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hempushpa syrup
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sandah oil,its uses ,benefits &side effects.
this is review video of sanda oil..
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how to use japani oil,uses , side effect ,dose, advantages & disadvantages..
this is review video of japani oil.its advantages &dis advantages,dose and side effects
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how to use dabar silajit gold, benifits ,dose & side effects
this is a review video of shilajit gold
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How to use unwanted 72 ,dose and side effect's.
This is general information that how to use emergency contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy , unwanted 72 ,dose and side effects.
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how to use unwanted kit
this video is just for knowledge ,please take this medicine under medical supervision or as directed by physician.
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Viagra and manforce , its dose ,side effects and contraindication.
This video is just for general understanding of people that how dangerous is this medicines if u takes without dr consultation, or if take it for longer period.
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Common word's  used in Dr prescription.
Here i am providing some of the common terminology which used in every prescription of Dr and what is the meaning of those words.
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