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#1.Life after Gastric Bypass surgery, unbelievable how prejudice people
It's so unbelievable who prejudice people are against over weight people nowadays, after weighing 546lbs. loosing over 255lbs. now life has changed for the best and worst at times.
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(timeless-answers.net) What the Hell is Wrong with my Black Brother's wearing there pants sagging ?
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about what the hell is going on with my African American brothers walking around with there pants sagging its the stupidest shit I have seen in a longtime.
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(timeless-answers.net) Why Do Some Hispanic's Dislike or Hate African Americans ?
(timeless-answers.net) This video is asking why some Hispanic's dislike or hate African American people ? Black people aren't your enemy.
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(timeless-answers.net) Having Sex before Gastric Bypass Surgery is cruel & unusual punishment.
(timeless-answers.net) Having sex before Gastric bypass surgery is cruel & unusual punishment, I went from 546lbs. After surgery I'm under 290lbs. now... I'm now enjoying my new sex life.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Men in new relationships after 50 yrs older, Don't want to be the boss.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about us older men 50 yrs and older, Who are tired of being the BOSS, we need someone to guide us, This is my story.... I'm in love with a women she doesn't want to be the BOSS and I don't either what should I do ?
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(timeless-answers.net)  Mistakes older men make when dating young women.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about men from 47 plus year old men.....Mistakes older men have when dealing or dating younger women... Why do older men date young women?... The issues all of us older men should understand when choosing a younger women. The truth is it's called (CHOICE)
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(timeless-answers.net) What the hell is wrong with people nowadays
(timeless-answers.net) Today in California I went to Walgreen's and then walked next door to Liquor store to buy a can of beer, A gangster came up to and started talking sh*t to me.... I'm over 7ft tall 225lbs. I'm to old for this BULLSH*T. sometimes just walk away I Did.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Ladies you must leave a insecure jealous ass man it may cost you your life.
(timeless-answers.net) Ladies never stay in a relationship with a insecure jealous ass man it could cost you your life got out before it's to late.
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(timeless-answers.net) #1. Online Dating has become cruel and unusual punishment
This video is about online dating. Dating online has become cruel and unusual punishment. Finding real love is getting harder and harder daily it's almost impossible to find true love online nowadays. (timeless-answers.net)
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(timeless-answers.net) Starting out in a New Relationship ( With Your Equal).
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about starting out with a new relationship with someone who is your equal, Meaning He or She should have JOB, CAR, there own MONEY, ETC, someone who only needs you for a RELATIONSHIP, COMPANIONSHIP, LOVE MARRIAGE, ETC.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Should a women go through her man's cell phone
This video is asking should a women be nosey check her mans cell phone to see if he's cheating or connecting other women? My opinion and answer is (NO). If she feels she needs to check his phone.... She already know the answer to what she' searching for. When you look for trouble.... you will find trouble.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Women who look like sh*t  with or without makeup nowadays.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about women who wear all that got damn make and think they look hot...It's all bullshit if you're old or unattractive its a done deal case closed. I'm sorry for the profanity I'm just tired of seeing this makeup BS.
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(timeless-answers.net) Women in abusive relationships.
(timeless-answers.net) Ladies no man should ever put his hands on you or talk to you as if you're a peace of trash... If he does he's less than a man. You should leave him ASAP. Nothing more nothing less.... never give him a second chance if he hits you once I can promise you he will do it again. Always remember a dog needs a bone more than once, don't believe him when he tells you babe I'm sorry I will not do this again that's a damn lie. Leave his ass and never look back.
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(timeless-answers.net) #2. Staying away from SNAKE ASS user friendly people.
(timeless-answers.net) #2. This video is about staying away from snake ass user friendly people...As long as they can use you they're friendly.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Black People & (FACEBOOK LIVE)....What the hell is wrong with us.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about BLACK PEOPLE & FACEBOOK LIVE....Some of the sh*t we post of Facebook live is absolutely ridiculous, we need to stop posting all this stupid ass bullsh^t on Facebook its embarrassing for me being a58 yr old black man.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Funny story about my best friend taking Viagra.
(timeless-answers.net) My best friend who thinks he's a player, he's to old for that player shit, He decided he's going to start taking Viagra to enhance this sexy life. If you need Viagra to enhance your sex life you're not a player. He paid the cost for being the boss for taking Viagra to enhance his sex life.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Part #2. Women who have 2 or more kids by different fathers.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about men who always taking shit about women with numerous kids... But most of us men nowadays have a few kids our self with different mothers there is no difference all of us need to wake up. Black men need to stop put black women down
Просмотров: 121 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Part #1.The Truth About Ignorant Ass People Nowadays
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about us people nowadays dealing with negative Ignorant ass people, Turn your head and don't even look at those some-of-bitches....Negative Ignorant ass people have a limted vision for themself.... So why would you believe they have a postive for you. TELL THEM TO KISS YOUR ASS.
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(timeless-answers.net)  #2.  Online Dating has become Cruel & Unusual Punishment
(timeless-answers.net) #2. Nowadays Online Dating has become cruel & unusual punishment . Gold Diggers & Hoe's ...Some women are online not looking for a relationship... but searching for a stupid ass men to give them CASH / MONEY ETC.
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(timeless-answers.net) #3. Mistakes older women make dating men online nowadays.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about the mistakes older women make dating men online nowadays it has become cruel & unusual punishment.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Women going through menopause nowadays.
(timeless-answers.net) This Video is a New Game Changer for women going through menopause nowadays you women having hot flashes, cold flashes, women feeling nauseated and the number one issue for us men is that attitudes all damn day off & on. Menopause will drive a good man to start drinking 24/7....
Просмотров: 87 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)  African American women wearing to much....weave & make-up .
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about my African American sisters wearing to much weave & make-up-nowadays. And most of them really believe they look GOOD. This is just my opinion.
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(Timeless-answers.net) Women who think there So-Called Big Butt is a Masters Degree
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about women nowadays who act like there big butt is a (Masters Degree) or a (key to any mans bank account) . Some of these butts we see nowadays are either fake nasty looking or ugly as hell, Some of you women should be ashamed of yourself thinking you have a nice butt... all big butts are not sexy. YOU WOMEN NEED TO STOP LYING TO YOURSELF.
Просмотров: 486 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Stop watching any of these GHETTO ASS BLACK REALITY SHOWS
(timeless-answers.net) Stop watching all black reality shows, someone needs to remove all African American reality shows from TV... They're negative.. ignorant... classless... they show black people in a very sad light.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Are you living together or dying  together ?  Lady's Only
This is for lady's only.... The message from big Jeffrey,today is, Sometimes women are in a relationship with a man who has wasted many years of her life, he's not fulfilling what she wanted when she got herself into the relationship with him and she needs to ask herself are they living together or just dying together.... In most cases they're just dying together. (timeless-answers.net)
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(timeless-answers.net) I'm 7ft tall 260lbs. My Daughter 15 yrs.6ft3'' 236lbs. Dating, Oh Hell no.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about me and my Daughter Alexis, She's 6ft3'' 236lbs, I'm 7ft tall 260lbs. and now she wants to date boys...I told her if she dates a short boy I'm going to beat his ass because I really hate seeing tall or big ass women with a short ass little man..Yes I hate it
Просмотров: 186 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)  Women Who Want There Ex-Back After He gets Married
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about women who decided to brake up with there man and after they find out he is married now she want him back... A hit dog will Hala...As a man always remember you cannot go forward looking backwards. Hala.
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(timeless-answers.net) Facebook & Our Ex-Relationships & friends Who SPY on our Facebook.
(timeless-answers.net) This Video is about our ex-Relationships and our ex-friends who SPY on our Facebook profile. What the fu*k is wrong with these son -of a- bitches.... males or females when its over it over that means we fu*kin don't want your ass. CASE CLOSED
Просмотров: 179 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Women who think they're on Hit, But who really look like sh*t
(timeless-answers.net) This is Big Jeffrey's personal opinion, about women who think they're looking good nowadays they're believing a got damn lie nothing more nothing less, (CASE CLOSED).
Просмотров: 715 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Be carefully not to burn your bridges dealing with people nowadays
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about Learning not to burn your bridge dealing with friends.. family.. Co-workers, etc. Because a hit dog will holler, Remember you maybe come that hit dog. BE CAREFULLY NOT TO BURN YOUR BRIDGE NOWADAYS YOU NEVER KNOW IF YOU WILL NEED THAT PERSON AGAIN.
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(timeless-answers.net)  People Who Always Have Something To Say About Other People Business
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about empty life ass people who are always in someone else's business or talking someone these people are what I call ...(SNAKE ASS PEOPLE)... they need to Got Damn LIFE.
Просмотров: 354 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Men need to learn how to choose a clean women & vagina.
(timeless-answers.net) This Video is about teaching men nowadays to keep their penis in there pants, stop chasing vagina's some of these women's vagina's may kill you or make you wish you were dead. Please understand all vagina's and not good vagina's one dirty vagina may cost you your life. (JUST SAY NO) stop chasing ass its a dime a dozen nowadays.
Просмотров: 143 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)  The Fear of Feeling Unloved or Accepted etc. NOWADAYS
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about people nowadays feeling unloved and also feeling uncared for etc. We need to stop searching for love from people who in most cases to be honest they really don't love their self... earn to love yourself first. Don't put your faith in man believe in yourself & GOD.
Просмотров: 125 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Older Women Nowadays Need to Stop Being Captian Save these Looser ass Men
(timeless-answers.net) Older women nowadays need to stop being (Captain save these looser ass men) Ladies you can do bad all by yourself.... Some of these men nowadays search for older women just to use, for money, sex, a place to stay, etc. Women stop being a fool for these men, They will use you until you have nothing else left ....(LADIES WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE)....
Просмотров: 86 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) One Black mans opinion about the Democratic & Republican Party.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is just my opinion about our so-called Democratic & Republican Party... It's really no difference than the Los Angeles, Ca street Ganges the (CRIPS or the BLOODS) to be honest with everyone it's all about power & money. Nothing more nothing less.
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(timeless-answers.net) Ladies please stop giving your vagina away so easy
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about women who nowadays have sex with man so easy nowadays....Ladies please remember it only takes one sick penis to cost you your life. So ladies please stop giving your ass to all of these Tom, Dick & Harpo's... If vagina's were on the stock market today it wouldn't be worth a damn dime, because its to much vagina's out here.
Просмотров: 180 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) #1. Relationships Damage Goods,  WE'RE  ALL DAMAGED GOODS.
(timeless.answers.net) This video is about people nowadays in damaged relationships. To be honest we're all damaged goods in one way or another, before you determined he or she is damage look in the mirror at yourself.
Просмотров: 151 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Why Are Men So Evil Nowadays and Want to Control Mankind and the WORLD.
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about our life's asking why have men and women gotten so evil.... It appears every race wants to control mankind and the world and everything else....WHY?
Просмотров: 99 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)  One Black Man's Opinion on American's new President Donald Trump.
(timeless-answers.net) This Video is about White American's New Great White Hope .... (Mr. Donald Trump) .... They believe he will make America Great Again.... White American's are happier than a gay man in a penis factory. Racism isn't free...Racism cost everybody something. America NEED JUSES ASAP... Man cannot save himself.
Просмотров: 78 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Why are African American Women So F**ked up Nowadays ?
(timeless-answers.net) This video is ask why are our African American women so f**ked up nowadays. The answers is because of African American men who have treated our black women like shit for Generations...Nothing has changed its 2016 same old shit from us black men.
Просмотров: 481 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) Why older men aren't interested in older women. (ANSWER CHOICE)
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about why older men date younger women, and why their not interested in older women. This issue is nothing new. I'm not saying I'm right or wrong about this issue to be honest it's called choice that's the truth.
Просмотров: 1030 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)  I'm over 7ft tall, my 5ft5'' wife told me she's the boss.
(timeless-answers.net) I got upset with my 5ft5'' wife she told me who the hell do you think you're talking to I got scared I'm a 7ft tall 59 yr old retired personal bodyguard / Nightclub bouncer everybody used to be intimidated by a big man but not my wife. LORD HAVE MERCY ON LITTLE JEFFERY, I'm scared Haha.
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(timeless-answers.net) STOP REPEATING the same mistake when letting someone new enter into your life when it comes to your relationships you must do something different or you will keep getting hurt or disappointed time after time.
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(timeless-answers.net)  Don't let any negative people stop from moving forward or change your life.
(timeless-answers.net) Don't let any negative people stop you from moving forward or change your life. The only hand you can depend on in life is the hand at the end of your wrist.
Просмотров: 201 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)  My Sister Getting  Cash At her Banks ATM Machine, & her Ball Peen Hammer
(timeless-answers.net) This video is about My youngest sister Tracy, when she go's to deposit money or get cash from her banks ATM machine.... What she does to protect herself... My sister is no JOKE....
Просмотров: 86 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)  Learn from your past mistakes you made in your relationships
(timelsee-answers.net) Please learn from the mistakes you have made in your past relationships. It's very hard trying to finding real love nowadays, people are so fake and dishonest if it looks bad a smells bad tease bad it's bad they're not for you let them go so you can grow.
Просмотров: 89 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net)   I was approached by a Hispanic gangster LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIM.
(timeless-answers.net) One of Big Jeffrey's crazy ass story, I'm a ex-personal bodyguard / Nightclub bouncer, at the time my weight was over 600lbs. I'm a 7ft tall giant my shoe size is (18) ... I'm retired now my weight is only 236lbs. I use to think I was hard a big bad ass. Watch this video it will make you laugh, people aren't scared of my smaller old ass nowadays... A little ass Hispanic gangster walk up to me ...(LORD HAVE MERCY...) on this little ass 5ft tall gangster.. He almost lost his life fu*king with me taking the gang bang sh*t.
Просмотров: 132 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answer.net)  Life Insurance  Ripoff older Consumers Nowadays.
(timeless-answers.net) Life Insurance is all bullshit nowadays.... If you're 40 yrs old or older the insurance companies are all about getting as much CASH out of you as possible....nothing more nothing less don't be a fool save your money don't give your money it's a ripoff.
Просмотров: 139 Jeffrey Bagby
(timeless-answers.net) African American's Lite skin..Dark skin..Long Hair..Short Hair..Fake Hair.
(timeless-answers.net) This Video is about a big problem Black America's have with mixed race Africa America men and women (it's a stupid ass issue) We are who we are...We didn't choose our skin color GOD DID.
Просмотров: 327 Jeffrey Bagby