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Is this a planet or something else? What hides in the light?
Last year I used my iPhone and a lens from some shades to filter out some UV light to see the sun through some haze and discovered that sphere. And in my fb and instagram photos I give evidence to show it has rotundity and it not a flare. I knew at the end of summer that it would return and here it for the first time this year to my knowledge.. Call it what you will, but is it natural is it interplanetary or NASA?
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Introducing: Blackmail Radio - The Metal Sound of New Haven - 2015
BlackMail Radio breaks the surface with live captures and some horror imagery in this first 2015 montage! Enjoy! Like us on social media, and please subscribe and stay tuned the videos will get better with live performance and traditional music videos coming after we finish our studio project this summer!! www.facebook.com/blackmailradio www.reverbnation.com/blackmailradio
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nuclear twilight
the end of summer 2017 and the skies get stranger every day
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What company the sun keeps
Later on 6/22/17 the sphere adjacent to the sun is obscured by chemdebris and haze. Makes me wonder if this is why we don't see the sun set the way we used to.. Without clouds and "contrails" - It might be too hard to answer the question of what this thing is when EVERYONE starts to ask.
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Red Skies X
ANOTHER intense summer sunset in the year 2017. What dark tide washes in?
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July 1, 2017
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My black vulture
He chose me. I don't know for how long but he's awesome.
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The Moon and sun within kicking distance 6/30
I watched the ecliptic clear out today and there behind the chemdebris was both the gorgeous summer sun as well as the horned summer moon dressed in radiant azure..
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My Crunchable Birdses
I feed them and they entertain me. But it's the crows I put the bait out for. They truly are smart and awesome. This is a practice video w my new iPhone getting ready to do some more interesting work this year. And the first video I have recorded and uploaded in a year. Maybe someone knows what these guys actually are?
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