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ESBW Carnival of Carnage Match 3: Light Tubes and Barb Wire
The final match of the Carnival of Carnage. The winner becomes the new ESBW Champion. This is a light tube and barb wire match.
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Backyard Wrestling Rock Bottom-like Move Gone Wrong
Listen to the impact of the Rock Bottom-like move as Skevy gets slammed onto the ground.
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Between Match 2 and 3 of the Carnival of Carnage
A mysterious meeting between the ref and Milenko and The Mad Professor between the second and third matches at the Carnival of Carnage.
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Ian Knoxx vs. ToD ESBW T.o.C. 2011  Finals: 100 Lighttube and Barbwire Board Deathmatch Part 1
This is the finals of the ESBW 2011 Tournament of Carnage. The winner of this years T.o.C. becomes the newly renamed ESBW Hardcore Champion, wins the Tournament of Carnage Trophy and gets a $1000 bonus. There are over 100 light tubes surrounding the wrestling area and many barbwire boards all to be used. Unfortunately Knoxx got a bad gash in his hand. These guys go all out, and it happens to be their most extreme performances yet in ESBW.
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Human head vs. street sign
I take multiple shots to the head with a street sign.
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ESBW Extremely Shitty Backyard Wrestling: The Whiz  vs. The Temple Of Doom
The first ever match of ESBW; a pitiful attempt at putting together a hardcore wrestling match. There are a few decent spots along with some fucked up ones.
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Temple of Doom Pissed Off
Temple of Doom's reaction after his loss at Carnival of Carnage
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ESBW Tournament of Carnage 2012 Opening Video
Temple of Doom Opens up the third annual Tournament of Carnage by explaining the matches and 'random' lottery selection to decide those matchups. He also has a few announcements concerning the future of the company Extremely Shocking Backyard Wrestling. I forgot to mention in the video as I haven't had the belt made yet, but the winner of this years ToC would become the new ESBW Deathmatch Champion. That would be the only recognized belt and honours the history of ESBW and the deathmatch battles that we were known for.
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ToD vs. Jayson Chambers CHBW Tournament of Death
In match one of the tournament of death ToD goes against Jayson in an unlucky 13 match. CHBW stands for Classic Hardcore Backyard Wrestling and is the company of Mike Knox
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The Whiz vs. The Temple of Doom 2  Promo 3/4
The Temple of Doom talks about pain and The Whiz
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Sleeping Man Hit in Nuts
While sleeping I get nailed I on the nuts by a basketball
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Golf Club to the Nuts
Skevy gets a sign drilled into his nuts with a golf club
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ESBW Backyard Brawl Mike Knox vs. TOD Nov. 14, 2010
The beginning of the video got cut off due to technical difficulties. This is the fourth match between Knox and TOD. This is a Texas Deathmatch. Once an opponent is pinned they have a 10 count to get up or they lose the match. This match was scheduled in case Milenko was a no show again and Temple of Doom really wanted to beat someone bloody.
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ToD vs Trash ESBW T.o.C. 2011 Round 2   Thumbtack and Barbwire Bat Deathmatch
This is the first time ever that Temple of Doom and Trash face each other one on one. ToD was looking for some payback as in their only other meeting, in a triple threat match for CHBW earlier in the year, Trash stomped on ToD's groin and caused unrepairable damage. Ian Knoxx drew the bye straight to the Finals and these two had to battle it out to determine who met Knoxx in the finals.
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ESBW Elimination Tag Match  ToD and Ian Knoxx  vs. The Wicked Clownz May 28, 2011
This is the first ever tag match in ESBW. Finally, after months and months of surprise attacks Temple of Doom and Ian Knoxx face off against Milenko and Mad Professor. This is the first meeting between Doom and Milenko since Milenko sliced Doom's arm wide open at the last show. Doom gets some revenge and breaks Milenko's finger in this match, but it costs him the title shot that was booked later on in the show. Watch as a clown burns haha
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ToD vs. Ian Knoxx  Hardcore Match Nov. 7, 2010
The second meeting between these two wrestlers. Neither person was prepared for this match as it was supposed to be Doom vs. Milenko for the ESBW Championship. Milenko was a no show so the CEO called on Knox to have a match.
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ESBW Backyard Brawl: TOD vs. Milenko ESBW Championship Match Part 2 Nov. 14, 2010
WARNING: There will be a lot of blood and dangerous moves performed in this match!! The first defence of the ESBW Championship in the company's history. This match is an anything-goes match where light tubes and barbwire are specialized. This match gets very extreme and TOD gets a severe injury.
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Bottle to Skevy's nuts
Gullible Skevy thinks Tonya can be trusted when he has his eyes closed. Boy was he wrong.
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Backyard Wrestling Bloopers
A collection of funny and painful moments in ESBW wrestling
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ESBW Carnival of Carnage Match 1: Milenko vs. Temple of Doom
The first match in a best of three series. This is a hardcore match.
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Aftermath of TOD vs.  Milenko Nov. 14
TOD gets a huge gash on his forearm; ends up with 8 stiches
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Ian Knoxx vs. Trash March 11, 2012
This is the first match in ESBW of 2012. Ian and Trash face each other in a singles match. This is the first time in ESBW history where weapons are not legal. This event was thrown together in a matter of hours as we were presented with the first good day of the year. Let us know what you think of the new commentary from Big Dick Tully and Fatty McFatz. The first official ESBW show will be held a few months from now, with a tentative date of May 19, 2012
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Ian Knoxx vs. ToD ESBW T.o.C. 2011 Finals: 100 Light tube and Barbwire Board Deathmatch Part 2
This is the finals of the ESBW 2011 Tournament of Carnage. The winner of this years T.o.C. becomes the newly renamed ESBW Hardcore Champion, wins the Tournament of Carnage Trophy and gets a $1000 bonus. There are over 100 light tubes surrounding the wrestling area and many barbwire boards all to be used. Unfortunately Knoxx got a bad gash in his hand. These guys go all out, and it happens to be their most extreme performances yet in ESBW.
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Temple of Doom vs.  Ian Knoxx Oct. 24, 2010
Ian Knoxx debut match in ESBW vs. Temple of Doom, Hardcore rules
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Temple of Doom vs. The Whiz 2
The rematch of the first match in ESBW
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Immediately Following the Steel-tj thorn match Nov. 14, 2010
Right after tj thorn gets the pin, Steel lays a beatdown on Vampiro. Our cameraman thought the action was done and barely caught the tail end of the beating.
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ToC 2013 Finals 200 Light Tube and Razor Board Deathmatch: Temple of Doom vs. JC Pain
The finals of the 2013 Tournament of Carnage: 200 light tubes surround the tarp and there is a board with 40 razor blades. This is the bloodiest and most extreme match in ESBW history. Who will come out on top to win the coveted Tournament of Carnage Trophy? There Will Be Blood
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Jayson  Chambers vs  ToD March 11, 2012
This is an epic match between Jayson Chambers and Temple of Doom. They battle back and forth for an hour. this match goes between classic wrestling, submission wrestling, hardcore and deathmatch wrestling. This could be the best match of each wrestlers career, and the match of the year. This match is definitely worth watching for the full hour. Enjoy
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Wrestling Is Fake
A somewhat funny stab at the people who think everything about wrestling is fake, brought to you by ESBW
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2011 TOC Finals Highlight Video
This is my first attempt at making a highlight video. I have new editing software and I wanted to try it out, so I made this. From now on, ESBW videos will have commentary and look a little more professional. This video is made up of the highlights from the finals match in the 2011 Tournament of Carnage tournament.
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Mad Professor Breaks into Knoxx's Home Again
I was doing an interview with Ian Knoxx to show the fans the man behind the paint and voices. Mad Professor shows up and tries to beat up Knox, then steals his mustard.
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Mad Professor Looking for Ian Knoxx
Mad Professor breaks into Ian Knoxx apartment and looks for him to challenge him for a wrestling match. Mad Professor even steals a bottle of Ketchup and some water. WTF?!?!?!
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Basketball to the Nuts
Once again, we nail Skevy in the nuts when he isn't expecting it.
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Chambers Interview After Match 1
Jason Chambers speaks his mind on a few backyard wrestlers that have been hating on our brand of backyard wrestling.
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ESBW Tournament of Carnage 2013 Opening Video
Tournament of Carnage 2013 is finally here. Doom starts the event off by introducing all of this years competitors and holding a random draw to set up the first round matches. Note: The CHBW X-Division Championship match that was to be held before the finals was cancelled last minute due to lack of sunlight left. Doom wanted to ensure there was enough light for the final match of ToC so that you fans would be able to see all the bloodshed and carnage.
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Trash vs. ToD Round 1 ToC 2012: FBTW and Thumbtack Bat Deathmatch
This is the only match in Round 1. Due to wrestlers not showing up, some matches were canned and this was the only round 1 match. Fans bring the weapons with a thumbtack bat featured.
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TOD Promo
Temple of Doom has a few words to say about the clowns and their lack of respect for wrestling after his match against Jayson Chambers
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The Whiz vs. The Temple of Doom 2  Promo 1/4
The Temple of Doom was angry about what happened, in his first match vs. The Whiz. This is how he prepared for the rematch.
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Doom Before a Match for the CHBW Hardcore Championship
A random fan interviews Temple of Doom as he gets ready to battle Jayson Chambers for the CHBW Hardcore Championship
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ToD vs  Ian Knoxx NBYWA Hardcore Championship Match  May 28, 2011
This match is to crown the first ever NBYWA Hardcore Champion. Ian Knoxx had craked ribs in the match but he keep on going.
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Ian Knoxx Responds to Mad Professor's Latest Break-in
It took a little time to get a word from Ian Knoxx on the latest break-in by Mad Professor, but here is what he had to say.
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IT Is Comming...
Ian Knoxx warns ESBW about "IT". What the hell is "IT"???
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Gilbert Godfrey Interviews Jayson Chambers
gilbert Godfrey catches Chambers and gets his thoughts before his match against Temple of Doom
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Dylan Steel vs lan Knoxx ESBW T.o.C. 2011 Round 1  Hardcore Match
This is the third and final match in round 1 of the ESBW Tournament of Carnage. It sees Dylan Steel make his ESBW debut against the ruthless Ian Knoxx (formally known as Mike Knox). This is a hardcore match and watch for when Dylan gets his hand busted open.
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Ian Knoxx  and ToD Talk About the Wicked Clowns
They discuss their friendship and what they have in store for the Wicked Clowns in the new year.
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Milenko and Mad Professor Speak!!!
The Wicked Clownz finally speak. It has been months since we saw Milenko. They give their thoughts about the esbw elimination tag match. Note: our first event had to be cancelled due to weather. It is now going on April 30.
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The Meaning of Pain
The Day after Doom confronted Knoxx about training. Knoxx gives Doom a lesson in pain
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Ian Knoxx IT Promo 2
This is the second time we hear from Ian Knoxx about "IT"
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Immediately Following Milenko's Championship Win
The Milenko celebrates after his win.
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Doom Confronts Knoxx About Lack of Recent Training
Temple of Doom finally finds Ian Knoxx and gets answers as to why he hasn't been receiving training for the last month
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