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black rat snake again, may 23, '16
Been seeing him here daily. Early afternoon i saw him drinking out of the stock tank that catches rain off the roof. His head was dangling down to drink. By the time i got my camera, he was done and slithering back to his domain on my front step. At one point he gags and throws up a bit of water, but he seems fine. Over 2 hours later, he is still sitting on the top steps.
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By the way, i now achieve this with no pipes longer than a foot or so. I noticed the other day that 1" copper pipe has doubled in price from a few years ago. Very expensive now to make a Croft CB. If you are able to work with The Committee (OTB 37 at loohan.com) it is possible to acheive real results with minimal copper!
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More little chem-clouds go poof. Nov. 24, '09, Arkansas. See loohan.com for info.
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Some small chem-clouds being wiped out Nov. 24, '09. Arkansas.
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odd nodding behavior in box turtle
Normally when a tortoise or turtle bobs its head up and down, this is a sign of territorial aggression. Often seen when 2 males encounter each other, for example. I had never seen this before in my box turtle. This morning he would start doing it every time i said his name. However it doesn't look like the usual aggressive nodding: his head is not stuck out far, plus his throat is inflating and deflating with every nod.
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revolving orgone wands
Each of these wands channels orgone for 12,000 miles. For further info see http://loohan.com/otb48.htm
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chem-clouds May 1, '17
Hybrid(?) clouds swirling and morphing like in the good old days again. In recent years, this action has not been very dramatic, despite vastly increased orgone power here. But a couple days ago we killed a huge, pervasive demonic entity, and now... But what is the weird streak at 1:11? Go to Settings and set it at 1/4 speed, and watch from 1:11 for a few seconds. I did not notice this while filming.
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Fred's 2nd appearance on Sep 6, 2016
Cont'd after https://youtu.be/vVOkAyFmAyw Sep 6, '16. An hour or so after last vid, Fred was out and about.
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May 17, 2010: Wind was going in opposite of prevailing direction. This video shows the last 1.5 minutes of the life of a hapless chem-cloud. No audio.
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Revolving Orgone Wands 2
For more info see http://loohan.com/otb48.htm Here I used 2 motors at different speeds and in different directions. 4 of the wands point downward.
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Rorg eats salad already
Progress is made in getting little three-toed box turtle to eat greens. This is lamb's quarters he's eating (highly nutritious). My strategy: i fed him a superworm in the feeding dish instead of as usual in his bath. So once he finished eating the grub, he looked around in there for more grubs, salivating no doubt. Unable to find more meat, he turned to salad to get his craved protein.
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Enjoy fall colors in the Ozarks as Cmdr Loohan eliminates another threatening cloud.
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hog10 13 14
Feral hog foraging around my cabin in North-Central Arjansas.
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chem clouds10 31 13
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A "targeted" reader in Malaysia sent me 2 vids of a strange bubble that wafted onto their 10th floor balcony. Note how the (cool, demon-jailing) terrier seems reluctant to approach it. Next video will show same bubble starting to deflate. Reportedly it gave off chemical smell
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hog10 19 14
feral hog #3, also snarfing acorns in my front yard. (Later he found the fallen grapes.)
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chem clouds9 5 11a
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Rorg has breakfast
Baby tortoise eating "superworm" beetle larvae for breakfast. Rorg hadn't eaten for 2 months because i didn't have the right light and heat regimen for winter. I was worried but finally got it straightened out. The last 6 days he's been eating again, and gotten much stronger.
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Fred spotted again Sep 6, 2016
I got to see Fred again after a long hiatus! I involuntarily leapt backwards several feet upon seeing a snake, which seems to have spooked him. I got my camera and tried to sweet-talk him, but he slowly backed down the hole! That metallic noise is from his scales rubbing backwards against the edge of the steel flashing. I hope he didn't lose any scales. Just a couple seconds after i turned the camera off, he had disappeared. I also saw the other snake, Angie, a couple times recently, peeking out the hole at me. But i wasn't able to get a pic.
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Snapping Turtle May 2017
This guy was sitting in the road near my house. Common snapping turtle over a foot long. Very powerful and slippery guy, i found out while moving him off the road. Covered with muddy algae. Turtle fu expert. If i had crowded him a hair more, he would have lunged at me with powerful legs while stretching his neck WAY out and snapping.
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Fred Aug 9, 2017
Saw Fred outside, then he sniffed around the entrance hole as though he smelled a mouse or something. Perhaps he had come out the other hole but then smelled a mouse and tracked it to this hole. Mice leave urine trails to advertise their reproductive status to others. Then he took off, apparently tracking this mouse.
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new black snake
I haven't seen my big guy Fred in a while, but now this smaller, more skittish one is in the same area. I am naming her Angie (i get female vibe).
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Dillos5 26 15
2 armadillos rummaging around in a brush pile. Finally one seemed to smell me, and trotted off, whereas the other one stayed in place, immobile. What I sense is that the one who stayed behind is a pregnant female, whereas the other is her mate who walked off to distract me from her.
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2 snakes May 30, 2017
Not a good video. I caught the action too late. I hadn't seen the snakes in several days. Yesterday i saw Sam (my #3 black snake) briefly before he scuttled back down the hole. But this morning, i saw a NEW real BIG snake twice on my steps. Each time, it immediately ran back in the hole. It seems about as big as Fred, but has browner skin. Then a bit later, as i noisily stepped out the door, 2 snakes came running back from the east side of the house, zipped by me and slithered back in the hole. Well, Sam actually stayed outside on the ledge. They were intertwined the whole time they were racing along! Somehow. I think the new snake (#4) is female. Has a female soul. I will call her Betsy. Looks like Betsy and Sam are an item. I wish i had gotten the camera started a couple seconds earlier.
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chem clouds9 5 11c
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chem clouds9 5 11b
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Feral hog #2, visited Oct. 15, 2104. Snorts and leaves when he sees me.
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Rorg bites gold
Jan 10, 2017 Rorg tried to eat the gold band on my mom's hand. Then he walked over to the edge, and my mom, fearing he might leap (he's too smart now) held her hand out to block him and he tried again.
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This is a video that i accidentally uploaded, that youtube will not allow me to delete. It has an audio track of noise only. I later uploaded the same video with the same name, with the audio deleted. I was hoping it would overwrite and delete this one, but no.
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Italian chemtrails May 2016
This was sent to me. It was supposedly taken on a bus near Perugia, Italy. The "UFO" is just lens flare, and there is bus noise. But some remarkable chemtrails. These are trails and "planes" of the non-metallic, vibeless type.
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chem clouds10 24 17
Dissolving some chem clouds over my cabin Oct 24, 2017. Not very fast. but note the UFOS! Some flash by very quickly. I took some still captures and posted them on my blog Oct 24 2017. http://loohan.com/blog10-17.htm
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chem clouds6 18 13
June 18, 2013 at my place. Shredding chem-clouds with orgone.
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RorgEatingDeadLeaf 4 6 15
Box turtle exhibiting odd behavior: chewing dead tree leaf. Wish i could get him interested in green leaves.
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chem clouds6 18 13a
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This is the 2nd video to accompany KualaLumpur1. This is the same bubble starting to deflate. A chemical smell was reported. Also a second such bubble reportedly arrived on the 10th floor balcony a few days later.
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Rorg floating on back
Dec. 2014: bathing baby tortoise was standing on hind legs trying to peer over edge of container, apparently fell back and seems to enjoy floating upside down. This went on for many minutes during which he only occasionally made vague attempts to right himself. Finally i righted him because i didn't want him to have too much fun. I did a web search, and this behavior is not unheard-of.
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Black Snake loves me
Black snake hanging out by my front door. He's only moving so much because i accidentally startled him. 2 days before, he hung out in that same spot for hours. I took pics at that time: http://loohan.com/blacksnake5.18.16a.jpg And after i took this vid, a few minutes later i went back out, and he was sprawled out lengthwise. I estimate him to be 7' long! http://loohan.com/blacksnake5.20.16.jpg I've know this snake for weeks. I had seen him twice in my garden at least 100' away. I can think of no logical reason for him to be there, except for the rapport we have. There is nothing to eat there except maybe occasionally a tiny insect. It was 64 degrees F and no sun. He is exposed.
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