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Snookles ( Baby Dragon ) and little bird duet
Not cut and no stupid music added Just the real video I don't own it
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Brad Paisley Munster Rag
Brad Paisley Munster with pictures of the Munsters
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Dumbass Swift driver
Extreme dumbass Swift driver. U.S. Express was backing up into a parking spot with 4 way flashers on and backing very safely AND THEN here comes dumbass SWIFT driver thinking he is on the INDY TRACK....
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Racer brothers Love Freightways
hot rod drivers parking really fast almost hit my truck.
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Dumb blonde on 4 wheels
Extremely dangerous and unsafe move by blonde dipshit. YEP saw her up the road and yes BLONDE to the CORE. Bless her heart...that means she is stupid. I went from 60 mph to almost stopped and was hoping the trailer did not come around and KISS HER ASS. I did not get this close on purpose, it was all I could do to NOT hit her!!! AND then after I do not KILL us both SHE BRAKES CHECK ME AGAIN............What the hell is with the people on the road these days?????
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Fart in truck stop
Should be self explanatory
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Extreme dumbass in Tennessee
This dumbass dipshit not only cut me off BUT tried to run me off road OR he was trying to cause a wreck. This is the kind of ignorance professional drivers deal with EVERY day...I did not get mad at the little car for I knew he was being tailgated by the pickup.
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Dumb ass alabama bitch
I think crossing into ONCOMING TRAFFIC is not a good idea. ON THE PHONE AND COMING STRAIGHT AT ME.
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Dumb ass Mississippi dipshit
Dumb ass Mississippi dipshit female looking for a lawsuit. There was absolutely no other cars on the road, but this dipshit had to do this.
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Stupid female driver
Apparently some people DONT NEED TO DRIVE.
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Cat knocks on door..
All you need is a doorbell this low. Cat knocks on door till you open it....
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The new breed of trucker. This what truck drivers have to deal with each and every day. The bad part is we have to deal with other SO-CALLED TRUCK drivers also. You would think that if they have to deal with this they would show some respect to other truckers. GUESS NOT!!!
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Schneider Safe move
Truck 62859 Trailer TA954850 This actually happened on 01/14/16 at 1:30 PM. This was in the pilot in Fort Worth, I-35W. I was still moving and Schneider cut me off after the other truck got cut off also. This female driver cut me off to go through the fuel islands the wrong way, But se did wave as if to tell me SHE IS GOING TO CUT ME OFF and go through the fuel islands the wrong way. SMART SCHNEIDER....
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Convenant dumbass
Without a doubt, the dumbest person on the planet. This idiot stood IN the right lane of a 70 MPH interstate highway at the bottom of a hill in a curve. The cars next to me kept me from moving to the left, LIKE USUAL, and kept me in the right lane. This ding dong as you can see did not move at all and shook her head as if she could not believe it. I am amazed that this IDIOT did not get killed or cause a wreck.
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Houston asian dumbass
Another dumbass crossing several lanes to take the exit....so I had to brake hard to not hit the bitch. Really too bad for she was really pretty. I guess she does not want to live to be old. And the one with the turn signal on never seemed to want to move left, so must have left the signal on, YES I did stay back to let them in.
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Hwy 84 Looking for a law suit
Dumb bitch cut me off to turn off onto road. JUST REMEMBER, you cant sue if you are DEAD!!!!! Driving like this is the DUMBEST thing you can do. Assholes like this should have their license pulled. Hwy 84 in Mississippi. Do you really think you will live through a wreck like this so you can live with money from the law suit. LIKE RIDING? How about riding in a wheelchair for life... What a life huh? DUMBASS What if you DIE???? Cant sue then....STOP DRIVING LILKE FUCKING IDIOTS
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Lyco Pushes me off shoulder
Driver cant get behind to enter scale in 2 miles but will push me off the road so he can be in FRONT. Just another typical day on Americas highways. Apparently NOONE can drive safe anymore.
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Virginia Idiot
This IDIOT was slowing to exit and decided to be really nice to the other people that were trying to enter the highway so the dipshit SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES TO LET THEM IN. FIRST don't STOP in the road to let other people merge!!!! Second DONT STOPIN A 70 MPH zone to let other people merge!!!!! THIRD don't stop in the freaking road!!!!!! Who the hell are teaching these freaks to get on the road for they CANT FREAKING DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tennessee BITCH BOY traffic monitor
This bitch boy traffic monitor was flashing his lights constantly trying to make me move right so he could pass. I WAS IN THE LEFT LANE TO TAKE THE EXIT. Then he tried to cause an accident by cutting me off. Hey bitch boy YOU don't own or control the road. This type of shit brained drivers cause accidents every day. Then what did the punk bitch boy do???? Tried to kill other people because he thinks he controls the highway.
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New york idiot
Self explanatory
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