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Lava Lamp in a Centrifuge
Would a Lava Lamp work on Jupiter with its higher gravity? To find out, I built a large centrifuge out of Meccano and spun up a lava lamp. For more information, visit http://neil.fraser.name/hardware/centrifuge/ Music is the finale from Riverdance by Bill Whelan.
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DS9 Category on Jeopardy
Clip from 1994 where a contestant cleans up on questions about Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
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Domino Domino Logic
Create OR, AND and XOR gates out of dominoes. Replacement for TTL and CMOS. http://neil.fraser.name/
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Teaching CS at Lê Quý Đôn
My wife and I taught Computer Science for two weeks at the Lê Quý Đôn high school in Da Nang, Vietnam. Blockly, Pascal, digital electronics, micro-controllers, ray tracing, robotics, algorithms. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2017/02/26/
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My Brain
Animation of my brain on all three axes (Sagittal, Coronal, Transverse) and as a 3D model. Data was obtained from a 3 Tesla MRI scanner. The bright object on my forehead is a Vitamin E marker to determine which side is right. The music is Mozart's Lacrimosa. For more info, raw data and rendering software, see http://neil.fraser.name/news/2008/07/22/
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Bridge Busting 1990 - 2/6
Professor Don Westwood's final Bridge Busting event at Carleton University, Canada. Kitchen sink bridge. Many different designs in one.
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Beverly at 9 Months
A day in the life of paternity leave with my 9 month old daughter. Update one year later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Piro_Md0zaw Music: "Odyssey" by Kevin MacLeod.
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Bridge Busting 1990 - 5/6
Professor Don Westwood's final Bridge Busting event at Carleton University, Canada. Minimalist bridge. Clever use of load as part of structure.
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Beverly at 21 months
A day in the life my 21 month old daughter. This is one year after the previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG_Qyy9yJ-0 Music: "Odyssey" by Kevin MacLeod.
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JavaScript Oscilloscope
Generate images on an oscilloscope (vectorscope) using nothing but JavaScript and an audio jack. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2018/01/25/
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Bridge Busting 1990 - 1/6
Professor Don Westwood's final Bridge Busting event at Carleton University, Canada. A prestressed bridge is tested.
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Launch/Landing highlights from Hawks Nest at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Shot with a cellphone.
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Meccano Differential Analyzer
A video tour of Tim Robinson's Differential Analyzer. This Meccano-based analog computer was on display at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California. For more info, see: http://www.meccano.us/differential_analyzers/robinson_da/
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Air Compressor
This air compressor is built with three bicycle pumps and a computer power supply. For more information: http://neil.fraser.name/news/2008/12/08/ The music is "Morning Nightcap" from Lúnasa.
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Wooden Toy Box
Building a toy box for my daughter from scrap wood. "Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Bridge Busting 1990 - 6/6
Professor Don Westwood's final Bridge Busting event at Carleton University, Canada. Queen post bridge. Yes, that's me.
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Robotic Bagpipe Chanter
A bagpipe chanter connected to an air compressor and computer controlled fingers. The air compressor is made from three bicycle pumps. The eight fingers are electromagnetic. A Python program reads MIDI files and sends commands out the parallel port. The robot is playing Banjo Breakdown in this video. This video was shot during RoboGames 2009 in San Francisco. http://neil.fraser.name/
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Mystery Interference
I hooked up an MP3 player to some speakers and everything works great. The issue is that the MP3 player requires power, through a USB wall-wart. These little transformers consume a power socket, and they emit unwanted heat. Fortunately the speakers have an internal 13 VDC power rail, so I added a 7805-based power regulator to create a parasitic power feed for the MP3 player. Although this works, there is a shocking amount of interference. One can hear the processing on the MP3 player's CPU. Extensive debugging has failed to identify the cause. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments. I'm going to be out of the country until September, but will resume debugging then.
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Dredging San Francisco Bay
Removing the sediment next to Pier 27 in San Francisco.
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Marble Mountains
Trip to the Marble Mountains of Da Nang in Vietnam. My wife Quynh (in blue), our niece An (in red), and a student from our class Sinh (with the camera). https://neil.fraser.name/news/2017/03/05/
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Conductive Glass
Glass is not conductive, but becomes conductive when it is molten. Conducting electricity generates heat, which maintains the molten state. This demonstration uses a blow torch to flip from one state to the other. Michael is a coworker who brings science experiments to the office every week.
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Hexagonal Table
Expanding and contracting our hexagonal dining room table. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2015/12/28/
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Meccanoid Replication Challenge
New Google engineers are challenged with replicating a 600 part Meccano robot without using instructions. This is a team-building and project management challenge. Music by Kevin MacLeod. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2016/11/14/
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Building a Library (4/4): Finishing up
I'm building a library in our home. This video covers the electrical, hand rails, furniture, and painting. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2018/08/06/
Просмотров: 169 Neil Fraser
Building a Library (1/4): The Ladder
I'm building a library in our home. This video covers construction of the ladder. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2018/07/16/
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Google Hackly 2016
Hackly is a code camp for Googlers and their families. Held at irregular intervals, it features robots, programming, and technology. This year we had over 100 children build Meccanoid G15 robots. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2016/10/28/
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Homemade spot welder
First weld on my spot welder. Built using a microwave oven transformer. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2014/09/06/
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Bridge Busting 1990 - 3/6
Professor Don Westwood's final Bridge Busting event at Carleton University, Canada. King post bridge. Student completely fails to understand tension.
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Building a Library (2/4): The Floor
I'm building a library in our home. This video covers construction of the floor. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2018/07/23/
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Bridge Busting 1990 - 4/6
Professor Don Westwood's final Bridge Busting event at Carleton University, Canada. Single compressive member. Heavy load with unexpected failure.
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Lego Slope Walker
This biped walks downhill on its own. Each downward step gives it energy to make up for what was lost to friction. Adjusting the geometry of the weights at the top changes its step size. Built from a Lego kit intended for construction of a small fork lift truck.
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Underwater Claw (#2)
Failed attempt at using a 6m long robot claw for underwater salvage. Visibility at the bottom of San Francisco Bay is only 5 cm.
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Lego Saturn V Build
Timelapse of building set 21309. Audio is from Apollo 17.
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G Train
Using a lathe to fix a toy train Music by Kevin MacLeod.
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Aerial Photography from Helium Balloon at Boing Boing Picnic
My Android phone gets strapped to a large Helium balloon at the Boing Boing picnic in Golden Gate Park. Here's the video it took from about 100 meters up.
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Google Holiday Party 2013
Google's employee party for the Research and Knowledge department. On board the USS Hornet, a WWII aircraft carrier in Alameda California.
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Bridge Busting 1990 - Intro
Professor Don Westwood's final Bridge Busting event at Carleton University, Canada. This is his introduction which sets out the rules.
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Volcano Diorama
Construction and display of a large diorama of a volcano, featuring a model train. The dog was confused. http://neil.fraser.name/news/2012/11/30/
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Post-it Life
Google engineers running Conway's Game of Life using post-it notes. Music is "Cheery Monday" by Kevin MacLeod.
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Blockly at SVG Open 2012
Building interactive environments with SVG for Google's Blockly. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2012/10/21/
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Joystick with 120 degree encoders
Prototype of a joystick input device with three outputs instead of the usual X/Y outputs. This design could be used to control devices containing three controllers. Such as a vehicle with three omni-wheels. Or an airship with three tail fins. Or a hexacopter. http://neil.fraser.name/news/2011/12/16/
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Thao learning to ski
Took my niece to Squaw Valley to learn how to ski. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2016/02/21/
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My pet rat, Pixel.
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San Francisco to Mountain View
Cycling from SF to MTV compressed to three minutes. Major fog going through Daly City, followed by glare as the sun rises.
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Quynh's Noogler hat
For both lift and cooling.
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Beverly's New Stool
Beverly's grandfather send her a stool. This is the unboxing.
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Driving through Da Nang
Raw video of driving through Da Nang, Vietnam in 2017. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2017/02/19/
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Underwater Claw (#1)
Failed attempt at using a 6m long robot claw for underwater salvage. Watch as the water floods the webcam and shorts it out.
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Building a Library (3/4): The Railings
I'm building a library in our home. This video covers construction of the posts and railings. https://neil.fraser.name/news/2018/07/30/
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Facebook Holiday Party 2013
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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