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Economic Collapse Self-Sufficiency Gardening
Gardening Update in June, talks about mulching, onions/garlic, peas/beans succession planing, tomatoes and potato issues.
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Economic Collapse - Survival Gardening
In times of Economic Hardship, maintaining a successful small scale garden can mean the difference between a healthy diet for your family and malnutrition. In fact, in some areas, the ability to cultivate your own food may be a matter of survival.
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Money is enslaving us!
Today I want to talk about what exactly is money. In essence, money is a measure of productive human time or life energy. Rulers throughout the ages have used money to steal the life energy of the common people. When money is debased in one way or another, people's lives are being stolen from them. This form of theft continues into the modern era. Via consumerism, we are trading our precious life energy away, working terrible jobs to buy cheap, useless crap. In the process we are becoming slaves to the system!
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World's cheapest healthy breakfast!
Today, I'm making the world's cheapest healthy breakfast. At just 5 cents per serving, this is the cheapest morning nourishment that one can find! In addition to being cheap, it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and packs a whole bunch of essential vitamins and minerals. If you are on a limited budget, looking to save money, or just want to simplify your life, then this is the breakfast for you!
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Preparing my Veggie Garden for the Winter!
Here is how I prepare my Vegetable Garden Beds for the coming winter. This tutorial offers easy to follow tips on how to salvage garden materials for maximum reuse. Additionally, I also go over my minimum effort composting approach.
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Relax: Soothing Meditation and Sleep Music Video
I took this video while visiting family. The countryside where they live is so beautiful during this time of the year, and we arrived just in time to catch the first snow storm of the season. The snowfall is so silent, so slow, bit by bit, with delicacy it settles down on the earth and covers over the fields. This video had a hugely calming effect on me. There is something very soothing and meditative about watching snow falling softly from the sky. So I paired this video with the Royalty Free sound track "Light Awash" by Kevin MacLeod. After watching it for just a few minutes, I felt deeply relaxed and my eye lids were drooping. I was sound asleep soon afterwards. So sit or lie down, make yourself comfortable, take a deep breath, and watch this video. You will get some much needed rest and relaxation! ---------- Subscribe to my main channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/survivingcollapse/featured Facebook http://www.facebook.com/survivingeconomiccollapse Twitter http://www.twitter.com/collapseprepper
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Economic Collapse Food Security
In an Economic Collapse Situation, a minimum degree of Food Security and Self Sufficiency is crucial for an individual or family's Survival.
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Invasion of the Weeds!!!!!
This has been a particularly cold and rainy May. In addition to the low temperatures and heavy rain, there has been an absolute infestation of weeds in my vegetable garden....
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