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TRAPLETES intro video.
This is for my fitness channel.sorry about the audio and video I will have my hands on better equipment shortly and I will continue to make a video a week on all things fitness. There are plenty of athlete's from everywhere but I'm a traplete. I will stay strong and survive. Sorry it's my first video.
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Gains! What I used to get swole.
Narrowslabs.com if ur looking to do some research of ur own,also complete Sarms guide.i achieved amazing stregth and size from my research use these links I provided. Sorry about the light this editor allways makes it dark will use different one next time. B
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Time to get started. (Basics)
I kept saying no2 levels,which is nitrogen dioxcied lol you definitely don't raised levels of no.2 and I ment N.O. levels like the label.didnt cacth it till I uploaded the video
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