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Somero, my hometown
Main street of my home town, main village. There is living about 4000 people and other 4000 on large countryside round of main village. Place name is on books first times on year 1449, parish is from 1447. First Glassworks in Finland was here and early also very big greenhouses. Now days is much farms, forest, small companys and trucking.
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Vuosaari harbour
Driving out from harbour, was taking from there 40 ft seacontainer, it was loaded with small cars. Weight only 6000 kg. Tunnel from harbour is about 1600 m long. And once again rainy autumn day.
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Last road to gold mine
Last road to gold mine, driving after another truck. Good dirt road. Load was steel pipes 26 tons.
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Savonlinna, very beautiful city in summertime. Now much roadwork. Making road to 4 lanes. First bypass is because of, bridge have free hight 3,9 and my truck is 4,2. Working good to drive there and back when other´s are local´s. That white car was not local because it was not stopping when truck was on bypass.
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Pipes loaded in Hanko
Pipes loade on ship for Eastsea gas pipeline.
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Fast russian ship from Valamo to Käkisalmi. Valamo was and is also now monastery. After soviet union fall and changed to Russia, starts island and monastetry to be same situation like before war. Abbey was also evacued to west of border and have new monastery now in Finland like before war also on finsih Valamo.
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Storm in Hanko, Finland
Tug boat Artemis and smaller unknown tug boat are pushing RoRo ship Aurora to docks. Aurora was trying earlier alone to get docks. Was not working, out of line and bottom hit to ground, Not leaking, but divers was coming and checking bottom. Long waiting for truck drivers to have trailer and start day for national hollyday. Many was not home before next day. First trailers was coming out 6 hours late.
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Loading tractors to truck over own ramps
Loading 3 tractors, drive over calf to semi, 55 cm between trailers, no problem.. First one normal manual gears, two last shit semi- and full automatic.
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Finish trucker´s clothing
How the Finish trucker is clothing? So I am clothed with normal driving day till -30 C. Bar going and small doings jacket open, without gloves. Longer loading time, more warm shoes (Driving with socks and normal out goings with "Holland wood shoes"), jacket closed and warm gloves. Hat, no thank you. So I am clothed, don´t know about others, but that´s enough for me. Excuse me, mine foreign accent, I am not so used to speak to camera.
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Men at work
Old steel bridge. Deck is repaired. Not so much place to go, but enough.
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Ring 1
Ring 1 in Helsinki. Front of me is driving old Sacnia LS 141 or 140. Even last of those are now 29 years old, or when we talking about Scania, 29 years young.
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MS Bärö tamer of eastsea, is trying to get to harbour.
Little stormy weather and weak machines. That's truckers cruiseship.
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Ice road trucking
Every wintersame thing in this road. Ice and ice, not even one corn sand or ice free place.
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MS Viggen on harbour
MS Viggen on harbour at stormy night
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Driving, camera placed allmost highest place in truck. Cabin high over engine tunnel about 2 m and from floor about 2,4 m. Cold morning, oil in gearbox is not so fluid, making gear to get on hard.
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Oh those Russians
Russian truck had loosed 40 ft seacontainer in harbour of Kotka in Finland.
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Extreme cold
Only -20 C, but to also wind about 20 to 25 m/s. Cold like in russian hell. See how snow goes over the ground. Flagpoles are twisted, because of wind and somebody outside with free will, sail and skates over the sea ice. Ship trafic was stopped to north harbours because of storm. We had storm and Sweden had all ice what storm was pushing to them.
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Frozen beard
3 hours outside, or inside in trailer, but inside cold us outside, only not so windy. Beard frozen, othervice, not so bad. Ice bear enjoys. And my trademark, open jacket, open outsider shirt and t-shirt. Excuse me again, my bad English. It is not so easy for shy man to speak to camera.
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Finish long truck??
Truck with extra trailer. Normally 25,25 m long, but now one extra trailer, totally about 40 m long. Not in normal trafic. Only put together, because complete truck is packed in train and so they need only one truck for two trailers.
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Rush hour
4 pm rush hour on motorway. Or not?
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Snow on trailer
Drived unplought roads, truck can have 500 kg snow with it. excuse me of shaky picture.
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Artemis getting ready to help RoRo ship Plyca
Wind was pushing Plyca to docks. Artemis was making shure that she come safe out of docks. Normally these ships are getting self to docks. Orange ship behind is bringing pipes to East sea gas pipeline.
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Winter wonderland
12.11 -09. Nice looking, but little bit slippery.
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Do it with love
Everything what you do, do it with love. SFtruckerWolf ironing his shirts. Alone living must do that also by himself. Done, with love.
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Driver of the week
I was driving after him 18 km. Limited speed 80, he was driving 60. Limited speed 60, he was driving 45 nto 50. Very strong vehicle, was towing after, 5 semis and 20--30 cars.
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Unloading on sun shining Hanko
5 new tractors to Hanko harbour, southest point of Finland.
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Ready and go
Ready with loading. Driving out from cave. I was not hitting doors, even it look like that. Was trying to drive slowly so that I don´t have to stop there (12% hill), but doors was too slowly or I was too fast, with no throttle and crawler gear. So stop and new start with 24 tons load.
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To loading  II
With truck and semitrailer to loading. No driving with motor vehicles signs, but from other direction is impossible to drive with truck, too small streets. Good that the bridge is enough strong. Now streets are open, but after two hours there is cars parked all over, by the street. Small streets and loading place in cave don´t have also too much space. But nice loading personal and clean place to load.
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High bridge in middle Finland, on secondary road. Hard hill from other direction to come there, problem´s in winter time.
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Road thru city
Road No:19 is going thru city of Seinäjoki. There are not anymore many city areas where main roads are going thru.
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Go on.
loaded and go on. 25 tons sawgood on load. More than -20 C.Good winter weather.
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Working man´s hand´s
So are looking my hand´s after one week making my biggest hobby, repairing and building something new on my truck. Dirt, woond´s, burn mark´s. I make much my "hobby", so my hand´s are quite often looking like that. Lady´s are not letting me near with hand´s like this. Country girl´s yes, they are ...
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to ship
Driving in to ship in Helsnki, way to Sweden
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Not good news
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Crossing railroad
Crossing railroad, by road No:18.
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Working man´s thumb
Working man´s hand and THUMB today. Too sharp knifes. And again what you do. Do it with love.
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Snake cutted
Truck snake on road 6 truck´s, long distance from each other because of slippery road and snow dust what is sticking on windshield.
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Driver of the week vol. 3
Car driving on 80 km/h area 50 to 65 km/h. So much trafic that you cannot overtake. So drive after with your 42 tons.
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Good day for trucker
Nice cold dry winter weather, open roads, not much trafic, could it be better.
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Going to swamp
Going to load growth soil. 82 m3 and 28 tons. Swamp is just beside factory.
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So you should (not) drive
Two driving school vehicles. Car and lorry, with very short distance. Who can it, they do it, who cannot, they come teachers. This thing shows it.
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25th of october in Finland
-3 C and 10 cm snow and more coming. Finish autumn.
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Home way
These roads I drive when I go and come at work. Dirt roads, exept 300 m, good to drive on winter and -24 C.
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Sunday at home
Little from truck and place where I live. Truck is now drived about 1 250 000 km, 500 hp, Totall weight of combination 66 000 kg. Place is "the trash paradise". Countryside no near neighbourgs, peacefull and quiet.
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Windy weather on Finish spring day. Wind is blowing snow over the road and some snow is frozen on the road. And this is main road No:2 in Finland.
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Bridge in package, repaired, rost off and new paint made to old steel bridge.
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On night time, coming to main terminal for unloading
Rainy night like allmost allways on autumn.
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On the road or not on the road
This van and trailer with other van, is not looking very stabil.
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Swamp road by Torro
This road is going thru National park Torro. Torro is swamp, what is higher level than ground round of it. Road is floating over the swamp, old road. It´s told that there is put trees under this road. It is really floating, when there is much heavy trafic on one direction, that side is getting lover and when other direction it is coming back on normal position or going even deeper. Side of road is very soft, wheel down from asphalt and that´s it. Not coming up with out towing truck. Narrow road wit much curves. Much accident´s, mostly drived out of road. Trees are growining only side of road, in are between two ditches. First ditch is side of road and second is 5 to 10 metres from road.
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Out from ship vol1
Driving out from ship and drivin halfway thrue Stockholm.
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