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Reflections from a kindergarten teacher
The 2016-17 school year is the first for state-funded full-day kindergarten throughout the Lake Washington School District. Mead Elementary kindergarten teacher Stephanie Egeberg reflects on the changes and explains how she teaches students who start school with varying levels of knowledge and skills.
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Cambridge Program
There are 13 elementary and secondary choice schools and / or programs in Lake Washington School District. Learn more about the Cambridge Program.
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Art is...
May is Washington State’s Art Education Month – a time to celebrate the wonderful arts education in our school and the terrific art our students create as a result. What does art mean to you? For LWSD students, art provides a way to express themselves. It is fun, magical, creative, beautiful and awesome.
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Stella Schola
There are 13 elementary and secondary choice schools and / or programs in Lake Washington School District. Learn more about Stella Schola.
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New Clara Barton Elementary School focused on service
The first day of school at the new Clara Barton Elementary School in north Redmond is September 4. Principal Karen Barker spoke about the school’s student-centered design in August. The school also incorporates features that conserve natural resources and reduce energy costs. The school is one of eight projects funded by the 2016 bond program, Building on Success: http://lwsd.org/buildingonsuccess.
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Environmental and Adventure School
There are 13 elementary and secondary choice schools and / or programs in Lake Washington School District. Learn more about Environmental and Adventure School.
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Aging Schools: Juanita High School
Juanita High School is one of the schools that would benefit from the April 2016 Bond.
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Blackwell Elementary Egg Drop
Blackwell Elementary Students test devices designed to protect eggs from breaking. Eastside Fire and Rescue assisted the students
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The new Ella Baker Elementary School: Empowering changemakers
The first day of school at the new Ella Baker Elementary School at Redmond Ridge East is September 4. Principal Kim Bilanko spoke about the school’s student-centered design in August. The school also incorporates features that conserve natural resources and reduce energy costs. The school is one of eight projects funded by the 2016 bond program, Building on Success: http://lwsd.org/buildingonsuccess.
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Kamiakin Middle School Bond Project
Lake Washington School District schools are overcrowded. Additional middle school space is needed in the Juanita Learning Community. The proposed February 13 bond would remodel or replace and enlarge Kamiakin Middle School. This project would increase capacity at Kamiakin by 321 students. Kamiakin was built 43 years ago, in 1975. Principal Joe Joss explains some of the school’s other challenges, including: crowded hallways, lack of natural light, and noise from neighboring classrooms. Learn more about the project: https://www.lwsd.org/about-us/2018-bond-and-levies/2018-bond/2018-bond-projects/kamiakin-middle-school
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Ella Baker Elementary Grand Opening
LWSD held its grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting for Ella Baker Elementary on October 5. Principal Kim Bilanko and LWSD Superintendent Dr. Jane Stavem cut the ceremonial ribbon. Students performed for guests and Principal Bilanko recognized the teachers for their work in opening the new building. #BuildingOnSuccess #Proud2bLWSD #ThankYouVoters
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2017 Redmond High School Graduation
Congratulations to the Redmond High School Class of 2017! At their June 15 graduation ceremony in Key Arena, Elisa Kadackal told her classmates: “Today we are not just graduating seniors, we are impact makers. Seek to live a life molded by your integrity, shaped by your hard work and refined by your resilience.” Senior Class President Luke Kennedy encouraged graduates to find the strength to face challenges. He said, “There are gifts and potential hidden inside of all of us that we never see revealed until life challenges us to discover them.”
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Take Me There, Verizon app challenge winner
A team of seven freshmen at Tesla STEM High School was named Best in Nation in the Verizon Innovative Learning app challenge competition. A representative from Verizon surprised the students on Feb. 15 with the announcement during an all-school gathering. Four high school teams in the country received the recognition. The students’ app concept, “Take Me There,” takes advantage of crowdsourcing to help users who need more detailed accessibility information in a mapping tool. Users can find out about walking distances and accessibility ramps, for example. This information can help disabled users of public transit understand what to expect. The students took top honors in Washington state and the Pacific region to be eligible for the national prize. To help them build a working app, the students will receive in-person coding training from MIT experts to turn their app idea into a reality this spring. They also received Verizon tablets and an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2017 National Technology Student Association Conference this summer. Tesla STEM will receive $20,000.
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LWSD Bond and Replacement Levies 2018
Lake Washington School District is continuing to rapidly grow. We are the third largest district in the state with growth continuing at all grade levels. The district has a plan to address our growing student population and make sure our graduates are future ready. On the February 13 election ballot, there will be three measures. All three measures focus on ensuring our students experience success. Together, these measures will maintain Lake Washington School District’s commitment to academic excellence. They will help reduce overcrowding and enhance learning environments. They will help provide critical academic programs and services for students. All while lowering our local tax rate from $3.16 per $1,000 AV to $2.93 per $1,000 AV and continuing to offer the high-quality education system that makes our community proud. Please vote by February 13. Learn more: http://lwsd.org/bond-levies.
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April 2016 Lake Washington School District Bond Measure
Over 3,000 students in the last five years. What would the April 26 bond measure do to help? This video provides the basics. Learn more: http://www.lwsd.org/NEWS/2016-BOND/Pages/default.aspx
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Juanita High School Graduation 2016
Juanita High School Commencement ceremony for the class of 2016. The graduation took place at the Juanita High School Field House on June 10, 2016
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Tesla STEM High School
There are 13 elementary and secondary choice schools and / or programs in Lake Washington School District. Learn more about Tesla STEM High School.
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Juanita High School Graduation 2018
Congratulations to the Juanita High School Class of 2018! At their June 18 graduation ceremony in the Fieldhouse at Juanita High, principal Kelly Clapp said, "We are here to celebrate the successes of the young people seated here on the floor. No matter where you are where you are going as you pursue your post-secondary goals, you will always carry the lessons you have learned through your time here." Staff member Stephen Bennett said, "One cool thing about ordinary people is that every single day in every walk of life ordinary people do extraordinary things. Ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things." Senior speaker Da'Mea Birdsong said, "The last four years we have gotten a glimpse of what the world is, who we are, what the world can be and what we can be. Doing is not easy and our actions need to be intentional and have purpose." Faculty member Leslie Campos said, "We are so proud of you on this most auspicious occasion, however as you go out onto your individual path, remember that in addition to your own drive, determination and diligence you got here because of the love and support of many others in your life." Graduate Eli Vossler said, "High school was a paved path that we were expected to follow. It was also a path that put us on a journey to who we are today."
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Juanita High School 2018 Construction Update
Students at Juanita High School are starting to see what their new school will look like. Steel construction for the first phase of the school is complete and the building will be fully enclosed by the end of November. The exterior brick veneer will be complete by the end of December. Phase one of the new school (73 percent of the building) will open in September 2019. The final phase of the new school (the remaining 27 percent) will open in fall 2020.
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Mead STEM Program
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Stormwater vault at new elementary school in North Redmond
Two underground vaults will keep storm water clean at the new elementary school in North Redmond. The north vault (seen here) has 138 panels with a capacity of 920,000 gallons of water (1.4 Olympic-sized swimming pools). Watch a time-lapse of the construction. The work took place between Aug. 14-22, 2017.
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2015 Transition Academy Graduation
Graduation Ceremony for special needs students as they transition from school into the job force
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Margaret Mead Topping Out Ceremony
Students and staff signed the last steel beam at Margaret Mead Elementary before a crane flew it to the top of its three-floor steel frame on Nov. 13. Director of Support Services, Forrest Miller, who is retiring this month, explained the tradition of placing an American flag and evergreen tree on the beam. “We’re celebrating the fact that there’s been safety on this project, but also honoring the workers,” he said. Superintendent Dr. Jane Stavem also attended the topping out ceremony. She thanked workers and the community for making the project possible. The new building will have a capacity of 690 students. Learn more about the Margaret Mead Elementary construction project, one of eight Building on Success projects: https://www.lwsd.org/programs-and-services/school-construction/major-construction/margaret-mead-elementary-school
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2015 Juanita HIgh School Graduation
Juanita High School and Futures School students were encouraged to live their life without fear. To go out and try, do, learn, create. Congratulations, Juanita and Futures graduates – you did it!
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Veterans Powwow teaches Native American students about their cultural heritage
Through dances, songs and language, Native American students are learning about their cultural heritage. One event that brings together the students and their elders is the annual Veterans Powwow. The Eastside Native American Education Program (ENAEP) hosted the event for the 11th year on Oct. 14 at Juanita High School. Students make gifts for the veterans while learning Native American traditions. The ENAEP is a federally-funded program that serves Native American students in the Lake Washington, Bellevue, and Northshore school districts in grades K-12.
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Paying for School Buildings
How do school districts in Washington get money to build new schools? Does the state help? How about cities? Watch this video to learn more.
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Attendance Matters: Every Minute Counts
If children don’t show up for school regularly, they miss out on fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build a habit of good attendance that will carry them into college and careers. Preliminary data found that children who were chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade (missing two days of school per month) were far less likely to read proficiently at the end of third grade.
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Lake Washington High School Graduation 2018
Congratulations to the Lake Washington High School Class of 2018! At their June 18 graduation ceremony at Key Arena, principal Christina Thomas said, "A schoolhouse is a microcosm of the community in which it is housed. In the world of education it takes many people to ensure that all students have what they need to grow learn and thrive." Student speakers Kerry Malone and Kiana Maadanian said, "Each of us have had our share of triumphs as well as trials and tribulations. While the big moments have shaped us quite a bit. We want to emphasize the little ones, that helped to fill the gaps between our first day freshman year and today. Graduation signifies something greater than the completion of high school. Granting us the chance to start over and endowing us with new time ahead." Senior Sean Miller said, "High school is giving us a blank check. All we have to do is cash it in by fulfilling our potential, that every single person in this room has I urge you guys don't waste the ability given us here. Don't let your potential fade." Graduate Zain Suleman said, "Thank you to the staff of Lake Washington High School for making high school an experience that I'll never forget. From the teachers to administrators, counselors to librarians, each and every single staff member not only made me feel welcomed as a student, but they made me feel like their actual friend." Student speakers Kayla Henry and Lauren Peterson said, "We have grown to understand that high school graduation marks the ending of an era, full of lessons to take on our next adventure. So thank you teachers for the countless hours of dedication. Thank you sisters and brothers for that endless support and fights that make us love each other even more."
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Science Through Dance
DescriptionAudubon Elementary second graders are learning about the science of balance and motion while also exploring the art of ballet. The school has partnered with the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) to bring lessons into their performing arts and physical education classes. Over a four week period, a dance artist and musician from PNB has visited Audubon to share “Dance Big Ideas” with students – incorporating science into music and dance through lessons about balance and motion.
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5th Annual Culinary Competition
In the kitchen at Lake Washington High School, LWHS junior Spencer Perry kneaded fresh pasta dough. His teammate, LWHS junior John Hentges, put together the other ingredients needed for their winning entry at LWSD’s fifth annual Culinary Competition on Saturday, Jan. 6. Sizzling chicken, aromatic leeks, carrots and a grain were the four ingredients high school students were required to use before they could branch out to other ingredients. Six teams participated. Mary Clarke, a culinary teacher at Lake Washington High School, said Food Network and other cooking shows have piqued the interest of students. “I think it’s good for their self-esteem. You can see that they’re having a lot of fun.” Teams are judged on cooking skills, knife skills, use of ingredients and creativity.
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Blackwell International Night
Like other schools in the district, students at Blackwell Elementary School come from a rich variety of cultural backgrounds. Students speak 28 different languages at home. On Feb. 23, families shared traditional food and festivities during the PTSA-sponsored International Community Celebration Night. One of the most-anticipated events of the year culminated with a Bollywood flash mob, which gave parents, students and even the principal a chance to dance to Bollywood music.
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ENAEP Graduation
The Eastside Native American Education Program (ENAEP) recently held a graduation ceremony at Lake Washington High School. ENEAP is a federally-funded program that assists Native American, Alaskan Native, and American Indian students in the Lake Washington, Bellevue, and Northshore School Districts. These students create a community through specialized activities encouraging cultural and academic growth. Watch a video of their graduation and click the following link for more information about ENAEP bit.ly/2t6Mdft
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Lake Washington Teaching: Nadia Miranda
“The fact that everybody has the computer, the same access, gives us really a world of opportunities.” Spanish teacher Nadia Miranda watched the introduction of technology change the way her students engage. Teach with us! Lake Washington School District is a remarkable community for teaching and learning. A large, diverse district with award-winning schools, it provides resources and support to help teachers and students succeed, learn and grow. Learn more and apply on our website: https://www.lwsd.org/employment/careers
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Symetra Heroes in the Classroom Cara Byrne
Third-grade teacher Cara Byrne thought she was attending a staff meeting on Oct. 25. The Samantha Smith Elementary School teacher was surprised to learn she is one of 16 Symetra Heroes in the Classroom during the 2017 NFL season. “I love to learn, so being a teacher is a great way to embrace learning every single day,” she said. Symetra and the Seahawks will recognize her during a Seahawks game (in her custom jersey), where she will be an honored guest. The award comes with a $2,000 donation to Smith Elementary in Byrne’s honor.
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Lake Washington teaching: Rachelle Horner
The future begins with our students. Rachelle Horner has taught future leaders at Eastlake High School for 10 years. “Seeing a kid learn is pretty much the best thing in the entire world,” she says. “When kids come back and say, ‘I want to be a teacher because of you.’ That helps me know that I made a difference.” Teach with us! Lake Washington School District is a remarkable community for teaching and learning. A large, diverse district with award-winning schools, it provides resources and support to help teachers and students succeed, learn and grow. Learn more and apply on our website: https://www.lwsd.org/employment/careers
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The Lawn Dart Saga (the story of the Tesla STEM HS Rocket Project)
It IS rocket science – in high school It started with an unfinished college project in an engineer’s garage. It became the focus of a group of students at Tesla STEM High School and their mentors. What began as an after-school internship program with Aerojet Rocketdyne became an audacious attempt to become the first team ever to launch a liquid fuel propelled rocket at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC). Along the way they became the first high school team ever accepted into this college and graduate level competition – in the advanced category. The Lawn Dart Saga follows the team as these high schoolers do learn rocket science and much more.
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Future Chefs
Future Chefs whip up delicious, healthy breakfast recipes in annual competition Rice and Quinoa Breakfast Stir Fry. Eggs in a Pita. Flax Oat Energy Pops. Chocolate Raspberry Chia Pudding. Wholesome Coco Biscuits. Who knew healthy ingredients could make for such delicious breakfast entrees? These recipes were the five winners of the annual Future Chefs competition held on March 9 at Rose Hill Middle School. Twelve LWSD fourth and fifth grade students competed in the annual event, sponsored by Sodexo, the district’s food service provider. All students submitted a healthy breakfast entrée recipe. The top 12 were selected as finalists for this event. They prepared their dishes for judges on March 9. Each student was paired with a Sodexo employee who served as their mentor in preparing their dish for the contest. Students had to put their math skills to work to figure out how to increase their recipes to serve all of the judges and people attending the event. Each of the five winners received a new bicycle and helmet courtesy of Sodexo. All twelve finalists received a chef hat, chef coat, framed certificate, medal and souvenir recipe book.
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4th Annual Teen CEO
Nine teen-owned businesses came prepared with polished presentations to share the vision of their business at this year’s Teen CEO competition. From retail businesses to technology companies, each CEO came prepared to vie for their chance at prize money for their business. Tesla STEM students Adriana Rush and Indra Toepke of Magic Carrot Candles, took home the first place Rita Smith Founder’s Award of $3,000 for their business. This follows a second place finish at last year’s Teen CEO competition. Anne Lee, also from Tesla STEM High School, took home the $2,000 second place award for her business, Mission Happyland. Mission Happyland is a 501©(3) non-profit organization that brings robotics and other educational opportunities to students in Manila, Philippines. Aarushi Bhatnagar, a student at Redmond High School, placed third this year, taking home a prize of $1,500. Her business, WIFI4Guest, allows businesses to put Wi-Fi in stores for customers to use while shopping. Each student had 10 minutes to present their business and explain their product and market. Students reviewed financials and how they would use the prize money to expand the business if they won. They fielded questions from the four local business leaders who judged the competition. Judges included Roger Blier from Passport Unlimited, Angela Marks with Arrow Electronics, Amy Hedin with HumanPoint and Jerred Kelly with Lake Washington School District. Teen CEO is sponsored by the Lake Washington School District Career and Technical Education Department, Passport Unlimited, Coastal Community Bank, Kirkland Rotary, Kirkland Kiwanis, Smead Capital Management, Washington Commercial Painters, Shinstrom & Norman, Benefit Solution Inc., Tom Neir and Sally Otten, Nytec, and Krueger Beck, LLC.
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Frost Elementary School's production of The Lion King KIDS
Frost Elementary School expected 30 or 40 students would audition for the school’s production of Disney’s Lion King KIDS. Instead, 70 students showed up – and almost all of them stayed for six months of rehearsals with coaches from Disney and Seattle Theatre Group. “Our kids are really craving an opportunity to express themselves through the arts,” said Jeffrey Erickson, a teacher at Frost who directed the musical. Frost was selected for the Disney Musicals in Schools program, which provides free professional development to participating schools. By training teachers, in addition to students, the program helps schools build sustainable theater programs. #LWSDArts #ArtsEducationMonth
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Northstar Middle School
There are 13 elementary and secondary choice schools and / or programs in Lake Washington School District. Learn more about Northstar Middle School.
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Backpack Awareness Day at Kirkland Middle School
The Kirkland Middle School (KiMS) PTSA Backpack Committee held its second annual Backpack Awareness Day on September 21. This committee has been working to raise awareness among the students and staff at KiMS about backpack weights, and ways to reduce the load for students. Some of their efforts include an annual backpack weighing day, outreach events for fifth grade students and meetings with students and staff to compile a list of solutions. KiMS staff have reduced their planner size. They had rapid-fill water stations installed so students can carry empty water bottles to school. They created a new school supply list that had a smaller number of items. KiMS also holds on-going backpack cleanout events during Panther Time. Watch the video to learn more.
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Watchdogs,  "Dads of Great Students"
Thank you, Dads! – Are you a Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Dad? If so, we want to thank you for serving in our schools this year. Through the Watch D.O.G.S. program, fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles and other father figures had a chance to live a day in their child’s shoes at school this year. Watch D.O.G.S. report gaining back so much more than they give on their volunteer days, but the students and school benefit from their service. Sound interesting? Consider joining the Watch D.O.G.S. program at your child’s school next year.
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2017 Lake Washington High School Graduation
At their June 15 graduation ceremony in Key Arena, Asher de Forest praised the kindness and passion of the Lake Washington High School Class of 2017. “Even though none of us knew everybody, I hope we leave this place with everybody knowing we were safe with each other because we were supported by each other.” Student speaker Gabryelle Matz-Carter told fellow graduates, “Lead with your passions. And commit to those things that make you get out of bed in the early hours of the morning. … We must now go out into this world of strife and hope and do something to make it for the better in whatever way we can.”
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Emerson High School
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Dr. Traci Pierce, Bond and Levy Presentation
LWSD is planning for three ballot measures to go before voters on February 13, 2018: a bond and two replacement levies to fund important needs not funded by the state. Dr. Traci Pierce, Superintendent, explains each measure. Learn more at our website: https://www.lwsd.org/about-us/2018-bond-and-levies.
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Supporting New Teachers
Supporting teachers new to the profession Research shows that brand new teachers are more likely to be more effective in the classroom and more likely to stay in the profession if they get support during the first two years of teaching. Lake Washington’s New Teacher Support Program gives new teachers additional training before school starts and a dedicated consulting teacher who helps them along the way. This year, new teachers began with the Educator Introduction Academy on August 13. They have been working since to prepare for that first day with students in their classroom.
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Eastlake High School Graduation 2018
Congratulations to the Eastlake High School Class of 2018! At their June 18 graduation ceremony at Key Arena, student speaker Maggie VanNortwick said, "As we move out into the world, it is time for us to be the few, who relinquish this greater fear of the unknown and learn to embrace the unknown. You welcome it. To chase it down and understand it." Eastlake teacher Rachelle Horner said, "Choose to take the bricks out of your wall, to see others as fellow human beings with the same fears as you. People with an innate humanity and thus deserving of your respect and then find the will to act." Senior class officer Grace Porter said, "As we move into our future endeavors some college, some military and various career directions we can make a difference in the world if we simply seize the opportunity and make our voices heard." Graduate Eli Corriveau said, "I'm so proud to say that at Eastlake, we have learned to change out our lenses frequently. Together we've built a culture that reflects the principles of pluralism. The doctrine that not only permits but encourages the freedom of people to maintain diverse thoughts, beliefs, passions and life choices." Senior speaker Annie Bequette said, "Thank you to the teachers that have stretched your boundaries and created you to be better students. Thank you to our parents and our family for providing for us and thank you to our friends for inspiring us and take on the world. And most of all thank you to the world and the future that lies ahead of us." Eastlake president Ben Sherry said, "Eastlake is a special place and this is largely due to the fact that is full of amazing people. We have been through a lot together and it shows Not only have we developed individual talents and skills. We've also created a sense of culture and family."
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