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Easy way to locate Ground Water  by two L rods.
Please mail your query to drkavinash@gmail.com . You can locate ground water by following simple steps as seen in the video. Dowsing has been used since ancient times to locate ground water. One can use L rods made of Copper to locate the edges of ground water vein.
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How to find depth of Groundwater vein with L rods?
This video can be seen with video 'Easy way to locate groundwater with L rods' the link is https://youtu.be/t3LhnrFrrEw
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Pendulum dowsing by Dr. Gokhale
Dr Gokhale an eye surgeon explains pendulum dowsing technique for detecting allergies, rebirth etc.
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Shear force Bending in Real life
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How to hold L rods for finding Groundwater?
Video demonstrates how to use L rods for finding Groundwater. L rod Dowsing is the easiest method for finding the hidden treasure of groundwater. It requires practice and proper intent to use your innate skills of searching.
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Engineering Mechanics --Beams UDL.
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One point perspective drawing
Dr Avinash explains one point perspective drawing.
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Structural Analysis ---Flexibility Method Session 2
Prof. Hemant Joshi explains Flexibility method by some problems.
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L rod Dowsing
Rods deflect when your foot is on silicious material embedded in hard rock.
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Structural Analysis --- Flexibility Method Session 1
Prof. Hemant Joshi explains Flexibility Method used in Structural Analysis of structures.
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How to remember Program Outcomes?
Program Outcomes are basically graduate attributes that every graduate (especially engineering) should have. Avinash Ganesh explains the same through an acronym KADI MEET TOMI. Anything can happen if KADI MEETs TOMI.
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3D Printer..
3D Printer developed by Ruturaj Shinde of RSCOE. For details contact +91 8796340324 e mail: ruturaj28shinde@gmail.com
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Engineering Mechanics --- Beams
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Conventional light can be used for data transmission ... LIFI
Light Fidelity ( LIFI ) is the future of wireless communication. Ajinkya Mahajan of RSCOE demonstrates transferring voice using light.
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Batasia Loop Darjeeling
Railway track has to maintain a specific gradient. In mountain terrain, this is done by loop formation of the track shown in the plan.
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Kalimpong,   Oh! Chinsurah-- A delightful Home Stay
Kalimpong a hill station with serenity, good people with good Home stay arrangements. A place to fill your lungs with clean air, panoramic view of the valley and the most beautiful Kanchenjunga.
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Geopathic stress.
Geopathic stress is responsible for ill health especially cancer, heart diseases, arthritis and many degenerative diseases.
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MCQs: Resultant of two forces
Raviraj and Avinash in the play mode to solve problems of Resultant of forces. It is useful for learners taking up the course in Engineering Mechanics
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Arun Kate's poetry on Farmer's plight in Marathi Language
Arun a poet narrates the plight of farmer in Marathi language.
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L Rod dowsing around temple
Ground water can be easily detected by L rod dowsing especially around temple
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A brief description of Vastushastra ---- an ancient science of making your house match with the environment.
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Visual Clues to locate Ground Water alignment
Temples, Pimple trees, or existing bore wells are visual clues that help identify ground water alignment.
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SFD & BMD Problem 2 Part I'
This is the part I of problem 2. Step 1 and Step 2
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SFD & BMD Problem 2 Part II
Problem 2, Step 3 and Step 4. Check SFD & BMD Part I for Step 1 and Step @
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Aerofoil  --  Application in Aeroplane wings
Aeroplane wings are designed as an aerofoil. The small aerofoils at the edge help during landing and take off. The video shows these in actual operation.
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Different ways to locate Groundwater, Aakashik Info
Aakashik Info was selected for screening at the 60 seconds Film Festival held in Pune held on 19.5.2018
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Groundwater location with visual clues like Audambar tree.
Brahitsahinta an ancient treatise was written by Varahmira. A chapter Dakargal is dedicated to visual clues on the surface of the earth like trees, anthills etc. for locating groundwater. It is valid even today.
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Stack  Concept Explained in 360
Students of RSCOE explain the concept of Stack in computer engineering using Virtual Reality. Team Members.. Keshav Bharatwaj, Rushikesh Gaikwad, Nishant Igave, Abhilash Chavan and Hrushikesh Aher
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Tarkarli Beach
Enjoy a barefoot walk on the Tarkarli beach ....balances your body electricity. Rejuvenates. A stroll on the beach is good for health.
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Dowsing At Ranjan Khalge
Ranjan Kahalge is a unique place near Pune. It has pot holes created in hard rock Basalt due to movement of water. It has cracks in rock filled by silicious material that gives a dowsing reaction.
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Eco housing and Vastushastra
Dr. Avinash explains the close relationship between eco housing and Vastushastra.
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Shear force & Bending Moment Fundamental concepts.
Prof Joshi explains some fundamentals of Shear force and Bending Moment
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Buildings are designed using twelve Principles of Planning ( Part II)
Why Factory Buildings have North Light Roof? How the Principles of Planning of Buildings help the occupants?
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L rod Dowsing reaction experienced for the first time!!!
Temples are normally located on ground water veins. L rod dowsing can easily be learnt on such locations. A novice person can easily dowse for water on such locations.
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Multifunction Drawing Apparatus
Innovative Set Square developed by Hemant Joshi. Useful for engineering drawing
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Learn to Access your Intuition with Pendulum Dowsing
Pendulum Dowsing is a skill to access your intuition. You can find lost objects, groundwater, hidden things or detect health-related issues. It is a meditative state that can be achieved by practice.
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Stack  --- An important concept in Computer Studies
Students of RSCOE explain the concept of stack using virtual reality. To experience the explanation you may visit https://youtu.be/OsAiRf9IjNQ https://youtu.be/LOEYR0LBlYA using virtual head set shown in the video.
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Novel Approach to Teaching - Learning.
Innovative learning methodology adopted by IT Dept. of JSOCE that involves students to master a topic in a day. It satisfies the Graduate attributes needed for life. It has one teacher and 20 students brain storm on a topic of the syllabus. It takes into account Visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.
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Simple Scientific Explanation for your House to be as per Vastushastra (Part II)
Continuation of Part I of Simple Scientific Explanation for your House to be as per Vastushastra
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Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams explained through an example.
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Buildings are designed using twelve Principles of Planning ( Part I)
In order to reap the benefit of natures abundant bounty, buildings planned as per the principles of planning give the occupants the joy of peaceful living.
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Human Earthing
Studies show that touching mother earth daily for about half an hour keeps the body electricity in control. It helps in being healthy.
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Dowsing and Body Electricity
We are electric beings. This can be demonstrated by a small experiment. May be during Dowsing this electricity interacts with the field radiated by ground water movement and thus one can locate ground water.
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Modes of Transport
A beautiful view from Cable Car @ Singapore. Enjoy the ride. Observe all modes of transportation. Boats, Roads, Metro and cable car.
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Setting Sun's Visual Effect
Effect of setting sun rays that create the illusion of disappearance of heads of people passing between the camera and sun. Does light travel in straight line??????
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Ganga Aarti
Ganga Aarti at the banks of river Ganga at Rishikesh. A visual treat with devotional benefit. This ritual is carried out daily at Sunrise and Sunset.
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Prerequisites Shear Force & Bending Moment
Prof. Hemant Joshi explains SFD BMD
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