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Control Movement Parkour Academy
Just a few clips from the opening session of Cornwall's first Parkour and Freerunning academy. For more information about sessions and open days please look us up on Facebook at 'Control Movement Team'. Everybody is welcome to attend and the building is situated in the Penryn industrial estate in Cornwall. Happy Hoppin' (yes i notice the typo ;) )
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4 Year Natural Bodybuilding and ParkourTransformation (1 year gym transformation)
My four year Natural body transformation, having started out training Parkour and Freerunning for years, losing all my progress and motivation to drugs and mental health, and finally discovering fitness and bodybuilding as an outlet for self-improvement. Only had a gym membership for little over year and have completely turned my life around as a result, I can honestly say that for anybody struggling with drug issues or mental health, push on, find your outlet and never let it beat you down. Instagram - Hilltop_Hippie
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So me, and my fellow Scruffy Boys, decided to book last minute flights to Portugal for £35 and spend a week there homeless, copping free train rides and sneaking into several festivals. Needless to say, we ruined Portugal for a week, despite it being nothing but welcoming to us. My Instagram: @Mind_body_and_sol @scruffyboys @doddspk @joebergine @realrundmc
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Taking VIAGRA as a PreWorkout
Surprisingly this was not one of Jenson's dumbest ideas, but we did it, so you don't have to. For anybody who doesn't know, Viagra is a pharmaceutical grade drug used to treat people with erectile dysfunctions (such a Jenson), but can supposedly be used to achieve similar effects as pre workout, if you can avoid getting a raging hard-on.... Finished first year of university, so I'm back home for summer, expect a lot more uploads! Follow my instagram @Hilltop_hippie
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Jet Ski Joyride (The correct way to spend £4000)
How does one spend £4000 correctly, I hear you ask?! Well imagine a Mo-Ped without all the practicalities of being able to drive on land, remove the necessity to wear a helmet and add a big ol' rubber ring to the back and theres your answer! Jet-Skis are essentially your shortcut from just being the average 'Chad' to transcending into a whole new level of obnoxious douchbaggery, as you ruin every beach-going Tourist's day with your noisy-ass engine! But don't worry, the only sound even more annoying than a kid on a Jet-Ski on the beach, is when his equally obnoxious friend brings a drone..... Enjoy Instagram: Hilltop_hippie
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Summer Travels 2017
A brief window into the adventures of summer 2017.
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Chest sessions, Clifftops and Cheddar
First of many more fitness and lifestyle-related vlogs and videos. Instagram: hilltop_hippie
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After 'The Beast From The East' left the UK in a state of devastation, I was forced to postpone the three and a half hour drive home, and instead join the crowds of people readying for the apocalypse by hitting the hills with their sleds.
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Bench press, Beaches and Bad decisions
Monster energy and recently banned pre workout, the sure fix way of giving yourself a heart attack before the age of 21!
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Vlogs, V bars and Violent seas
Never trust us to make plans regarding tide times.... we do it badly.
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After training legs no more than 3 times in the last half decade, due to a torn ACL in secondary school, I thought it would be a smart idea to see if they were quite as useless as they looked....
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Brutal Bicep and Tricep Workout for Visible Transformation and Hypotrophy!
As I have had several requests to make a video on my current workout routines, this is the first instalment in the series! Since I am currently coming to the end of my bulking season, this workout will be more strength based, using higher weights and lower reps to build overall strength and power over endurance (hence this being the bulking edition). If I get more requests I will make an endurance based video once I have started my cutting season, using more eccentric and drop set based exercises to build muscle endurance and hypotrophy. If you enjoyed the video or want more in the future, please subscribe to the channel, drop a comment down below, or head over to my instagram: Hilltop_hippie.
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Africa (By Toto?)
£37 return flights to Morocco, seven clueless youths, nine days and pretty much no money.... what could go wrong? Subscribe for Travel, Fitness and lifestyle videos. Instagram: hilltop_hippie
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