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The Crow Demon version
I made this costume on halloween and won 1st place at a friends party.pretty simple look, but I got so many good compliments that I decided to make a video of my veesion of this new, weird, creppy crow guy. Lol hope you like it as my british voice isnt that good. I made subtitles, didnt turn out too well!
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Plotagon Story "The Inside Concept " part 2
Made by Plotagon. I do all male voice overs. Special shoutout to Helena J. for helping do the female voice over. Thanks for the contribution Helena!
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Plotagon story "Shu"
Made by plotagon. I do all male voices. Shoutout to Helena J. for A.) supplying the female voice for the main character Shu, and B.), for helping me learn a little chinese. Our Japanese is bad, but hopefully it doesnt hurt the scene. This story is loosely based on a 12 year script I made. It centers around Shu Xiao Jun, a young waitress with a ruthless past. A powerful Japanese gang tries their best to bring her dark past back to life in an attempt to recruit her as extra muscle.
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Demon Crow special messege
Sorry it took awhile to get back on here, i been tied up with work.Anyway i decided to make another demon crow video. Here, he explains his ultimate REVENGE on those who killed him. I did all this in one take with no script. Enjoy! Like and subcribe for more!
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Plotagon story "The Crow demonized"
Made by plotagon. I do all male voice overs. Shout out to Helena J. for supply the female voice.
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Plotagon story " The Inside Concept " part 3
Made by plotagon. I do all male voices. This scene is most iconic because its a convo between two of the man villains, Snake and the chairman. Enjoy!
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Plotagon story " Devil May Cry Parody"
Made by plotagon. I do all male voice overs. I couldnt sound like dante at all, but I tried. I wanted the other guy to as flamboyant as ever so to help say the script I wrote, I thought of a crazed, ecstatic, happy idiot and the rest is history.
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Plotagon story "The Inside Concept " part 4
Made by plotagon. I do all male voice overs. Honestly I have these out of order because I made so many. lol. Im basically just giving you all a sample of the drama that my story gives. Hope you enjoy them!
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Plotagon Story "High School Nerd"
Made by plotagon. I do all the male voice overs. This was just something I made out of boredom hahahaha. I honestly was a nerd back in the days anyway so the characters here are somewhat a mirror of my life! Enjoy and subscribe for more!
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Plotagon Story " The Inside Concept" Part 1
Made by plotagon. I do all male voice overs. A Video game tech's girlfriend goes missing , and he is intend on taking on her former boss in order to find out what happen.
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plotagon story "Shu" part 2
Voice cast Shane,Yoshi,Hiromishi played by Nightevasion Shu played by Helena J. Plot: This is part 2 of the Shu story. I will make part 3 soon and it will be the final Shu story I make on Plotagon. Hope yall like it! Subscribe for more upcoming videos and stories!
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Demon crow energy blast!
Just having a bit of fun.lol I used the LIKE and vivavideo to do the effects.
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Halloween Special Plotagon story " Hades"
Made by Plotagon Synopsis: A team of fake paranormal investigators attempt to destroy a powerful demon who has possessed a farmer. Voice Overs Charles - Voiced by The Nightevasion Demon/Farmer- Voiced by The Nightevasion Amanda- Voiced by Helena
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