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Raw DVD: Living Food Diet Part 1 of 2
Contact me for miraculous habit building on the simple how-to's of Raw, and even watch the channel touch on composting and how food changes Emotions, and can enable us to save the Planet around us, one big step at a time. To get everyone involved in perfect Health, joy, and saving the planet through a fulfilling purpose driven life, try changing to an Eden Lifestyle, naturally. It's a real possibility to get diverse fruits and vegetables and Heal everything on their nutrients and lack of harm or Inflammation. This movie takes you into why and how Raw Vegan is for you and your loved ones. All credit to the people in this movie, and FreepointEntertainment; I do not own the rights, it was publicly borrowed, and is for the betterment of the whole YouTube audience and human race. Thank you for Watching and Sharing! Go ahead and give vid a like Up if you Like it :)
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RAW: The Living Food Diet Movie Part 2
Raw is the way to a better planet, NOW through compost and more Natural produce. Moods are lifted and community enjoyed through growing an abundance of greens fruits and sprouts with modern and ancient technology. Improving Body, Mind, Spirit & the Environment. From a public borrow, this is posted with full credit to only the makers of the movie and you can check out freepointdvd.com to find this DVD
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Stress Decimates Health, if we Let it
BREATHE Deeply! Emotional stress is 'chronic' when we live in a constant mental state of Fear. Blood is diverted to places like the large muscles so that a fight or escape can take place at any moment, and the rest of the body is neglected. Approach your topic of concern, and tell it that you have decided it doesn't affect you any more. Otherwise, you may be sabotaging your mind into thinking it's not suited for this life at all. The very act of crying disrupts your breathing so you end up more acidic, with shallow pants. You are the master of your reality! No more is there a need to act the Victim. I give you permission to be FREE! If you want an enjoyable life, you must have faith in it. I have been through the struggle; let go of the past :)
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Expanding Omega Pudding recipe w vanilla & Dates!
An energy porridge/pudding to put the biggest smile on your face: 3 dates, or green stevia, blended with raw almonds, vanilla bean, and cinnamon. Stir in chia and let set for a minute; adjust texture
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Happy 420 to the World's Marijuana Lovers.. Ramble
Love each other actively, like this cannabis plant
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Rainbow Shake - Ultimate Green Smoothie
Beginners should aim for 60% sweet ripe fruit, 40% leafy greens, with enough pure water to blend. The more tasty green smoothies we have, the more greens we crave. If it's not delicious, try adding more fruits. IBS, Diabetes, Acidosis, and other imbalances can be reversed sooner than you imagine with daily monkey shakes, broken down with the most efficient technology, high powered blenders. Don't forget to swish with saliva!
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High above hurt w/ Anandamide
This is real, the first-shot; I resisted re-doing anything even lighting. So please ask me questions and we will communicate. If you would like to watch a special on solving many gut problems by a doctor, please see my latest post asap, on fb at Cassandra Velia. Have you ever experienced the runner's high of being in the zone with our without exercise? The endocannabinoid system in the body is stimulated to make us feel good and not just by cannabis. It turns out that the same receptor that weed-works on is able to recover us from overwhelm by stress or pain, by receiving a chemical called Anandamide. If you would like to see what this structure is shaped like, or learn more about how to get your body to produce this without smoke, Bing away! Not everyone who is using the herb is unable to move, and if you don't make small steps and plan to workout early, which is almost immediately rewarding, your going to lose function in the parts of your body that you've been lazy or uncaring with. I would love to see people anti-aging with me. We know there are so many benefits to cardio exercise! Losing inflammation means you're losing weight too; remember that you don't have to hurt yourself when you think because you've smoked or even gone for a walk, that you deserve like a burger next. Patience is key to Loving. Next time we discuss Kinesio tape and supportive gear, in three minutes or less! More later!
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Ashton Kutcher recently gave Jobs' Fruitarian Diet a bad name, but his diet was not a lifestyle, designed to fail by lacking important natural elements of wholistic plans: Being GREEN :) Fruits are not the whole story of nutrition that will cause real weight loss and health.
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Nutmeg Eating almost Psychadelic!
Fresh nutmeg, ground more finely than I did, can create a drugged affect, lasting between a day and three days. You'll have to play around with doses, but definitely more than 12 capsules starts strange, floating sensations, and you may be calm or happy. Some compare the feeling to Cannabis, others Vicodin, though very different. Certain parts of the world, I suggest not doing this substance in large doses. No ill side effects.
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Changes from Improved Eating Lifestyle - Testimony
Excuse my camera nervousness haha. Gain mental clarity, better sleep, high energy and more simply eating more greens and fruit. If you're like me you can leave behind weight, acne, dry skin, ingrown hairs, mucus, constipation, farts that smell bad, smelly armpits, breath, hair, lackluster hair, Maybe dark rings around Irises of eye, that lackluster feeling to life, and Cravings for inedible garbage packaged as junk food, and bready, refined foods that are Dead. I have never felt alive like this! I believe anyone can gain this without more exercise than walking. And hopefully lovemaking ;)
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Pt2 Cinnamon Date Chia Almond milk vanilla Pudding
Recipe: 1/2c soaked Raw almonds to 1/2cup pure water Blend with vanilla bean and 3 pitted dates to taste. Or sub with real honey, maple syrup, or lower temp agave nectar.Stir 4 spoons chia, adjust txt
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Morning sweet Smoothie, After a breakfast of Water
Get your Vitamins and Minerals here! Do you know that plants use soil and Sunlight to deliver a punch of hydrating nutrients? Oxygenate and Alkalize, simply, today! You'll feel like you can do all things on enough greens, guaranteed, once all acidic habits are eliminated. And you know we are loved.
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Weight loss: Soften with Plant fat &Raw Brainpower
Short word about how vital Enough fat is. 12 to 33% is an ideal range for the percentage of fat in a healthy diet, but it depends on individual needs, and Your cravings! Try to have leafy greens w Fat
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Loving Yourself and your Neighbor leads to change
Maybe someday the world will solve its problems through cooperation.. And technology, it's about what we DO.
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Choosing to see Perfections & Infinite POTENTIAL
YOU are capable of becoming more Godlike and Living in the Kingdom of Heaven, whatever that means.. to u
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Curious which Foods are Healthiest? And Worst?
An emotionally unstable (lol watch the vid) young raw food is aspiring to reach higher spiritual growth and has experienced unique energy and healing.
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Gradual Changes and Going Cold Raw Turkey
When we sponge our bodies clean with Smoothies and flush out past gunk from colons, it's inevitable you'll be able to continue improving your diet and therefore health and happiness.
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Sprouting Steps - Getting the most Plant Nutrition
First select a small amount of seed and place in a strainer, glass jar, etc. Soak according to sprouting charts, then Drain. Set container so no seeds sit in water. In 12-24 hours rinse, drain, repeat
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As many greens as are Delicious to you
Mix your sweet fruits with fresh greens so they taste good and are better for you. Unity and Peace
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Just to Be With U
Let's take the focus off of words and ourselves, as much as possible and quit being owned by things that rot and destroy the consumer. I don't know what's best for me or what another should do, and my choices have been unsustainable; but God Love, the King of all is near to the brokenhearted. He will heal wounds and brings the dead to life, to come to Him again! "Fear not. I am your shield, and your exceedingly great reward!" Genesis 15 Sorry I didn't turn the phone sideways again: better next time :)
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Clean MEATS, Vegans and Lengthening Life Healthily
Summary of clean animals: Fins and scales for fish, crop and gizzard for birds, cud chewing and Cloven hoofed creatures, Locust, and Never an animal that eats animals. Nothing crawling on the ground.
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Reducing Food Tolerance: Feeling the Freed Body
Eventually all the recent healthy food we ingest allows for intruders to be released though sweat, urine, the colon, even hair and freckles in skin (hence elderly skin cancer in them).Feel empty, full
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Quick walnut-lentil sushi and fiber bars plus roasting pumpkin seed!
A quick mash of food prep where I am stressing about & comforting myself with food again :) featured in this episode is KIS kombuchas from a local, and walnut lentil pepper tomato and beet seaweed wraps, and granola which needs another cup of flax, and likely a more sticky or thick form of sweetener+ more cinnamon can help digestion. There is a reason the batch was so huge, to cover two sheets in the dehydrator, but Next time I'm adding dates instead of boiled syrup and going to pulse everything else in a food processor well before sweetening. They didn't stick, and I realized that it was because I forgot the all -important flax which is slightly eggy or doughy and softens the mouth-feel. Thanks 4 watching- Please Enjoy!
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Pack lunch for two!
Sharing with you all, before I ate outdoors and went back to a fast-paced day at work, working with a lot of roots. Also learned how to roll & roast filo dough 'cigars' stuffed with fig, scallion, cheese and rosemary, today. Boy, was that thin stuff hard to work with, but it feels so good to accomplish something like that! I learned more about my animal - passionate work mate Darcy today and spoke of LOVE. Thinking of interviewing her: she has done massage therapy and wants to start to write books for children, too. Hey, thank You for watching! Stay higher :-D
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Chia Seeds for Vegan Nutrition - Healthy Male use
A quick male perspective on chia seeds for digestion. They really are a Superfood for Protein Calcium Iron Detox etc. Sorry we're not more professional lol he didn't think I would use the video
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Easy sweet meltaways- Raw Vegan digestible and radiant recipe
This simple macaroon was a hit at home-fellowship! It's like a soft yet crunchy frosting bomb of both health fats and good for you, bee digested carbohydrates. Use any liquid sugar that suits you: vanilla bean would be nice, too but also keeps the color off-white I ended up skipping the boiling/icing or soaking and peeling process of the almonds due to being in a rush but they were just more brown, like a familiar cookie. Wedding cookie Dry ingredients combine in a food processor 1.5 Cups coconut shredded finely At least 1 Tbspoon fine salt -always salt to taste and pls don't use iodine d-table salt) Three cups almonds (grind first, almost into powder/use flour, if desired, but don't turn it into butter) Zest of about 4 lemons, or 3T (more, to taste is better)(if you don't yet have a tool, cut into thin thin strips then slice the peel smaller) Transfered to a bowl and mix in 2 T liquid vanilla 1/2 overflowing C virgin coconut oil (white, first cold pressed) And 1 cup sweeter or less to taste (I used half maple syrup the fellowship was given from land and half thick raw Honey: our bees keep almost All of their honey this year) It wouldn't make sense to roll them in coconut nor powdered sugar. I simply formed them in balls the size of a silver dollar (bigger than a quarter) to fit on a big serving platter and froze for a bit and then brought them, where they soften right down. May garnish with lemon zest or mint leaf on a hot day. Served 30 no leftovers So good you'll be licking your fingers! Wish I could post lovely pictures of the finished product, taken in the yard. Maybe when not on mobile.
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Apples and Farmers market haul plus a raw spider!
Btw I got baby kale for salads, and the rougher apples I found this weekend will get juiced with more kale and that celery which was a dollar a bunch... Also as far as work, this is not my event just a company I am learning with. Stay Higher, happy weekend my friends!
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Peace at Sculpture Park with cairn Stacking
Thanks for joining me at a peaceful, undistracted point of the day where I could just be a son of the Master artist... Play with me again, anytime!
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The Way to Spiritual Heights is Loving Obedience
Come, drink deeply of Him, share an eternal inheritance! "For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shark not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Sub into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. He who believes in Him is not judged..."
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Getting Healthy taught me I made myself Sick!
There is good and evil for which chemical compounds we allow into our bodies. I live in a physical shape made of information, fluid and Food!
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Cancer and Sickness Reversing Alkaline Water?
Becoming less acidic means a body is healing, and Free Radicals are reduced. Consuming more Alkaline foods (like Green smoothies) will increase your Hydrogen, our lightest element, while acid is poison, ingested from Alcohol, Coffee, Animal flesh, Refined sugars, all Gluten products, Energy drinks, and other negative charged things we shouldn't buy. Taking deep breaths also increases the positive charges flowing through your blood, as Carbon Dioxide leaves. So next time you're thirsty, grab a drink of water, not sugar, as addictive as any white drug! Every illness WILL be improved by Alkalizing your diet TODAY.
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Chia Superfood Cheap Organic and Mayan!
For healing, try this goopy Mucilaginous seed. It has alkaline minerals like Calcium and Iron in abundance and was packaged one month ago. Filling source of Omega 3 and protein. Helps constipation.
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