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Epilepsy- my pregnancy story
I talk about my Epilepsy in this video and how it affected me, the doctors never gave me the care me and my unborn son needed. Excuse my eyebrows, i know they need to be done and i lost my eyebrow pencil haha. Hopefully anyone else gets the care they need during their own pregnancy, its not always a bad story, i know people who have had a seizure free pregnancy, i could probably have avoided that if my doctor had helped me.
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Epilepsy and WORK - have i been discriminated?
Today I lost my job, partly because of having a seizure. Have I been discriminated for it? Have you been discriminated in the workplace?
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Epilepsy medication (LEVETIRACETAM)
Instagram- sian5322 Other youtube channel- Sianb sfx I've been taking my new brand of Levetiracetam, seems to be working ok so far. Got headaches right now though so not very talkative. If you want to talk about any medication changes or side effects you can comment below or you can message me on instagram!
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Talking about life with Epilepsy- My first seizure
I want to raise awareness for people living with Epilepsy, im doing short story videos about what my life is like. This is just the beginning and my first seizure story, I didnt want it to be too long and bore you all! Please like and subscribe to hear more, you can tell your own story in the comments. Would be VERY grateful if you could share this video to raise awareness.
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Brand sensitive Keppra/ Levetiracetam/ Lamictal/ Lamotrigine!
This video is about the medication I take, Lamictal and Levetiracetam. My thoughts and feelings on growing up with the medication and how it all affected my social life. Your not alone.
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Medication problems with Epilepsy
I'm having more problems with my medication, it seems like its never ending for me and now i'm going into severe depression and still getting no help. Need to raise awareness! Epilepsy is not easy to live with especially if medication isn't working anymore. I'm crying out for help but feel like no one is listening. My next video might be a trigger warning or my trip to the MRI. Depends on how bad my depression gets.
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Talking about side effects and other stuff
In this video i talk about any side effects from my medication, things im worried about ect. Sorry the video is longer than usual! Hopefully things start to turn around after today, not just for me, but for everyone.
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I had a seizure today
Another update... i had a seizure today, I'm in pain and really scared. Sorry for blabbering on for 6-7 minutes about random stuff. I hope your all doing well though! Other youtube channel- Sianb SFX
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Instagram- Sian5322 Other YouTube- Sianb SFX Just rambling on as usual :) Like and subscribe, comment what fundraiser ideas you have for me!
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Son singing a CREEPY song
My son can be weird at times but somehow he found this song which i heard him singing while standing in a corner, i asked him if i could record it and he let me.
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Playing pie face
Sams first time playing the game and he gets cream all over his face the first time
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