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Fallout 4 Junk Jet Fun
Fallout 4 Junk Jet
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Fallout 4 Pong Easter Egg
In this video I show you this Easter Egg I found while playing the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC. When you find it you can see Jangles the Moon Monkey and a simple Cymbal Monkey settling a dispute over pong. *SPOILER WARNING* You can find this while inside the Mechanists lair.
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(Binding of Isaac Rebirth) LIBRA + SOY MILK + CRICKETS HEAD
Did a random Isaac Run and came across this seed that was way to good not to share. Here's the seed if you want to try it for yourself (KGX6 VDYL) seed mainly includes - Libra, Soy Milk, and Crickets Head. To see everything I found during the seed skip to about 42 seconds to see my stats and my stuff.
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Fallout 4 Purr... fect day
I use explosives and big guns to take out the most dangerous enemy
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The Division - Crazy Glitch
When I loaded up The Division this happened....
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The Last Day
The Division Beta - Dark Zone
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Division Beta - Dark Zone Moments
In this video I explore the Darkzone while completing extractions, defending myself against AI, and having a fued with two other players.
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Exploring The Division Beta
In this video I travel across the Division Beta Map while helping people in need, killing bad guys, and viewing some of the most beautiful landmarks that New York has to offer
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