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Ther gonna eat me,  sombody hlp me pls
I love feedin th ducks bt these geese...I gotta go
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Mike, a struggling musician, determined not to give up without a fight.
Mike feels he's got a late start in his musical career but I applaud him as he blessed me with his gift of music and determination.
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Thanksgiving Mannequin Challenge
Family Affair. Thts whts up!!!
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*****Peaceful Livin*****
Serenity, tranquility, diversity, placidity, equability "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG"
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Opt1mistyc spreading good news of living in the last days.
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Optimistyc's Good News Corner!!!
I pray that the Lord bless you and keep you in his loving and merciful embrace and he bless your every endeavor.
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Laddy speaks his 1st three words.
I guess we got a little excited but how can you blame us. He's so precious!!!
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Let not your heart be hardened. Help someone less fortunate. Love one another.
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GOD IS ALIVE!!! It's a blessin to receive his Love
To receive his Mercy, Provisions, Protection and his Grace. This is HIS day the LORD has made. Let us be thankful, show our gratitude and Rejoice!!!
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Opt1mistyc's Corner, here to spread good news.
Hello fam nd friends, I pray that you're having a Safe nd Wonderful Sunday. I received ths msg today nd I feel convicted to pass it on. I pray tht you pass it on, as well. Mk it a GREAT day and Help someone along th way!!! I Love you bt God Loves you more! Give him ALL th Glory!!!
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Opt1mistyc's Corner!!!  I'm so grateful!!!
I thank God for ths beautiful day tht he has bestowed upon us for his Glory!!!
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Make it a Great day nd help som1 along th way!!!
Opt1mistyc here wishing you a Happy Sunday nd Peace be unto you.
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Psalm 96:4-5 (Opt1mistyc's Corner)
I give God ALL the Glory for he is worthy!!!
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