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How To Use Your Turbuhaler
A quick guide on how to use a turbuhaler for medications like Symbicort
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Travelling With A CPAP Machine
http://thehealthybear.com/travelling-with-your-cpap-machine/ In this video Dr George of The Healthy Bear talks about travelling with a CPAP machine. Tips include: - always carry your CPAP machine as carry on luggage. - expect your machine to be inspected at security stops - check with your airline whether it's considered additional baggage or not. - carry an adaptor plug for overseas travel including cruise ships - carry an extension chord - check with your insurance to ensure replacement will be covered if your machine is damaged. Regards Dr George http://thehealthybear.com
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Gay Men's Health HIV PrEP Truvada Side Effects
This video is about Gay Men's Health HIV PrEP Truvada Side Effects http://gaymenshealth.com.au/hiv-prevention/truvada-side-effects/ When PrEP is used to reduce HIV risk it's important to note there can be some Truvada side effects. Firstly it's vital to know that you are not HIV positive. For this reason you will need to have testing for hiv before starting PrEP to make sure you are not already HIV positive. Truvada is also associated with some changes in kidney function so renal tests need to be ordered before staring this medication. There is some evidence that there can be reduced bone density. We recommend lettin gyour doctor know if you have any bone issues, as well as getting plenty of calcium rich foods, vitamin D as well as weight bareing exercise. Some people have diarrhoea, bloating and gastric side effects when starting Truvada, this settles quite quickly in most cases.
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Visian Implanted Contact Lens Insertion
A video documenting the placement of the Visian ICL into my eye. This is designed to correct my myopia or short sight, and also astigmatism. After this operation I have been able to say goodbye to contact lenses and glasses.
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Gay Men's Sexual Health HPV Genital Warts
This video is about Gay Men's Sexual Health HPV Genital Warts http://gaymenshealth.com.au/sexual-health/genital-warts/ Genital warts an STI caused by the HPV, 'human pappiloma virus'. Many of us have been exposed to the wart virus when we were younger. Warts show up as small rough patchs of skin on the penis, vagina, in the bum or anus, but can also be on the tongue as well as in the mouth. Treatment can be a cream applied to the warts, freezing the wart as well as things like lazer removal. If you are concenred you have genital warts be sure to talk with your doctor to reduce the risk of spread of gential warts to other parts of your body as well as other sexual partners. HPV vaccine is now available to help reduce the chance of genital warts as well as the associated head and neck as well as anal cancers. Be sure to talk with your doctor to see if this is a good option for you.
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Cockring Safety, How To Choose A Cock Ring | Dr George Forgan-Smith | The Healthy Bear
Cockring Safety, How To Choose A Cock Ring | Dr George Forgan-Smith | The Healthy Bear https://goo.gl/x43CUh In this video Dr George talks about safe use of cock rings and how to choose a cock ring, in particular when using metal cock rings. His recommendation is to look at safer options that can be easily removed in an emergency. Suggested cock rings for safety include: The Magnetic Cock Ring: http://glink.me/mcr Silicone Cock Rings: http://glink.me/stretch Regards Dr George Forgan-Smith The Healthy Bear http://thehealthybear.com/about
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The Biggest Side Effect PrEP Has Had For Me...
Dr George Forgan-Smith http://thehealthybear.com
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Colt Butt Plug Trainer Kit Reviewed | Anal Play Training | Dr George The Healthy Bear
http://glink.me/analtrainerkit http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/butt-plug-trainer/ http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/ From the training video: One of the tips that I would love to offer you is that you should start with something that’s going to help you be gently introduced, a smaller butt plug that will say this is the sensations that you’re looking for and you can explore in a way that you aren’t going to be overwhelmed. One thing that I do recommend is to get a set of smaller butt plugs. One kit that I do recommend is this kit here. It is the Colt kit and it comes with three different butt plugs in there. I’ll just show you. The very first one of the kit is actually quite small. It’s no more than an inch in diameter. Let’s face it. Your poos are wider than this butt plug. Now, the trick with getting used to playing with butt plugs is to take your time and just go with the sensations. The ass actually got two sets of muscles in there. The first set, the most external set is the one that you can control. If you really, really are needing to go to the bathroom, it’s that last [swing of 00:02:43] that you’re using that you’re clenching to make sure that you don’t poo yourself before you get to the bathroom. Inside that, from there about maybe an inch, half an inch to an inch inside there is a second group of muscles. Now, these cannot be voluntarily controlled. The trick to getting them to relax is very gentle stretch, and this where a toy like this can be very helpful, that it very gently stretches. What I recommend is find some time where you know you’re not going to be interrupted. Relax. Have a nice warm shower before you start to play. Get lots and lots of lube, and then just lube up the tip of the butt plug, and then very gently start rubbing against the ass, and then just very gently just popping the tip in there. Probably start with the small or the medium. Then just slowly, slowly working some of the butt plug in there. You will find that the sensations can be a little bit unusual to start with, and it might feel like you need to do a poo. Over time, you will be able to start to enjoy the sensations. Probably about that far in to the insertion of the plug the prostate is. You can gently start rocking the plug and you might notice a different sensation as the tip bumps against the prostate as well.
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Checking Blood Sugar
How To Check Your Blood Sugar When You Have Type 2 Diabetes and Type 1 diabetes
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Can You Wear A Butt Plug In Public | Safe Anal Play | The Healthy Bear
Can You Wear A Butt Plug In Public | Safe Anal Play | The Healthy Bear http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/can-wear-butt-plug-public/ http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/ In this video I talk about the safety of wearing a butt plug in public. Of course with the right clothing, butt plugs can be safely worn where ever. The key is to note that after a while your body is going to start to want to push out the but plug and this can happen at the most inopportune time. Some people will wear leather gear that helps hold the plug in place however if an anal toy wants to come out it will. I don't recommend wearing butt plugs for anything longer than 20 minutes as it can lead to ulceration of the lining of the ass.
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Who Should Not Take The Pill
http://birthcontrolvideos.com/who-should-not-take-the-pill/ A brief video that explains who the pill is not a good choice for when it comes to birth control.
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How Do I Use A Butt Plug | Safety For Butt Plugs & Anal Toys | Dr George The Healthy Bear
How Do I Use A Butt Plug | Safety For Butt Plugs & Anal Toys | Dr George The Healthy Bear http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/how-do-i-use-a-butt-plug/ http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/ Learning to use butt plugs with safety is all about choosing the right right anal toy for you as well as taking your time to learn the different sensations. I always recommend to use toys that are made with surgical grade silicone (such as Oxballs or Squarepeg toys). These are very unlikely to lead to allergic or other reactions of the skin. When inserting butt plugs it's important to go slowly. Take your time. Enjoy the sensations, use plenty of lube and remember there is no rush to have the toy inserted. It's all about the journey not the destination!
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HPV Vaccine Gardasil For Gay Men
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Intermittent PrEP Dosing For HIV Prevention | Is PrEP For Me
http://isprepforme.com/how-to-take-intermittent-prep/ In this video I explain how to take intermittent PrEP as per the iPerGay study. Intermittent or on demand PrEP with Truvada is good for people who are having infrequent sexual activity or may be traveling and only have short periods of risk of HIV infection. This video explains how to take the medication to ensure you have good protection . Dr George Forgan-Smith http://thehealthybear.com http://isprepforme.com
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How to do an anal swab for Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea
A quick guide to doing an anal Or rectal swab to test for chlamydia or gonorrhoea. This is part of a full sexual health screening. Dr George Forgan-Smith Http://thehealthybear.com/about
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How Effective Is The Pill
http://birthcontrolvideos.com/what-are-the-chances-of-getting-pregnant-when-on-the-pill/ How effective is the pill at preventing pregnancy. A brief video that explains how well the birth control pill prevents pregnancy.
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Partners Study Demonstrates People With Non Detectable HIV Viral Load Are Unable To Transmit HIV
http://gaymenshealth.com.au/hiv-prevention/hiv-treatment-helps-prevent-hiv-transmission/ Great news is that the Partners Study has demonstrated that when a person's HIV virus in the blood is surpressed with treatment to below 200 copies per millilitre of blood they are unable to transmit the HIV virus. http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=2533066
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Can Amyl Become Less Potent Over Time
Quick answer to whether amyl nitrate aka poppers can cause lesser and lesser response over time. Dr George Forgan-Smith http://TheHealthyBear.com http://DownAnDirty.org http://GayMensHealth.com.au
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The Morning After Pill & The Missed Pill
What to do if you miss a contraceptive pill. Your guide to the best action if you have a mistake with your birth control and information on emergency contraception or the mornting after pill
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If You Have Missed More Then One Pill
http://birthcontrolvideos.com/what-do-i-do-if-ive-missed-more-then-one-pill/ A video guide on what to do if you have missed more then one of your oral contraceptive pills. What to do if you have missed your birth control pill
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Gay Men's Health Post-exposure Prophylaxis PEP
This video is about Gay Men's Health Post-exposure Prophylaxis PEP http://gaymenshealth.com.au/hiv-prevention/post-exposure-prophylaxis-pep/ PEP is a useful treatment that can help reduce the risk of HIV infection in a person after a high risk exposure to HIV. Examples might be where anal sex happened without a condom or there was a broken condom. PEP needs to be prescribed by a medical doctor who is trained in HIV care. When it comes to getting treatment time is of the essense. Be sure to get to your local HIV prescriber or HIV service ASAP as after 72 hours the medication is not considered effective. PEP requires particualar testing including Pre HIV testing as well as for other STI's, At this point you will be prescribed HIV medications to help reduce your risk of HIV seroconversion http://isprepforme.com Dr George Forgan-Smith
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The Dangers Of Auto Erotic Asphyxiation & First Aid If You Find A Person In Danger.
In this video I wanted to cover the important risks of auto erotic asphyxiation as well as the immediate first aid should you find someone who has come to harm in a situation. Key points are to be aware that any form of asphyxiation play is very risky and risk of harm is very high and potentially deadly. Please Don't Do This!!! If you find a person who in unconscious after autoerotic asphyxiation important steps include: Get help and call an ambulance. Remove any rope or other foreign objects from the neck carefully. Get the person into a laying position and asses if they are breathing. If they are breathing put them into the recovery position and stay with them till an ambulance arrives. If the breathing is labored, pushing the jaw forward gently may open the airway and make breathing easier. If the person is not breathing commence CPR immediately and continue till the ambulance arrives. Timely acts can save lives. Dr George http://thehealthybear.com http://gaymenshealth.com.au http://pupsafeproject.org
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Swabbing technique for male sexual health screening.
Dr George Forgan-Smith http://thehealthybear.com/about/
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What are Butt Plugs | Safe Anal Exploration & Play | Dr George The Healthy Bear
What are Butt Plugs | Safe Anal Exploration & Play | Dr George The Healthy Bear http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/ http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/what-are-butt-plugs/ In this video Dr George AKA The Healthy Bear helps answer the question "What are butt plugs?". As part of his answer he will discuss safe use of butt plug toys as well as how to remove them if you are having problems. As with all things, go slow and if you notice any discomfort or pain be sure to stop what you are doing and remove the toy. If you notice any bleeding or other issues seek medical attention.
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It's time to think about anal cancers in men who have sex with men.
Gay men are at a significantly higher risk of developing anal cancers. MSM (men who have sex with men) are at a 20-40 times risk of anal Cancer and if HIV positive that shoots up to 100 times the risk. Good news is that anal cancers can be detected early and even prevented. You can learn more about anal Cancer here: http://www.thebottomline.org.au
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Gay Men's Sexual Health Herpes
Gay Men's Sexual Health Herpes http://gaymenshealth.com.au/sexual-health/genital-herpes/ Genital herpes is easily contracted from skin to skin contact. It's a fairly common STI with many people exposed in their younger years. Herpes treatment can help reduce the risk of sharing the virus (transmission) as well as shortening the time you are suffering with the symptoms. Common symptoms are a burning, stinging blistering rash.
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Quora Question How Long Can I Wear A Butt Plug
This video is about Quora Question How Long Can I Wear A Butt Plug that can be found here: https://www.quora.com/How-much-time-can-I-hold-a-butt-plug-in My answer as posted on the site: "First is that the lining of the butt is quite delicate and it has a very intricate blood flow pattern. When a butt plug is in place it can reduce this blood flow that can lead to damage to the lining of the ass. This can create ulcers and break down of the delicate tissue. This can happen as early as 20 minutes depending on how big the plug is and how stretched the lining of the ass is. Also there are no pain receptors in the lining of the ass more than 1–2 cm deep inside the ass. For this reason the butt plug could be causing damage and you may not feel it! For this reason I recommend not wearing the plug for any longer than 20–30 minutes. If your body starts to show pain, bloating, discomfort or starts pushing the toy out it’s a good indicator to remove the toy. When vibration is added to the mix that reduces the time even more! " You can learn more about Butt Plug safety by visiting my anal plug and anal toys guide at my website The Healthy Bear: http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/ Regards, Dr George AKA The Healthy Bear http://thehealthybear.com http://gaymenshealth.com.au http://melbournerapidhivtests.com.au
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Stop using STI's as leverage for PrEP shaming!
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Latest news on Gonorrhoea found in the throat.
Latest sexual health News has shown that gonorrhoea is now able to be transmitted through kissing or other saliva contacts. This can include rimming as well as use of saliva as lube for anal sex. For this reason it is recommended that even if you do not think you could be at risk for gonorrhoea it's important to get a regular sexual health screening. What we have found is the regular use of antiseptic mouthwash is can help break the cycle of gonorrhoea transmission in the throat. For more news on sexual health updates be sure to check the healthy bear. Http://thehealthybear.com
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What Are Butt Plugs For? | Safe Anal Play & Exploration | Dr George The Healthy Bear
What Are Butt Plugs For? | Safe Anal Play & Exploration | Dr George The Healthy Bear http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/ http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/what-are-butt-plugs-for/ In this video Dr George AKA The Healthy Bear talks about the use of butt plugs as well as what they are often used for. He touches upon the safe use of anal toys as well as ways to ensure safety when using plugs for anal exploration.
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Quora Question Can I Wear A Butt Plug 24 Hours?
This video is about Quora Question Can I Wear A Butt Plug 24 Hours? An answer to a Quora question I found here; https://www.quora.com/Can-you-wear-a-butt-plug-all-day To quote my answer: "The ass lining is very delicate and has an intricate blood supply. When a butt plug is inserted into the ass there can be a reduction in blood flow and this can damage the lining of the ass. Even reduced blood flow as short as 20 minutes can lead to the damage and ulceration of the lining of the ass. It’s also important to know that the ass does not have pain receptors further than 1–2 cm deep inside. This means that a plug could be causing damage and you may not feel any pain to let you know this is happening. For both of these reasons I don’t recommend wearing internal anal plugs or other butt plug toys for longer than 20–30 minutes. If you develop any pain, bloating, discomfort or your body starts to push the plug out it’s important to remove the toy ASAP." You can learn more about butt plugs, anal toys and kink safety at my butt plug guide I have created here: http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/ Regards, Dr George The Healthy Bear http://thehealthybear.com http://gaymenshealth.com.au http://melbournerapidhivtests.com.au
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Is Monogamy Toxic
Today I wanted to moot the point that it's not monogamy thats toxic. People and behaviours they are toxic. Dr George Forgan-Smith Http://thehealthybear.com
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Is Bukkake a risk for sexually transmitted infections?
Dr George Forgan-Smith http://thehealthybear.com
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If You Have Missed A Pill
http://birthcontrolvideos.com/what-do-i-do-if-i-miss-a-pill/ A brief video that explains what to do if you miss a pill when you are taking the birth control pill.
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Las Vegas Hotel Upgrades
http://vegas-guides.com/upgrades Learn The Secrets To Las Vegas Hotel Upgrades Works @: MGM Grand Planet Hollywood Caesars Palace NYNY Mirage Treasure Island Luxor Excalibur Bellagio Wynn Flamingo Ballys The Venetian The Hotel And Many Many More Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos
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Travelling With PrEP For HIV Prevention
Some quick tips and tricks for people taking Truvada PrEP for HIV prevention while travelling Dr George Forgan-Smith http://isprepforme.com
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What Are The Side Effects Of The Pill
http://birthcontrolvideos.com/what-are-the-common-side-effects-of-the-pill/ A brief video that explains the more common side effects of the birth control pill. The good thing is that for most people on the pill these side effects are short lived and go away after a few months.
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What to expect in a PrEP Appointment. Dr George Forgan-Smith
Dr George talks about what to expect when seeing a doctor about PrEP a medication used to reduce the risk of HIV infection. http://isprepforme.com
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4 Common Terms Used In HIV Prevention: Undetectable Viral Load, Treatment As Prevention, PEP & PrEP
In this video Dr George covers some common concepts used when talking about HIV, HIV treatment and HIV prevention... Undetectable Viral Load, sometimes shows as UDVL, [U] or [+U]: Successful treatment of HIV to the point that virus replication is suppressed to a level that the virus is not able to be detected using conventional testing. This leads to increased health benefits for the person living with HIV as well as making transmission of HIV impossible. Treatment As Prevention or TAsP: The use of HIV medications to suppress HIV viral replication to a point where it is non detectable in the blood. When this is achieved it means that HIV is no longer able to be passed on. Post Exposure Prophylaxis or PEP: A medication treatment used to prevent HIV taking hold in the body after a high risk exposure to HIV. Most important is that this treatment needs to start 72 hours after exposure to have the highest chance of preventing HIV infection. Pre Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP: A single tablet (Truvada) when taken ever day greatly reduces this risk of HIV infection. This is a great alternative for people who struggle with condoms. You can learn more about HIV prevention and treatment and the following websites: http://thehealthybear.com http://IsPrepForMe.com Dr George Forgan-Smith
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Why Are Gay Men Different? | Dr George Forgan-Smith CLAW 2016
This is a brief section of a longer talk presented on gay men's health at CLAW 16 (Cleveland Leather Appreciation Week). In this section Dr George introduces the idea that by their upbringing, GLBTI people are different not just from health risks but also in our psychology and the way we interact with the world. It is hoped that by the recognition of these differences we can lead towards healing, self confidence and strength in ways we may not have been offered as youth. For appointment with Dr George Forgan-Smith In Melbourne: https://goo.gl/CM5gdZ Further video from this presentation an be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbxZLvNZOFM http://thehealthybear.com http://gaymenshealth.com.au http://isprepforme.com
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What Is Hepatitis A
A brief video about hepatitis A, how to prevent Hep A and how it's transmitted. You can learn more about hepatitis by visiting http://www.hepatitisaustralia.com/hepatitis-a/ Regards. Dr George Forgan-Smith Http://thehealthybear.com
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Shigella symptoms signs and prevention.
Dr George Forgan-Smith http://thehealthybear.com
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Men Kintting Podcast #4 With Carson Demers Talking Knitting Ergonomics & Comfort
Men Kintting Podcast #4 With Carson Demers Talking Knitting Ergonomics & Comfort Link for full transcript: https://goo.gl/cTN5F9?Men-Knitting-Blog Shortcuts to points in the podcast: 0:00 Carson has published a book: Knitting Comfortably 03:22 What sort of issues do you see commonly amongst the knitting community? 05:46 The art of choosing knitting needles to suit your projects. 7:06 The Value Of Swatching: It’s Way More Than A Tension Check 10:00 Top Tips For Pain Free Knitting 12:40 Safe Knitting In Public 15:01 Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes: Your Swatch Is Your Classroom 17:52 Staying Injury Free During The Holiday Knitting Season 21:38 Have You Considered A Knitting Belt Used In Shetland Knitting? 28:43 Funny Questions When Public Knitting 30:52 Stretches For Knitters 34:25 Keep Your Fluids Up When Knitting 36:17 How To Find Carson Demers’ Book – Knitting Comfortably 38:25 Dr George lays down the Hazel gauntlet 44:30 Carson’s Favorite Fibers and Designers 53:51 Dr George’s Favourite Fibres Huge thanks to Carson for his time and for taking the risk of catching up with this crazy knitter from Australia he'd never met. You can check out Carson's blog Ergo I Knit at http://ergoiknit.com Happy Knitting, Dr George Forgan-Smith https://menknitting.net
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Men Knitting Podcast #3 Portland
Welcome to the Men Knitting Podcast -#3 finished objects Friday. https://goo.gl/kaD52g Sharing fun knits The Mobius Accordian Cowl & the Stephen West Sports shorts. More fun stuff coming soon. Dr George Forgan-Smith Http://menknitting.net
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What Is A Butt Plug | Safe Anal Play With Dr George The Healthy Bear
http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide/what-is-a-butt-plug/ http://thehealthybear.com/butt-plug-guide In this video Dr George aka The Healthy Bear gives a brief introduction to what is a butt plug as well as some different shapes, designs and safety tips. As with all things it's important to take your time and allow your body to slowly get used to new practices and sensations. If you ever notice any pain, discomfort, bleeding or other concerns be sure to seek medical help immediately. Dr George
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Depression and blood pressure drops
Depression and blood pressure drops
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Quick guide to discount airfare searching using ITA Matrix and Expert Flyer
This is the process I used to get a great airfare with Qantas and BA in F and a great price! Just a bit of searching using the following sites: ITA Matrix Search - http://mfd.tips/itamatrix Expert Flyer - http://mfd.tips/expertflyer This is great if you are looking for frequent flyer discount airfares. Just this one search was able to save me over $5K
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How to to a sexual health screening in men who have sex with men.
Dr George Forgan-Smith http://thehealthybear.com/about http://isprepforme.com
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Gay Men's Health HIV Infection & Transmission
This video is about Gay Men's Health HIV Prevention & Transmission http://gaymenshealth.com.au/hiv-prevention/hiv-infections/ HIV is a virus that is transmitted or shared via exposure of bodily fluid being able to enter into your blood stream or immune system via mucous membrane. The key to avoiding HIV transmission is blocking the ability for HIV to be able to enter in the body. This is how condoms in safe sex work, they block HIV infected semen from being able to enter the body. New technology of PrEP is exciting as it is able to block HIV visus from being able to take hold in the body. More videos have been created on this topic.
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Rectal Exam To Detect Anal Cancers In Men Who Have Sex With Men
Men who have sex with men are at a significantly higher risk for HPV (human papilloma virus) related anal cancers. HIV positive MSM (men who have sex with men) are at an alarming 100 fold increased risk, while their HIV negative counterparts are still higher at a 20-40 times risk. Recommendations are annual rectal exam for HIV positive MSM and every 1-3 years for HIV negative men. Any symptomatic man should be examined. Any anal changes should be urgently reviewed by a colorectal surgeon. You can learn more here: http://anal.org.au/clinician/ Special thanks to Dr Jason Ong of Melbourne Sexual Health for sharing his time and expert opinion.
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