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AFP Australian Federal Police: S01E02 (2/2)
AFP Australian Federal Police S01E02 Parcel Post / Currency Dogs Property of Channel 9
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AFP Australian Federal Police: S01E06 (2/2)
AFP Australian Federal Police S01E06 Unexploded Ordnance UXO / Intellectual Property Crime (Operation Curia) Property of Channel 9
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DemonSpawn-Reborn 2004 [DS-R CS Movie]
A CS Movie that I made back in 2004 of the team I played with for about a year which went through numerous lineup changes. Starting off with a predominant number of Indonesian players, it eventually ended up with singkong as the only Indonesian in the team, with the addition of Evade, Complex and Default remaining in the team until its demise. This movie is a tribute to the team, even though most of it is of me (hornet) haha... go easy as I was an amateur at cs movie making, and back in 2004 not alot of people made frag movies in WA back then. The team was awesome, hope someday we can meet up and have a game sometime! I have re-rendered it in 720p so hopefully it should be easier to watch on youtube.. Cheers!
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eH Ranked - Plane - Scrivy on fire!
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EmoRin impossible clutch!
EmoRin uses his leg to clutch 1v1 round while downed.
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HORNET / TENROH - R6S Frags 2016
Compilation of some of my frags from Casual/Ranked games. Aero Chord - Break Them Pegboard Nerds ft. Grabbitz - All Alone Tut Tut Child - Talking of Axes (feat. Jim Davies)
Просмотров: 101 laubeatz
R6 Siege 4K Hereford
Playing as Smoke, 4 Kill Defending.
Просмотров: 59 laubeatz
Просмотров: 16 laubeatz
TENROH - 4K Club House
Просмотров: 40 laubeatz
what is this?
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eH.teN (hornet) - Oregon Triple Knife - Casual
Просмотров: 30 laubeatz
Hereford Base - Barricade/floor spam
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TENROH best frags of June 2016
TENROH best frags of June 2016
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