh & A Lot of Other Stuff asks Why Do You Live in Pittsburgh? | A Program by Rick Sebak
As Rick has gathered interviews for IT'S PITTSBURGH episodes over the last 2 seasons, he has often ended the conversation by asking, "Why do you live in Pittsburgh?" In this program, we edit together many of the responses, and we look at the Experienced Dreamers Contest that challenged entrepreneurs over 45 years of age to write about why they could bring their dream to Pittsburgh. It's an entertaining consideration of one of life's great questions.
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Pittsburgh Eats: Batch
Meghan and Jessica are two women with one dream: to live a life growing, creating and eating. Together they created Batch in Saxonburg, PA where you can find gourmet, locally-sourced, fresh jarred food...along with breads, butters and more. For more episodes like this go to www.wqed.org/pittsburgheats. Production Team Producer/Editor: Amy Grove Photographer: Zak Boyle Photographer/Colorist: Alisyn Blackwell Additional Photography: Mercedes Hesselroth
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This story is from STUFF THAT'S GONE, part of WQED's Pittsburgh History Series.
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Pittsburgh N'At with Dave & Dave and Friends
From WQED's "Dave & Dave" - it's "Pittsburgh N'at" - the show that defines Pittsburgh! As well as 'Dave & Dave' (Hallewell & Rhodes), this one hour 'yinzer-docu-dram-edy' features all sorts of Pittsburgh "friends" including Mr. McFeely, Sally Wiggin, Mike Lange, Jim Krenn, Rick Sebak, Randy Baumann, Tall Cathy (Schodde), Susie Meister, Larry Richert, Stan Savran, Anji Corley, Minette Seate & Julie Bologna! Fireworks, bridges, the Steelers, traffic, weather, Mister Rogers and more!
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Pittsburgh Eats: Onion Maiden
Pittsburgh is one of the nation's top food towns - and WQED has launched this direct-to-web series to showcase what and where "Pittsburgh Eats." In this episode, we take you to Allentown's Onion Maiden, a punk rock-fueled, heavy metal-spawned food purveyor specializing in vegetable-based Asian and American comfort food. For more episodes like this go to www.wqed.org/pittsburgheats. More Info 639 East Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15210 Visit onionmaiden.com Production Team Producer/Photographer/Editor Amy Grove Associate Producer/Photographer Sam Gorsuch Associate Producer Kyle Sossi Color Correction Anne Casper
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PITTSBURGH ENGINEERING:  Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh has been a world capital of artificial intelligence and robotics at least since the 1970s, and the Robotics Institute at CMU has been the academic center of the robot world since its founding in 1979. People from all over the world come here to study, to learn and to make new robots. This segment from the public TV documentary called INVENTED, ENGINEERED & PIONEERED IN PITTSBURGH is a quick taste of some of the very cool technological things that go on in our own backyard. The video story was produced by WQED in cooperation with the Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania. Production made possible by The Buhl Foundation, Michael Baker Corporation, NOVA Chemicals & United States Steel Corporation.
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Tessaro's in Bloomfield
It's a scrumptious segment from Rick Sebak's WQED program titled 25 THINGS I LIKE ABOUT PITTSBURGH: the bar & restaurant is Number 17, and a rare burger here is Number 18. Tessaro's is a Pittsburgh classic in a wonderful neighborhood. Get a copy of the entire show at www.shopWQED.org
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Squirrel Hill Tunnels | It's Pittsburgh & A Lot of Other Stuff | A Program by Rick Sebak
We celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Squirrel Hill Tunnels! Looking at history, the ongoing renovation project, and some surprises, including help from Sam Hall, WTAE's traffic reporter.
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Anne Martindale Williams plays The Swan for WQED-FM's 40th
Pittsburgh Symphony Principal Cello Anne Martindale Williams plays The Swan from "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint Saens with pianist David Allen Wehr. The Penguin Record Guide praised Anne's recording of The Swan as one of the best ever, awarding it a coveted rosette of distinction. WQED-FM's Ted Sohier talks with Anne.
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When we made the WQED program called WHAT MAKES PITTSBURGH PITTSBURGH in 2006, we went to Hazelwood to find out about Jozsa Corner on Second Avenue. Alex Bodnar invited a lot of his regulars to come and talk about the place and its food. Hungarian Night on the second Friday of every month is still a good time to go and get acquainted with the place and Alex's cooking. Reservations required: 412-422-1886
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From the early 1930s till the early 1980s, Isaly's Dairy Stores were popular shops throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio. With ice cream cones, a deli counter and a commitment to quality, Henry Isaly created a trusted brand that is remembered fondly. This segment is the first part of a look at the stores in WQED's program titled THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE ANYMORE, produced by Rick Sebak in 1990.
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A Short History of Route 88
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Rock, Pop and Doo Wop sneak peek: Ronnie Spector
On Saturday, March 5th at 8 p.m. MY MUSIC: ROCK, POP & DOO WOP will premiere on WQED-TV and re-air at 10 p.m. This unforgettable evening of music showcases the enduring popularity of two of producer Phil Spector's most famous protégés. For the first time in four decades, Ronnie Spector (formerly of the Ronettes) is able to sing on TV the biggest hits from her days as the star of The Ronettes: "Be My Baby" and "Baby I Love You." History is also made when La La Brooks performs two girl group classics on which she formerly sang lead vocals for The Crystals: "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Then He Kissed Me." Other highlights from the '60s pop-rock era include Jay Black (formerly of Jay & The Americans) delivering his show-stopping smash "Cara Mia" plus a rare appearance by Len Barry, who serves up his number one hit "1-2-3."
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What is FEP (First-Episode Psychosis)?
Dr. Melina Spyridaki-Dodd of Family Services of Western Pennsylvania explains “First-Episode Psychosis” and the process of diagnosing the illness. WQED Multimedia's "Living With Mental Illness" campaign is an ongoing commitment to explore various aspects of mental health, by examining specific diseases, interviewing experts and sharing the stories of people who are living with mental illness. For more info, visit wqed.org/mentalillness.
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