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DMX Performs His New Single!
The multi-platinum rapper performs "Keep Your Head Up" on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers.
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Did Michael Jackson Save James DeBarge?
James shares a story with Drew about the pop legend talking him down from a suicidal plunge off the Jackson family roof.
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Can The DeBarge Family Break Their Cycle of Addiction?
Dr. Drew talks about how the family's addiction is so bad, they're no longer doing drugs to get high, but to just avoid a terribly painful withdrawal so they can feel normal.
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Will Bunny DeBarge's Daughter Forgive Her for Her Disease?
Janae tells Drew a horrifying story of what her mother's addiction drove her to do. Dr. Drew wonders if Bunny can still make amends.
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What Alcohol Can Do To Your Liver
Dr. Drew shows a pair of twins, who love drinking, what happens to the liver when cirrhosis destroys it.
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Will a Man Leave His Marriage for the Other Woman?
This audience member is in a relationship with a married man, and she isn't his wife. She claims that the husband says his marriage has no intimacy, but she's worried that he still might be sleeping with his wife. What will the Mantourage say?
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Did the DeBarge Family Make It Through Treatment?
In this episode of Lifechangers, we catch up with the DeBarge family and their rehab progress. Here is a recap of their journey on our show that led to them to agree to enter treatment.
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Judge Mathis and Dr. Drew Change a Life
Judge Mathis bring Tracey, a troubled young man, back to Los Angeles where he and Dr. Drew offer him an incredible opportunity to help him get back on his feet.
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Howie Mandel Helps a Germaphobe
Dr. Drew hopes that Howie's experience dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder will help comfort Jasmynn who needs to have hand sanitizer with her everywhere she goes.
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A Lifechanger's Plea for the Family to Sober Up
Dr. Sorroya Bacchus discusses the need to isolate the DeBarge family so that they have time to discover their own identities and become sober from the addiction prone influences of each other.
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Get to Know the Real Maci
The star of MTV's "Teen Mom" starts to tear up when she mentions the time away from her infant son because of the shared custody with his father, even missing spending Christmas with him.
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Dr. Drew Meets Bibi, Who Suffers from Cystic Acne
Dr. Drew sits down with Bibi to see if he can help treat her severe cystic acne. The issue is near and dear to Drew, because he suffered from cystic acne as well.
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Natural Hair or a Weave?
The good hair debate continues on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers. This man prefers that black women wear their hair naturally and doesn't like the hassle involved with weaves. This upsets one of the ladies on our panel who swears by her weave.
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A Life-Changing Family Reunion
Craig, adopted at 18 months old, has been searching for his younger brother for most of his life. Dr. Drew's Lifechangers gives him the surprise of a lifetime.
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Do Anti-Depressants Lower Libido?
In this sexless marriage, the husband is taking Prozac to combat his depression, a serious condition. Dr. Drew warns that though Prozac is effective at fighting Nathan's problem, it carries the side effect of a decreased sex drive. Drew offers some alternatives in the video.
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After the Show: Meet the Real Life Superheroes
Get a behind the scenes look at the gear and tactics that Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign and Thanatos use to fight crime.
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Have These Twins Ever Gotten Along?
Lifechanger and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, has these twins think about any positive memories they have with each other. Will they be able to stop fighting and mend their relationship?
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Superheroes Saved His Life
Fabio tells the story of when he was saved by Phoenix Jones, who protected him from a violent man. Phoenix tells the extraordinary story of how he spotted the crime, then stopped it dead in its tracks.
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Bullied for the Way He Looks
Josiah is teased and made fun of at school because of his ears. The kids hurl incredibly mean insults at him all day and it's ruining his life. He spends his school days hiding in the bathroom just to avoid the torment.
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Will She Take a Lie Detector Test?
Destanee is fed up of being accused by her stepmom of ruining her hair and agrees to put the matter to rest once and for all. Dr. Drew brings in a Lifechanger to help the family move past this terrible event.
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The Results of the Life-Changing Eye Surgery!
Madison reveals her eyes, post surgery, and talks about the profound impact it has already had on her confidence and dating life!
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Bunny DeBarge Talks About Her Recovery
Bunny tells Dr. Drew about how difficult the treatment process at Klean was and how her brothers leaving affected her.
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Heartbreaking Marriage Tales & Tragedies
Eric/Erika, a mosaic hermaphrodite with both reproductive organs, has lived as a man and was married three times. Identity issues and horrific accidents have prevented Eric/Erika from finding long lasting love.
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How Howie Mandel Lives With OCD
Howie has obsessive-compulsive disorder which causes him to have incredible anxiety over things that wouldn't bother most people, namely germs. As he describes his travel rituals for when he's at hotels, an audience member sneezes, which causes Howie to freak out.
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The Lie Detector Test Results are In!
Did Destanee put hair remover in her stepmom's hair products? She denies any wrong doing, but agreed to a polygraph test. Drew enlisted the help of Jack Trimarco who has worked for the FBI and has done thousands of tests. Watch to see the results!
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Exercise: Back It Up a Minute
Since most of their communication is non-verbal, Lifechangers/Marriage Counselors Aiyana and Ayize Ma'at have an exercise to help these newlyweds understand each other's needs.
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The Last Word in the Good Hair Debate
The debate over hair in the African-American community gets heated as the men and women start fighting. Dr. Drew appeals to his Lifechanger Kim Coles to try and bridge the divide.
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Dr. Drew's Surprise for Bibi... it's Loni Love!
Dr. Drew's Lifechangers just helped treat Bibi, who has cystic acne. She's an aspiring comedian who is about to be surprised big time when she meets Loni Love
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How to Spot a Cheater
Bad Boy Steve Santagati gives his tips on how to prevent a woman from cheating, and Lifechanger/Sexpert Simone Bienne gives her tell tale warning signs that you might be mingling with a cheater.
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A Burn Survivor's Tragic Story
At the age of 3, Jenna was horribly burned in an accidental flash fire. Over 95% of her body suffered terrible burns and it was a miracle that she even survived.
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Dr. Drew Tests Out Some Superhero Gear
Phoenix Jones brought all of his crime fighting equipment to share with us. Watch as Dr. Drew tests out his "batman shield."
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The Emotional Trauma of Having Her Scalp Burned
Everyday Alice has to live through a nightmare, dealing with the permanent loss of her hair. She believes that her stepdaughter put hair remover in her hair products, and can't move past the incident.
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After the Show: An Internship with DMX
Ra'Von, after being given an opportunity to work in the studio with DMX and producer Caviar, talks about how happy he is and how he'll be able to get off the streets. DMX and Caviar talk about what's in store for Ra'Von and how it feels to pay it forward.
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Should Guys Manscape?
Certain male grooming habits are put to the test when Drew asks the ladies in his audience what they prefer. Adam Carolla has some strong opinions of his own to share.
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Rethinking Her Pregnancy
Dr. Drew and "Teen Mom" stars Kailyn, Catelynn and Maci, try to convince Aliyah to wait before having a baby. Will she listen to their advice?
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Does DMX Spank his Kids?
The famous rapper sits down with Dr. Drew and talks about how he was physically abused as a child by his mother. He goes on to describe his own discipline which eerily resembles his own upbringing.
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How Does Culture Affect Spanking?
Does your race or culture affect how you discipline your child? Is spanking more common in the African-American community? Dr. Drew has several individuals weigh in on this heated topic.
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Giving a Child the Wrong Message About Plastic Surgery
Sarah, who has had over 100 procedures, and has built a successful career around plastic surgery has given her 7 year old daughter a voucher for future surgery. Lifechanger/Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula thinks this is something that will harm the child's development.
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The Collateral Damage of an Abusive Relationship
Dr. Drew sits down with Luis and Colleen's children to find out how their parents' fighting has affected them. If you have children of your own, this may be difficult to watch.
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Can She Live her Life Honestly?
After discovering that Destanee was lying about tampering with her stepmom's hair products, Drew wants her to commit to living a life full of rigorous honesty. Will Destanee try to mend the relationship with her father and stepmom? Watch to find out.
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After the Show: Helping a Bullied Kid
Lifechanger/Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Diaz sits down with Josiah and his family to walk them through the procedure and to give them an idea of what the end result will look like.
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Getting This Womanizer to Settle Down
Dr. Drew, along with his Lifechanger/Relationship Expert Siggy Flicker, try to talk some sense into Reno to convince him of having a meaningful longer term relationship with only one woman at a time.
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Clear Your Sinuses Instantly!
Dr. Drew and Lifechanger/Emergency Specialist Dr. Dorian show off the Neti Pot, a home remedy for clearing your stuffy noses. Drew takes a very hands on approach...
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Xiomara Meets Her Weight Loss Heroes
Hannah & Olivia from The Biggest Loser meet their young fan who suffers from teenage obesity, surprising her at school.
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Burn Survivor Meets Her Hero, J.R. Martinez
Jenna suffered a tragedy at the age of 3 that left 95% of her body burned. After watching "Dancing with the Stars," she was inspired by fellow burn survivor J.R. Martinez, and he's dropping by Dr. Drew's Lifechangers to give her a surprise gift.
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Focus Your Inner-Rage
Lifechanger/Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sam Rader shows this mom, who lets herself be abused in relationships, how to properly let out her pent up aggression with this exercise.
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After the Show: Bunny DeBarge's Life Change
Bunny, her husband, daughter and doctors talk about her amazing recovery and what it felt like to watch her perform on stage again.
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Helping a Car Accident Victim
Dr. Drew and Lifechanger/Emergency Specialist Dr. Dorian show you what to do if you encounter an emergency situation on the road so that you can help save lives.
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Mom Who Punished Son with Sign Speaks Out
In their first national TV interview, the mom who made her son wear a sign that read "I Lie, I Steal, I Sell Drugs, I Don't Follow the Law" sits down with Dr. Drew and her son to open up about why she took this action.
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Getting These Twins to Work Together
Dr. Drew wants to see if these fighting twins can put aside their differences to build a desk for a cash prize. Just minutes in, things start to go wrong...
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