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The Ballad of the Lemoyne Raiders
A Lemoyne Raider captain tells his fellow runts about a moment he went through during the civil war
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Fallout 4 Junk Jet Fun
Fallout 4 Junk Jet
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Funny death in Red Dead Redemption
I've been playing this for a while.. in preparation for red dead redemption 2
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Fallout 4 Purr... fect day
I use explosives and big guns to take out the most dangerous enemy
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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Pulp Fiction Easter Egg?
In the town of Rhodes you can find a little side activity that is a lot like something in pulp fiction. And you can get a free repeater that is very good.
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(Binding of Isaac Rebirth) LIBRA + SOY MILK + CRICKETS HEAD
Did a random Isaac Run and came across this seed that was way to good not to share. Here's the seed if you want to try it for yourself (KGX6 VDYL) seed mainly includes - Libra, Soy Milk, and Crickets Head. To see everything I found during the seed skip to about 42 seconds to see my stats and my stuff.
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Fallout 4 Pong Easter Egg
In this video I show you this Easter Egg I found while playing the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC. When you find it you can see Jangles the Moon Monkey and a simple Cymbal Monkey settling a dispute over pong. *SPOILER WARNING* You can find this while inside the Mechanists lair.
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Gay Annoying Old Man Gets Trampled For Being Too Slow! - Red Dead Redemption 2
In this video we get to see Gaz the unkillable perform a great act. He succeeds in trampling an old ass dude that was taking way too long to get up these stairs. I don't have time for this!! I've got a train in Valentine to rob!!!!
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the dangers of addiction in red dead redemption 2. AKA Arthurs official death.
I don't know why my single player is lagging like I have some cheap 2 star hotel internet... but I assume it has something to do with the over consumption of cocaine gum. now I know in GTA V we all supported the proposition to unban cocaine.. I am here today to tell you we made a mistake!! it is destroying the lives of everyone's Arthur, even before he gets TB. I post this video in hopes rockstar will learn from their excessive drug use in all of their games, most strongly in rockstar table tennis. thank you for taking the time to learn about these dangerous effects. spoiler alert for anyone not planning on seeing Arthur's death.
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Doomed in hell for all eternity.
A glitch in the video game doom. I fall through the map after performing a glory kill on a enemy. Why do video games hate me?
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Arthur has fire-bending powers + psychic abilities confirmed!!! + Tragic death of gaz part 2
In this video, we get a close up look of Arthur's unparalleled fire skills.. and possibly some psychic levitation power. Unfortunately for him they are too good. In the end, he looses his best friend gaz because of his stupidness.
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My favorite moment from Shadow Warrior.
This moment is so epic and beautiful
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Red Dead Redemption 2 - How Rockstar Revolutionized Gaming With Their New Combat System
In this video I show you some expert techniques to use when dealing with an enemy unarmed. With the new implemented fighting system from Rockstar Games, taking out baddies fisticuff style has never felt so good, especially when compared to GTA Vs shitty fighting mechanics... I mean, you expect me to believe Franklin has the same moveset as old ass Michael?? GTFO of here, he should be throwing roundhouses and spinning elbows. This game greatly improves combat, while also making it easy to learn in less than a minute.
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A normal Thursday in the life of Redemption.
After a massive setback on Guarma, (following the insane coke binge that Arthur and the boys had in the cocaine fields on the island.) The gang tries to take the correct steps to make their lives better.... Little did they know, it gets much worse from here. Arthur's first confrontation off the island is with two mildly retarded hillbillies, they need his help in making moonshine. Arthur does notice that one of the mentally challenged Americans is submerged through the ground, he doesn't think too much of it and decides to give them ingredients. After not being able to see the distillery he discovers it's actually invisible. He quickly puts the herbs in the invisible distillery mobile and is transported out of the entire fucking map, above the skybox. Yes folks! This is video proof that Arthur was the first man in outer space and that red dead redemption 2 is just a game telling the tale of the two mentally ill incestuous hillbillies that made the machine that sent Arthur up into the cosmos. Arthur however decides to come back down to question life and to consider the possibility that he might be tripping absolute balls. This is how Arthur really gets TB btw. It's space TB Toon in next time to see the epic conclusion of Arthur Morgan. As he travels to a place Rockstar didn't even want us to get too.. the most dangerous, glitchy, alien landscape ever. MEXICO
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The tragic death of Gaz - Red Dead Redemption 2
I may have lost my horse Gaz... But at least he helped me get to the other side. He had my back until the end, I love you Gaz! See you on the other side. Well.. time to load back!!!
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The True Beauty Of Red Dead Redemption 2
In this video we see some of the crazy antics of Arthur Morgan, as he stirs up dust in the old west and glitches his way across the lands. Arthur has seen his fair share of weird shit in this world he lives in, this is his journey..
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The Division - Crazy Glitch
When I loaded up The Division this happened....
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The Last Day
The Division Beta - Dark Zone
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Division Beta - Dark Zone Moments
In this video I explore the Darkzone while completing extractions, defending myself against AI, and having a fued with two other players.
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Exploring The Division Beta
In this video I travel across the Division Beta Map while helping people in need, killing bad guys, and viewing some of the most beautiful landmarks that New York has to offer
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