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Why this child want to become a smartphone? Parents must watch ...
This is all about how we forget our children and give priority to smartphone!This little Angel show us that !
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Br  imran speech at yakutpura(reaction)
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Anti majos wahabhi,A fake mullah dream about paradise
In this video you are going to see how these types of illetrate saudi scholars are dreaming paradise and preaching others too , in vulgar obscene language and wrong preaching May Allah curse this types of scholar ,Saudi is full of scholar like this,which interpreting wrong meaning of JANNAT,Jihad,etc Like tausif ,zakir naik,br imran etc
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10 moharram  Roz  e ashoor by sunni scholar
This clip is about what happened when imam hussian (as) was killed on 10 moharram 61 hijri must watch.
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Historical video of Hyderabad
Vintage Hyderabad
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Saudi govt oppression on schloar who dare to speak truth about oppressive Saudi government
On Friday prayer a sudden scholar dare to speak against oppressive government as he was addressing that public suddenly govt police came drag him out of mosque
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Mera sheriyan wala akbar (hyderabad india)
Video from Zam33r A1i
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Lal rumaal wala Saudi  wahabhi Exposed
This red shawl Satan is saying that taking name of prophet saws in mosque will make mosque unclean!God forbid,Ya allah rasool saws aur alhebait k dushmano lanat farma .beshumaaaaaaar bar aale saud
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