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Atomic Bomb Footage
atomic bomb footage
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Cadillac XLR hard top convertible
Our Cadi XLR
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Female Iguana
Her name is Bow-Girl. When we first got her, we assumed that she was a a male and named her "Bow Bow" She is an awesome pet. After having experiences with "male" Iguanas I realize that the female species are WAY better as a pet. It's like night and day in comparison.
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Strange rock found in my yard looks polyhedral
Strange rock found in my backyard in North Carolina. It might be the very first D&D dice ever made and that's what the "D" is for. Haaahaahaha I'm not funny but it kind of has a polyhedral shape. Let me know what you think.
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Girls Girls Girls
Drunk times in 2001 VHS
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Cornbread Granny Sisters
My favorite ladies on the planet. Granny Mimi and Aunt Elma.
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Atomic Bomb Hiroshima
Atomic Bomb test explained to 6th graders in the schools in the USA (1950-1960's)
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playing in the rain 2010
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Scatman Scarecrow 1934
jack frost 1934
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Siblings Fighting in the Car
Brothers fighting in the car as the sister gets annoyed. Discipline is a tough subject but If done the right way giving that you provide the right amount of LOVE then your doing the right thing. I always ask them "Do you know why I'm spanking you" and "Did you know why it's bad? They are all grown up now and will tell you that I did the right thing. You just have to know your kids. LOVE is #1 and to discipline them is to ask what they did wrong first.
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Astrology at is best. A SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON! Arriving January 31st 2018. Don't miss it.
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Delicious toe licking time 2001
Fun time with friends 10 years ago
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Wildboyz and chew spit!
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Teaching my boys how to climb trees
My two sons climbing many trees but need more practice.
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Ornamental Maxi Pads and Tampon Christmas ornaments.
WARNING Don't attempt to do this project while menstruating. If you are a lady on the "RAG" this activity may cause violent behavior and frustration. Don't give up. Time will pass and soon it will be all over.
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Petit Mal Seizures update: They stopped
This is my Youngest son on my computer webcam and was just about to tell one of his jokes when all of the sudden he has one of his seizure. Its classified as a "Petit Mal Seizure" or "Absence Seizures" We are still going to the Dr. about it but we really don't understand why he has them other that being hereditary (his Aunt has to have a pacemaker for hers and she is in her late 30's) I observed this and noticed that he sounded confused(not himself) and he jumbled up his words. He was trying to tell a joke but for some reason the words were sounding mixed up, out of order and didn't make sense. During the last part of the seizure he turned his head and took a deep breath. He does this every time. Then right after the seizure he look disoriented ,tired and exhausted. Then after he exhaled then gradually become aware enough to turn the computer off. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! NOAH HAS NOT HAD ANY SEIZURES IN THREE MONTHS. Update 2016 started back. 7/11/2017 WAS THE LAST DOCUMENTED SEIZURE after taking higher dose of meds had his EEG and found abnormalities on his left side. They are shorter (5 sec) Update: August 17th 2018 For a year 8/2017-NOW Noah has no more seizures. He stopped his medication 10 months ago. It's like it stopped overnight. It was 8/20/2017 when he had the last one In this video he was in 2nd grade and now he is 14 and starts High School next week.
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Korg sp-250 The Piano soundtrack Michael Nyman
Korg sp-250 awesome keyboard in my opinion it is just like a piano. Has a foot pedal, weighted keys and feels and sounds like a real piano. If you are looking for a great sounding keyboard piano without the bells and whistles then this is for you. It is WAY better than a piano because #1 its easy to move #2 You don't have to get it tuned. #3 It also has many other amazing features that a standard piano will not have.
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tsunami koh lanta thailand 512kb
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Jumping spider
Pet jumping spider eatting a fly.
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Hanging Jail
this is and old jail built 1860's and was used to to keep prisoners that were going to be hung.
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Soldiers and Atomic Bomb Test Footage
This video is my own interpretation of this wonderful song by Baby Alpaca!
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My Awesome Crazy Dad "Hidden camera"
Daddy Chesley Crowe.. I will never change a thing about him.
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Somebody's Watching Me!!!! (make some cornbread)
I always Feel Like Somebodys Watching Meeeee!!
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Psycho dog attacks old ladies Ugly Feet
peeping tom watches crazy dog eatting an old ladies foot.
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star wars kid psycho
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Momma don't play fair with Son's Darth Vader action figure.
Playing with action figures with my Son
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Morning after a heavy rain and my chickens
Chickens after rain storm
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What teenagers did in 1997 before Youtube. VHS
I wish Youtube was around back when I was a teenager.
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Cute old lady, crazy dog!
This is a lady i go see...Her names Miss Birty. She always brings a smile to my face.
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Orbs caught on video at my wedding DEBUNKED!!! READ BELOW
UPDATE: May 30 2016 Those little white flurry are not Orbs but carpet dander from friends and family coming in and out of the house I think..
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Drunk Granny
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FIREWORKS with Grandpa
pappa gives grandkids a cigarette to blow up stuff.
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Cat tearing up my house
Our cat tring to get out of the rain.
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Jordan's first birthday
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pigtails on a boy
pigtails on my baby boy.
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yum yums
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Happy German Shepard
German Shepherd named Gus from Belgium
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Jazz's  first Thanksgiving
Aunt Chi Chi's first time being feed by Jazz Delicious baby turkey muffaletta Suflet.
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Sexy to Country Music (VHS)
Video made with a VHS Camcorder 2001. The camcorder was old even back then. We found it in a dumpster and then put it to good use. I wish I still had it. The quality was ruff and made this video look nostalgic.
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Cardboard Box Boy
Child who was left to survive in a sea of BOXESSSS! He had to learn how to survive. He had to live alone. he had to survive. He has a new language. The only friends he had were his.... BOXES!! Based on A true story. "Box Boy is real" See for yourself....Hope it wont make you cry?? He is the....Box Boy!!! Source videos Loading...
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hispanic record sellings
mofia man selling records to a hispanic cowboy
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Bow Bow Girl
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Ready to rescue my Ayam Cemani
My Ayam Cemani is in my neighbors tree at night. How will I find the darkest and blackest bird in the world in the darkness of the night?.. I made a head light on my Head
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Techno machine
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Baby Robin Nursed back to health
Rescued baby robin after a storm.
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My German Shepard thinks I'm a JERK!
I entertain myself pretty good.
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