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Drug of the week- Tudorza
Check out the new Drug of the Week presentation!
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Drug of the Week- Stivarga
Enjoy this drug of the week presentation on Stivarga.
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Drug of the Week 11/17/2010 -  Effient
The latest drug of the week presentation is on Effient. This medication is unique for it's specific indications. Watch the whole video to learn about it's many details! Also feel free to leave comments and check out the other drug of the week presentations at the professionalpsi channel. Thanks for watching.
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Drug of the Week- Belviq
Drug of the Week- Belviq. Presented by the Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi.
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Drug of the Week 3/30/11- Daliresp
Have trouble breathing? Maybe this drug of the week will help you out. Always check with a doctor before starting a medication though. Daliresp, for COPD, is explained in the video which includes details on the pharmacodynamics, kinetics, information on contraindications, and drug-drug interactions. Thanks for watching and enjoy!
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Drug of the Week 9/8/10 - Staxyn
Our weekly drug presentation this week is beneficial to many who struggle with the specified problem. This is a new drug formulation, which you may see soon on your own pharmacies shelves. Included are counseling points, excipients, pharmacokinetics, and more!
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Bone Density Screening
Important for men and women both are bone mineral density screenings. The third installment of our screening presentations by the psi chapter is a step by step instruction on conducting bone density screenings.
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Drug of the Week- Quillivant XR
Here is the newest Drug of the Week, Quillivant XR. Enjoy!
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Drug of the Week 4/27/11- Antabuse
The final drug of the week presentation for this year is on Antabuse. During the coming week the Drake Relays are in full swing and many people would not want to be taking this medication. View the slide show to see why. Thanks for viewing!
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Drug of the Week 2/9/11- Abstral
The newest drug of the week is Abstral (fentanyl citrate). Abstral is a newly released medication form for breakthrough cancer pain. Watch the video to learn more about this new dosage form available to patients.
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DIFICID fidaxomicin
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Drug of the Week 11/10/2010- Silenor
The newest drug of the week is Silenor. A newly released sleep aid that has some interesting properties. Check out it's differences from other sleep aids and if it may work for you!
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Onfi Clobazam DOTW
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DrugoftheWeek 9/22 -  Butrans
For this week the newly released opiod analgesic patch, Butrans, is for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions on the drug of the week presentations you can send mail to professionalpsi@gmail.com. Thanks for watching!
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Spanish in the Pharmacy
We have a special treat for everyone today. One of the Psi brothers was studying abroad in Spain and decided to create a quick presentation on the world of pharmacy in that country. Included is information on schooling, common hours of pharmacies, overall healthcare, and also common spanish terms that may even help you out in your own setting. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
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Health Screening- COPD
The last health screening presentation we have for you is on COPD. This is a newly created 52 question screening tool which is condensed down to 5 questions for patients to fill out and see if they are at risk. The Drive4COPD campaign involves this screening tool and has helped almost 500,000 people so far. View the video for more information.
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Drug of the week 3/16/11- Vibativ
The presentation this week is on Vibativ. This medication has been out for over a year now and had added benefits when compared to it's parent compound vancomycin. View the above presentation to learn more about the drug Vibativ. Enjoy!
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Drug of the Week- Qsymia
The newest installation for Drug of the Week, Qsymia.
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Drug of the Week 9/15/10 - Cuvposa
This weeks drug presentation is on Cuvposa for children. Watch the video to learn more about it's mechanism of action, side effects, warnings, available products, and the disorder it treats. Enjoy!
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Over the Counter and Out of Control
The Psi Chapter of Phi Delta Chi is proud to present our flash mob performance at a recent health fair event at Southridge Mall in Des Moines, IA. Over the counter prescription medications can be confusing for consumers to understand. There are many product lines and line extensions many active medications a person might not actually need. Taking these products incorrectly can lead to sides effects due to taking the wrong medication or a harmful overdose. Always consult your pharmacist if you have a question on any medication prescription or over the counter. Pharmacists have the knowledge to keep you safe. Thank you for watching and thanks to everyone who helped to create this project! This was definitely a chapter wide effort from the lyrics, video, editing, and logistics. Thanks again! Credits Lyrics: Psi Chapter Singing: Psi Chapter Filming: Psi Chapter Editing: Psi Chapter Background music: Journey, "Don't Stop Believing" This video is intended for educational purposes on the awareness and safety of over the counter medication usage. Please email professionalpsi@gmail.com with any questions you may have on the video.
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Drug of the Week 10/13/2010 - Ella
Our newest installment to the Drug of the Week series is Ella. Ella is a new drug comparable to Plan B only slightly different. Watch the presentation to see how it differs! Keep an eye out soon for our next installment of Drug of the week and the last health screening presentation, COPD.
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Jakafi DOTW youtube version
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How you can Change a Life
Phi Delta Chi's 2010-2011 window display encompasses how you can change a life through personal donations. Blood, organ, and bone marrow donations are covered within the video. Backgrounds of each along with ways you can help are also included. I challenge you to look into each of these further and find a way to help out. Enjoy!
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Drug of the Week 10/27/10- Pradaxa
This week we have what could be the future replacement of warfarin, Pradaxa. View the slide show to see the similarities and differences between the two and decide for yourselves. Enjoy!
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Mental Health Video 2013-2014
A video by Phi Delta Chi Psi Chapter on appropriate counseling and how to decrease stigma with mental health.
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Cholesterol Screening
Next in line for the screening presentations is cholesterol. Included are step by step instructions on what you need to perform screenings and how to perform the actual tests. Enjoy!
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Drug of the week 3/9/11
This week's presentation is on a new drug formulation that inhibits the conversion of HDL into LDL. These new drug formulations have been said to be the next generation of important compounds created. View the short presentation to learn more about an upcoming drug class!
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Drug of the week 4/20/11- Marijuana
The drug of the week is quite fitting for the day it was presented, 4/20. Enjoy learning about the effects, uses, and dangers of the drug. Thanks for watching!
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Drug of the Week 3/23/11- Radiation Emergency Medications
After the terrible earthquake in Japan, multiple nuclear reactors have malfunctioned and are releasing harmful radiation across the world. This weeks presentation takes this into account and explains viable options for those who are exposed. The medications presented are not used as preventative measures and should only be used in emergency situations. The Psi chapter of Phi Delta Chi has all of the victims from this natural disaster in our thoughts.
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Anturol 2
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Dominica Rotation
Check out this information on one of the international rotation experiences offered through Drake University in Dominica, The Nature Isle of the Caribbean.
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Sleep Hygiene
Check out our video on Sleep Hygiene! Brought to you by the Psi Chapter of Phi Delta Chi. NOTE: For educational purposes only. Consult a physician or pharmacist for more information about sleep hygiene.
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Blood Glucose Screening
With October being American Pharmacist's Month we are creating presentations to instruct others on how to conduct common health screenings within the pharmacy setting. The first in line is blood glucose testing. Keep an eye out for the next presentations including cholesterol, bone mineral density, and COPD screenings! All courtesy of the Psi chapter at Drake University.
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