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Michael W Smith - Secret Ambition
20th anniversary concert
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PAL A340-300 from manila to San Francisco (FS2004)
This is A340-300 from posky and some other AIs you've seen are fro TRAFFIC 2005 package.. you can find the NAIA scenery through Walhalla.mine.nu
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Michael Bolton Soul Provider
watch it
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FS2004 British Airways B777 virtual cockpit heathrow-mumbai
Boeing B777-200ER en route to mumbai from heathrow
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Philippine Airlines B747-400 (POSKY)Cebu-Narita (FS2004)
Pal brings you to Narita japan with there B747-400.Of cors this is not an actual flight plan i made this for fun
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Philippine Airlines  A380-800!! A short hopped from Cebu to Manila
this A380 software was given to me by my fellow flight simmer.. imjust hoping that Our flag carrier will consider buying this big daddy plane from airbus...
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PAL A330-300 (FS2004)
leaving Cebu at dawn and rainy... Arrived in manila with good weather condition.this video is my second making for Philippine Airlines Livery
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Cessna Caravan Adventure (FS2004)
this is the cessna caravan default plane..
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PAL B737-400 Bangoy Intl. Airport - MCIAA (FS2004)
Philippine airline Boeing B737-400
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FS2004 Cathay Pacific A380-800
hong-kong to cebu philippines
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Cathay Pacific A340 600 Live cockpit part1
A340-600 from wilco combines with cathay pacific texture... Other add-on software: Flight Environment Wilco Airbuses vol.2 The Very Singapore by Samsoft Fly Tampa hongkong FSPassenger FS2crew software i used for recording and video edition" MS Movie Maker Fraps FS Recorder - found in Avsim.com fly-by - Found In Avsim.com
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Undocking the Boat
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Michael W Smith Breathe
micahel W. smith in Concert
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Virgin Atlantic approached  to San Francisco
Software Used: PMDG B747-400, Fly tampa San Francisco, Flight Environment,Real Environment,Environment Supression, Skai, Active Sky, US roads,Sony Vigas, Flight Simulator 2004, and more
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Cathay Pacific PMDG-B747-400 (FS2004)On Approach at zurich Intl. Airport
Software Used: PMDG B747-400 ; Fly Tampa Zurich; Environment Supression; SkAi traffic; Traffic 2005; Tantress Traffic; Flight Environment; Active Sky; samoshin trees; FS recorder; FS fly by; walk and follow studio; fraps full and window video maker
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British Airways B747 400 from hethrow to Narita (FS2004)
i aquired this beautiful airplane from posky..With FDE its Added a little realistic aerodynamics and controll to the aircraft.
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Korean Air PSS B777-300ER (FS2004) on Approach @ Incheon Intl. Airport.
my first HD. software in used PSS b777; Overland Incheon Airport; Aiski;traffic 2005;Active sky;Flight Envbironment;Real Sky; and more
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PSS Boeing B777 300ER rolling Out From San Francisco Intl  Airport
Software in used: Pss b777;fly tampa sanfrancisco airport; US roads; supression flight environment; Skai;tantress and traffic 2005; active sky 6.5;flight simulator 2004
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FS2004 Air france A320 @ Arlanda Stockholms
software used: microsoft flight Simulator Wilco Airbus Vol. 1 Aerosoft Arlanda Stockholms Active Sky Supression Environment Traffic @005 Tantriss Traffic GA Window Maker Vista
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Takeoff and landing (FS2004)
taken from different aircraft tyoe
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"Just Once" by Ricky M.
This was taken in Songhits Cebu
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My 490kms CARAGA rides and moto touring
Uploaded from VivaVideo
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Sow Forriwing
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13 May 2018
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British Airways B757-300 FS2004
The british B757..the aircraft is from posky
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