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Battleship guns
How a Warships turrets operate
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Royal Navy fleet during WW2 taking heavy weather.
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WW2 Royal Navy Cruisers
A look at the Royal Navy Cruiser fleet during WW2
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Royal Navy, HMS Ganges.
Royal Navy old style, Ganges Mast was and could be manned at any time, in snow and ice, during the night, c/w pyjamas! Clean your kit all day only for an Officer to throw a bucket of mud over it..character building. Sounding a bugle at 4am go for a cross country run, and back to bed again, woken at 6am for a cold shower. Training young boys to become good seamen. So He can take his place in the fleet, and He can carry out any task or Duty at any time.
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WW2 Royal Navy Destroyers
Review of the Royal Navy Destroyer fleet at the outbreak of WW2
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Paris Roubaix 1976
Here we see Francesco Moser's bike being prepared by his mechanic, and then the bike in action on the road
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Miles Davis 1991
Miles Davis and Friends live 1991, I do not know the name of the number, maybe someone knows?
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Kirkland Laing
Profile of Kirkland Laing one of the most underated British Boxers. Who sadly had a lot of social problems. One of a few men who have beaten Roberto Duran. But never reached his trure potential
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Fast Show
Rowley Birkin Q.C. recalls His activities in Shanghai!
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Jean Pierre Rives
Jean Pierre Rives was a great player and Captain and was part of some great French sides, also was a hard man and would put his head in where others would be afraid to put their boot, but He was no Angel and would put his own boot in from time to time, here He is getting caught at Cardiff Arms Park. Watch the body language of the touch judge! more comical watch Jean Pierre's expression!
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French Tries
Some French Tries from a few of my Favourite players, making something out of nothing but making it look good at the same time...style
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Battle of the Java sea Feb/March 1942
old seamen of all nationalities recall what it was like in a Battle at sea
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Sinking of HMS Hood by Bismark, WW2
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Ceres Bus Dumaguete to Cebu
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Feels so good -
Silliman Jazz band at Robinson's Mall, December 2014 Xmas Concert, Trumpet solo - Levi Alaban
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Fast show
Fast show's verson of Anglo French history...I'll get my cloak!
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SQ 317 Leaving Heathrow 24th June 2012
Singapore airlines sq317 leaves Heathrow London 24th June 2012
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Charlotte at Hayle
My Daughter playing a solo piece, "The Lost Chord" at Hayle Chapel Cornwall October 2008 with St Erth Concert Band. Sorry for the peculiar "clicking" noise throughout, do not know what it is, it came out on the video transfer.
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Java Sea Australian Navy
Australians from HMAS Perth Describe what it was like in action during the Battle of the Java sea in Feb/ March 1942
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WW2 Battle of the Java sea
strange story of 2 seamen based in Java WW2
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Pirates of the Carribean Silliman concert Band
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Mamma Mia Silliman Concert band
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World Cup Goals
A selection of goals from past world cups in no order of preference.
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Steaming grounds
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Japanese Companies Dark History
How Japanese companies used slave labour during world War 2 many of whom made profit from pain, starvation, torture and death.
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Gabrieli Consort for Brass
Cornwall Youth Brass Ensemble at Truro Cathedral
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Grieg - Hall of the mountain King
Cornwall Youth Orchestra at Truro Cathedral 16th April 2015
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Modern Day Pirates
Pirates who operate in S E Asia
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Cornwall youth Orchestra at Truro Cathedral 18th April 2015 Mars - Gustav Holst
this video clip is purely for entertainment and promotion of young musicians in Cornwall, and no one is claiming any copyright on the musical content nor seeking any monetary profit or gain from it
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Take the Ferry
Island hopping is a way of life for road users in the Philippines, here is the connecting ferries for Cebu and Negros Oriental. Run by Maayo Shipping.
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Silk Air take off from Mactan Cebu to Singapore
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WW2 Battle of the java sea
Old seamen from all Nationalities from all corners of the globe remember a single moment...all describe it exactly the same.
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Royal Navy Battleships
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Cathay Landing at Cebu
Coming in over Mactan from the North west out over the sea down the south east coast, and turning starboard and back up from the south east into Mactan
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Cornwall Youth Orchestra Stravinsky - Firebird
Concert by the Cornwall Youth Orchestra at Truro Cathedral. 18th April 2015
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Pirates Suite  Silliman Concert Band
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My Funny Valentine
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Nagasaki A bomb WW2 - MY Dads Story
My Fathers War and his brief story, that needs to be told. By His Son. Also this clip is for Chick Singleton USN, John King RN, William Penninger USN Archie Bishop RN, and all Java sea Crews and POW's.
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Chinese Piracy
How Chinese Navy are implicated in piracy
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Star Wars Silliman Concert Band
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S.E. Asian Piracy
How pirate gangs seize and take over an entire cargo ship, re-naming and re-registering a ship, to create a "phantom" ship, this is called "seajacking"
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Cathay take off London Heathrow
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What a wonderful world - Practice
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Freedom park dance troupe
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Memories of my Childhood and Thanks to mum and Dad for having a Kodak to capture moments.
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Winter Olympic Theme Silliman Concert Band
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Recital 3rd July 2013
Sonata 1st Movement by James Hook
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Cathay take off Hong Kong
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Only you  Practice
poor guy facing his own band
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