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Recover hacked facebook id even after password, mobile number and email changed.
आफ्नो ह्यक्क भयेको फेसबुक id सजिलै सङ recover गर्नुहोस ।। यदि कसैले ह्यक्क गरेर वा password change गर्नु को साथै फोन नम्बर र email पनि चेन्ज गरिदियेको छ भने यी step follow गरेर सजिलै सङ आफ्नो id recover गर्नुहोस।।
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Online job easy to earn more than 10$ per day
some online job ideas for beginners which can start easily from today. tutorial in nepali. link: https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome
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Convert 4 GB pen-drive to 16 GB easily
hello guys welcome to my channel. BY seeing this video you will be able to convert your 4 Gb pen-drive/ memory card to 16 GB and can use it you can see the proof on my video. For this you just need to download one application which address is below: https://www.wecrack.com/2016/10/sdata-tool-v1-0-with-crack/ please watch full video and do accordingly, if you use carelessly and if it cause any harm on your device our channel will not be responsible. After converting your pen-drive please don't format it. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE OUR CHANNEL AND LET YOUR FRIENDS ALSO KNOW IT. Thank you !!!
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best way to watch  movie which are not available in Youtube
here i came with another video guys, it is about how you can see movies which are not available in Youtube, for that you just need to download one app namely 'show box' which also allowed you to download with subtitles. here is the link for download: http://showboxappdownload.com/ hope you enjoyed our video, please subscribe and share it. thanks
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Buddha was born in Nepal program Tudikhel
todays program clips at Tudikhel ground, Kathmandu
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earn money online ( 1$ in few seconds) अनलईन बाट पोइसा कमाऊनुस
timebucks is a website which provides you different offer, you can also get bonus. so you can Grab money from this website. here is the link to signup: http://jewdomdecate9.cf/reftb/214824412 you can earn money by just uploading your photo (like on facebook) and from many more offers. its fun to earn money with timebucks. Thanks for watching my video, do not forget to subscribe and share !!! (pura payment proof video arko choti upload garnexu)
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wonderful places in nepal
Best place to visit in nepal, most of them are listed in heritage site by UNESCO. please like and share this video and let your friends know.
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k.p. oli speech
k.p oli speech please subscribe our channel
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learn math easily
This is all about the useful tricks to solve math problems by using simple application. Photo math camera is the best application to learn math easily, try it once it dose not only show the answer but also the step by step solution.
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spread the awarness
share this video to prevent cancer and help people to get educaton.
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My Slideshow
housekeeping guideline photos
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friends group get together
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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Funny Video
Funny Video
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shivaratri at pasupati
ॐ नमह शिबाय ।। पशुपतीनाथ ले सबैको रक्ष्या गरून्।। जय शम्भु ।।।
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DJ song
dance party DJ new year special dance video
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नेपाल मा ठुलो बाढि 1280x720 3 78Mbps 2017 08 12 21 53 551
stay in safe place and help eachother.. please keep alert
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