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Children’s Health Defense: Exposing Causes, Seeking Justice, Protecting Children
Children’s Health Defense's mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again.
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Vaccine Safety Project - Help RFK, Jr. Now
Support Vaccine Safety Project! Partner with RFK, Jr. to restore scientific integrity and a clean regulatory process to our Federal agencies charged with keeping children healthy. Please help us achieve the six steps to vaccine safety. SHARE with family and friends. Join the movement! https://igg.me/at/vaccinesafetyproject
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Study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children
As would be expected, vaccinated children did have lower likelihood of two vaccine-preventable illnesses compared to unvaccinated children: chicken pox (7.9% vs. 25.3%), and pertussis (2.5% vs. 8.4%), but the scientists found no significant differences in rates of other vaccine-preventable illnesses like hepatitis A or B, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, meningitis or rotavirus. The study suggests that fully vaccinated children may be trading the prevention of certain acute illnesses (chicken pox, pertussis) for more chronic illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and Autism. The scientists also found that children born prematurely, who were vaccinated, were 6.6 times more likely to have a neurodevelopmental disorder. https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/unvaccinated-children-much-lower-rates-chronic-illness-jackson-state-study-finds/
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Unhealthiest State Has the Best Vaccination Rate: Offit’s Orwellian Logic Fails to Connect the Dots
Paul Offit—one of the vaccine industry’s most strident ambassadors—wonders how could the state of Mississippi, which has “the worst overall health in the nation,” achieve over 99.4% vaccine coverage? The real question, however, is why when despite juxtaposing two critical pieces of health information about Mississippi’s children—high vaccine coverage and poor health rankings—Offit does not ask the obvious elephant-in-the-room question: Could one have something to do with the other?
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WMP Healthy Child Day 2017
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Epilepsy from Vaccines
This #restorechildhealth story focuses on Brandon Guppy's story of vaccine injury. The seizures and other health issues he has developed have changed his life forever. He will never work or enjoy the daily life he deserves. Michelle: “Do not fear normal acute childhood illnesses. Fear the chronic debilitating and lifelong adverse reactions to vaccines and all of the toxins that are in them.” People need to know what vaccines can do to healthy, normally developing children. Be a part of WMP’s Campaign to Restore Child Health. Record your own video with #restorechildhealth and #WorldMercuryProject. Sign up for free updates: worldmercuryproject.org
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The Vaccine Safety Project Trailer
Hi I'm Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and I'm the Chairman of the World Mercury Project and I made this video primer because in a dozen states across America today state legislatures and governors are considering passing vaccine mandates and the facts in this video are facts that every political leader who is trying to decide whether to vote for or against those mandates ought to understand.
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Six Steps to Vaccine Safety - VAERS/IOM
Vaccines don’t undergo the same rigorous safety process as other drugs. Injuries can and do happen. Our children deserve better. Help Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and World Mercury Project demand vaccine safety policies that start with good science and a clean regulatory process. Learn more at worldmercuryproject.org/vaccinesafetysolutions
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Peanut Allergy and Vaccines - Robyn
Peanuts killing children? What has happened to cause it? Deadly allergies and other debilitating illnesses are affecting our nation’s children in epidemic numbers. Peanuts are the most common cause of food related death. Watch Robyn speak about her son’s peanut allergies that started with a round of vaccines. Robyn and her family live with eight Epi-pens within reach 24 hours a day. Tell your child’s story in a video and hashtag it #restorechildhealth and #worldmercuryproject. Watch other videos and read about the campaign at: https://worldmercuryproject.org/what-we-do/campaign-restore-child-health/ and sign up for FREE updates.
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Announcing Children's Health Defense
Our mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to expose causes, eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, seek justice for the injured and establish safeguards so this never happens again. For FREE ebook and Kennedy News & Views newsletter, visit, https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ebook-sign-up/
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ADHD & Vaccines-- Allie's story
NEW WMP VIDEO: ADD/ADHD is in every classroom in America. Recent statistics show that it affects almost 11% of children. Each day, children, their parents and teachers struggle with symptoms. There are few answers in mainstream medicine. Often, the medications suggested are dangerous with a long list of undesirable side effects. Treatments outside of the mainstream are often unattainable and expensive. Here’s Allie and Aidan's story. What's your child's story? Make a video and hashtag it #restorechildhealth and #worldmercuryproject.
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Omnibus Autism Proceedings: Alleged Fraud and Obstruction of Justice
Read more about the Omnibus Autism proceedings: Misconduct, Mitochondria and the Omnibus Autism Proceedings at https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/misconduct-mitochondria-and-the-omnibus-autism-proceedings/
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Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) & Vaccine Injury
Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) & Vaccine Injury. SPD is hard to understand and much too prevalent in today's children. With SPD, the five senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching) can be under-sensitive, over-sensitive or have a normal response to input. Each child is different in their responses to sensory stimuli from the environment. Many times, SPD is a co-occurring condition to autism and ADHD/ADD. Parents report that SPD can be very disrupting to daily life – horrific tantrums, self-harm and harm to others are common responses in a child who has a sensory processing disorder. What's your child's story? Make a video and hashtag it #restorechildhealth and #worldmercuryproject. Please donate to our Indiegogo campaign: igg.me/at/vaccinesafetyproject
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Talks About Allegations of DOJ Fraud and Obstruction of Justice
Watch Del Bigtree, The Highwire Show, interview Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about the federal “Vaccine Court” Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP) and the recent evidence that prompted the request that the Office of the Attorney General and the House and Senate Judiciary Committees investigate two Department of Justice lawyers for obstruction of justice and fraud. Read the press release and petitions at https://childrenshealthdefense.org/seeking-justice/righting-the-wrongs/
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Vaccines in Pregnancy Not Tested for Safety (Cathy)
In recent years the CDC has made recommendations that women receive flu vaccines and TDaP vaccines during their pregnancy even though the package inserts state there are no long term safety studies to justify this practice. Mothers are reporting miscarriage, pre-term labor and health issues for themselves and their children following these vaccines. A recent CDC study found that pregnant women vaccinated with the influenza vaccine had 2 times greater odds of miscarrying their babies compared to women who did not receive flu vaccine. Here’s one mother's story of her twins after a flu vaccine in pregnancy. Share your story and hashtag it #restorechildhealth #worldmercuryproject. Sign up for free updates at www.worldmercuryproject.org CDC Recommendations: https://cdc.gov/vaccines/pregnancy/pregnant-women/index.html CDC Study: https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28917295 Package Inserts: https://fda.gov/downloads/biologicsbloodvaccines/vaccines/approvedproducts/ucm142764.pdf
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Chemicals in Food & Poor Child Health
The majority of additives in U.S. foods have undergone either inadequate or zero regulatory oversight. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just issued a policy statement about the risks to children’s health of the more than 10,000 chemicals directly or indirectly added to food and “food contact materials” in the U.S. with three primary aims: (1) to review and highlight the significant health concerns associated with the chemicals in foods; (2) to formulate recommendations that pediatricians can share with families; and (3) to propose “urgently needed reforms” pertaining to regulation of food additives by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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Campaign to Restore Child Health:  Parents Speak Out on Vaccine Injuries
The month of October is recognized as “Children’s Health Month” and here at the World Mercury Project, we are struck by the unhealthiness of today's children. Chronic and often debilitating conditions such as autism, ADHD, allergies, tics and more now affect our nation’s children in alarming, unprecedented numbers. All too often, parents describe their now chronically ill children as having at one time been completely healthy up until something went horribly wrong. The one factor in declining health most frequently cited by the families of these children is the receipt of vaccines, despite the fact that parents are encouraged to accept that the timing of vaccines is merely coincidental to any chronic condition. Given the gravity of the health status of so many children today—over half have a chronic health condition in the US—one would think their stories would be making front page headlines each and every day. In an age where the pharmaceutical industry provides a staggering amount of financial support to media outlets around the world, these stories are not finding their way to the public. This is why it is crucial that parents are provided a means to ensure that their family’s story of vaccine injury is heard, and the World Mercury Project is doing just that with the Campaign to Restore Child Health. We encourage all parents of vaccine-injured children to record and submit their stories so we can present them here. One such story is that of Sarah Bridges and her son, Porter. As you watch Sarah describe what happened in the months and years following Porter’s vaccine injury, keep in mind that Sarah’s story is not an anomaly—in fact, it is echoed by countless families around the country. We cannot let the reality of vaccine injury continue to be buried by those who profit from the perception that vaccines are “safe and effective”. We must all speak up on behalf of our children to ensure their stories are heard and never forgotten.
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Autism Epidemic: 1 in 59 Children - CDC Remains Paralyzed
When you were growing up, how many kids did you know with autism? In previous generations, autism was rare. Autism used to occur in 1 in 10,000 children. Autism diagnoses began to grow nationwide in 80s and 90s. In the 200s parents became increasingly alarmed by the rapid growth of autism prevalence. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars to address autism epidemic, CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson says, "CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. They're not doing what they should be doing because they're afraid to look for things that might be associated." Should taxpayers continue to fund CDC when it is "paralyzed" by autism? The CDC is failing our kids and our country. Autism oversight must be taken from the CDC. "Genes don't cause epidemics, environmental toxins do. Why is the CDC doing nothing to identify the environmental toxins responsible for the most cataclysmic epidemic of our era?" - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Join World Mercury Project's movement to demand autism be removed from the CDC. We need an institute that will address the childhood epidemics facing our country with real action now! Make your voice be heard. Add your name to help at worldmercuryproject.org/cdc
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Behavioral-Developmental Disabilities & Vaccines
World Mercury Project is constantly hard at work finding ways to change the trajectory of our children's health, but did you know that all of us on the WMP team are parents of vaccine-injured children? We take this issue personally and won't stop until the injury ends. 1 in 6 of our children has a developmental issue. WMP Director of Marketing, Laura Bono, tells her son's story in today's video.
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Robert De Niro, National Press Club Conference, 2/15/17 [Original Version]
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the World Mercury Project (WMP), announced a $100,000 challenge today aimed at putting an end to including mercury, a neurotoxin that is 100 times more poisonous than lead, in vaccines administered in the U.S and globally. [This version has a blackout at 3:36-6:06. See edited version at https://youtu.be/DqWhzKewILk]
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Monsanto Judge Attempts to Vacate their Unanimous Verdict
Monsanto jurors in historic revolt against Judge’s attempt to vacate their unanimous verdict
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Special Education
Thirteen percent of U.S. children are in special ed. 1 in 6 has a developmental disorder. Experts say it isn’t better diagnosis or more awareness. Something terrible is happening to our children. WMP asked veteran educator of 25+ years, Mikki Garcia, what she thought. Her answer is both surprising and troubling. Tell your child health story. Hashtag it #restorechildhealth #worldmercuryproject Sign up for FREE updates at www.worldmercuryproject.org
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PANDAS, Autism & Vaccine Injury
Parents, Josh and Tiffany, talk about the PANDAS diagnosis of their children and their belief that the condition is related to vaccines.
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No Liability for Vaccine Manufacturers
Taxpayers have paid over $3.7 BILLION for vaccine injuries while vaccine manufacturers are liability-free with no incentive to make safer vaccines. Help Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and World Mercury Project demand vaccine safety policies that start with good science and a clean regulatory process.
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CDC Denies Whistleblower to Testify Hazlehurst
Dr. Willam Thompson, Senior Vaccine Researcher and co-author of 3 of the 5 studies the CDC uses to exonerate vaccines in the Vaccine-Autism Link now says he and other CDC employees were asked to lie and falsify science. CDC refuses to allow him to testify in a court of law. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. vows to appeal the CDC decision.
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"No liability" from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. -- Has "no liability" from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act led to massive vaccine mfr.'s profits and a rise in childhood chronic illnesses? Taxpayers have paid almost $4 BILLION for vaccine injuries while vaccine mfrs. are liability-free with no incentive to make safer vaccines. SUPPORT our legal initiatives igg.me/at/childrenshealth Help RFK, Jr. eliminate exposures to toxins, establish safeguards to prevent injury and get justice for the injured.
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The CDC is a Vaccine Company
An excerpt from the Kennedy/De Niro Press Conference 2/15/17
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CDC corruption is rampant
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RFK, Jr. at CalJam 2017
RFK, Jr. Video: 37 min. speaking at CAL JAM 2017, Feb. 25th. Listen to the crowd laugh when Kennedy, at around minute 9, says, “When Paul Offit and Kathleen Stratton say there is a good mercury and a bad mercury…they aren’t arguing with me, they are arguing against the periodic table.” [California Jam speakers are a carefully chosen group of health, wellness, and chiropractic experts from around the world.]
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Ethyl Mercury Sleight of Hand
An excerpt from the Kennedy/De Niro Press Conference 2/15/17
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CDC Corruption & Crickets in the Media
An excerpt from the Kennedy/De Niro Press Conference 2/15/17
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Pharma Lobbying & Corruption
Watch RFK, Jr.’s Message to Advocates! Help RFK, Jr. tackle the corruption behind children’s environmental illnesses, demand answers and get justice for this generation. Give to igg.me/at/childrenshealth
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Vaccine Act: Blanket Immunity to Vaccine Companies
In 1986, Congress passed the Vaccine Act and gave blanket immunity to vaccine companies for injuries caused by vaccines. And some of these new vaccines, they can make up to a billion dollars a year in profits or even more. This is what happened, in 1986 there were 11 vaccines on the schedule, but today there are 53 jabs. Look what happened at the same time, in 1988 only 12.8% of kids had chronic disease, today 54%. So the rise was coterminous with the expansion of the vaccine schedule.
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What is happening to our children?
There’s no crisis more urgent than the chronic illnesses now affecting over half of our nation’s children. 12.8% in 1986, now over 54%! From Allergies to Autism, the rates of some chronic conditions are among the highest in the world. Join the movement at igg.me/at/childrenshealth to get answers! SHARE! Help RFK, Jr. eliminate exposures to toxins, establish safeguards to prevent injury and get justice for the injured.
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The Coincidence Theory Just Doesn’t Work
An excerpt from the Kennedy/De Niro Press Conference 2/15/17
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Mercury Toxicity:  ADD, ADHD, Allergies & Autism
An excerpt from the Kennedy/De Niro Press Conference 2/15/17
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