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Answering Your Questions About My Ex; The Father Of My Four Older Children
Published 09 March 2018 Part (2) Answering Your Questions About My Ex; The Father Of My Four Older Children https://youtu.be/zx6I_9dqH9k
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There’s A Revolution In Nigèria!! So Many Have Started Speaking
Here is the link to Pastor Shola Jordan Adeoye’s Facebook page. 👇🏽 https://www.facebook.com/Marriageworkontheshoulderofchrist/
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How I Get My Amazing Curls || We Are Moving House
Hey Friends, It's been awhile; a long while actually. We moved house and I was kept busy with all the moving arrangements/plans. I'll be filling you all in about that. Meanwhile, in today's video I show you my hair making process; how I get my curls. I hope you enjoy watching. ❤️Summer
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Nigerian Devastated After Sending Millions But His House Was Never Built
Here is the link to the video I made about my late sister. 👇🏽 https://youtu.be/WNzdmhtrQl8 Here's the link to the other Nigerian video I referred to in the video 👇🏽 "Nigerians Abroad Are Stingy To Their Families" | Nigerian Câught With £70M https://youtu.be/WZXDkH7ziXE
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A Big Youtuber Subscribed To My Channel!! I'm In Shock!!!
Hey friends, You all know I work night shifts as a nurse. So I was working last night so I was sleeping all day. when I woke up this evening I tried to spend few minutes reading and replying to comments. You won't believe which Youtuber left me a comment and subscribed to my channel!!! My Day is made!!! Thanks for watching💋
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Please Focus On The Words. Cold Catch Me
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Treasures I Found Going Through My Late Sister's Things
Video where I mentioned my sister Link below 👇🏽 https://youtu.be/LMHdEP2K7l0
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You Won't Believe What SisiYemmie Did To Me.
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He Is Not My Husband
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Part (2) Answering Your Questions About My Ex; The Father Of My Four Older Children
Published 10 March 2018 Part One link below 👇🏽 Answering Your Questions About My Ex; The Father Of My Four Older Children (Part One) https://youtu.be/RPHkNYX4c6Q
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Ticknock Mountain Dublin Ireland
Hey Friends, it's been a while. I will explain soon about the struggles I'm going through. As for this video. Just watch it for yourselves the see the beauty called Ireland; the country that gave the world st Patrick's day 🇮🇪🍀
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Why I No Longer Cook For My Children
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My House Tour
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Sharing Our Celebration With You All
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10 Simple Reasons I Don't Look 41
The video of the moisturiser that's I've been using for over 10 years,. Link below 👇🏽 https://youtu.be/jxH6LAIUXpw
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Do Naija Men Marry Oyinbo For Money?
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Why I Was Kicked Out Of Church
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🎶God Dey (Nigerian Gospel Song) By Summer Aku
Published 17/02/18
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