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Step One Of My 3c/4a Natural Hair Regimen - Co Washing
I am loving my Shi-Naturals No Poo Conditioner Wash for now. I revisit using it and my hair loves it just as much as it did when I first started using it. I also use my DevaCurl No Poo or any other inexpensive conditioner like Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut or VO5 Herbal Escapes or VO5 Moisture Milks. I make sure that I take my time and massage my scalp for five minutes during my co-wash or shampoo. On wash days, I use a Bobeam Shampoo Bar and I do this perhaps two to three times a month, sometimes once a week. I just like knowing that my scalp is really clean.
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Leslie Sansone' Walk Away The Pounds Ultimate Collection 4 Complete Workouts DVD
Purchase at Walmart for $9.97 and the Weights also were $9.97. I have the two pound weight balls, but on the DVD Leslie and her group are using one pound weight balls.
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Gold's Gym 2 Pound Soft Weight Balls to Use With Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds
These are the two pound weights that Leslie Sansone uses in her Walk Away The Pounds DVD for Mile One. You can purchase these at Walmart (look in the Sporting Goods Section) for $9.97 ($10). Let me tell you, these weights does make a difference in the workout.
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Dr. Malcolm Hill's God's Original Diet and God's Healthcare Plan
You can google or see if these books are sold on Amazon.com. There is a lot of information that is available at our finger tips. We have got to be wise and use it not only for our lives but the lives of our families, friends and communities.
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Palm Roll on My 3c/4a African American Natural Hair
I thought that I should try different techniques and styles to keep my short TWA on point. I am loving my second big chop and natural hair journey.
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How I Prepare to Spend Time With JESUS Each and Every Day
Spending quality time with GOD everyday is a MUST for CHRISTIANS! We live, we move and we have our being in HIM and without HIM we can do NOTHNG! The Devotional That I use and recommend for those who would like to start using one is JESUS CALLING by Sarah Young. You can purchase it at Amazon dot com or go to a Barns and Nobles or any other Book Store chain. It is a really great devotional. Also, if you are interested in joining my on Rachael Miller's (Color Me Organized Tour) Early Morning Prayer, you can call (712) 451-6150 and the Access Code is 892162#. Prayer is from 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM (EST) Monday through Friday.
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Fat Flush Water
Water One Whole Grapefruit Sliced Up 3 to 4 Tangerines peeled 1/2 or less Cucumber Sliced Up 2 Peppermint Leaves Ice as much as you want 64 ounce pitcher Drink at least three (3) eight ounce glasses a day for a total of ten (10) days. The pitcher should hold at least 2/12 days worth of water.
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After Completing Steps 4 and  5 Leave-In Conditioner and Bo
Sorry I did not show you the steps 4 and 5 on day 1 but check out msdeekay You Tube channel. She walks you through steps 1 through 5. Today, is September 6 and it is day five for me. My hair is improving each day.
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Two Strand Twist On Short 3C Natural Hair
Since my hair is so extremely tight, curly and short, I decided to start two-strand twisting for length and hopefully, some volume.
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Day 7 Maximum Hydration Method Challenge
I made it. Sorry if my video cuts off. I do not know why it does this on my iPad.
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John 1:17 For the law was given by Mo'ses, but grace and truth came by JESUS CHRIST!
Intoduction and Welcome to I AM UNIQUE IN HIM (JESUS CHRIST)
Hello everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my channel and my desire is to be able to inspire you to be the best that GOD has created you to be by allowing you to see me in difference facets of life, through my natural hair journey, my weight loss journey and just me enjoying my walk with JESUS! So sit back, relax and let's see what GOD has in store for us.....
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I Colored My Hair - Soft Sheen Carson's #376: Red Hot Rhythm Rouge Intense
I was getting quiet a few grey hairs and decided to go ahead and take the plunge.
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Two-Strand Twists on Short 3C Natural Hair
Here are the results from last night. Inspired by MSVCharles on YouTube.
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JESUS Desire's That We Know HIS Love is UNCONDITIONAL and UNFAILING Towards Us
Know that GOD loves you and I unconditionally. HIS Love for your and I is not based upon how good or bad that we are, as a matter of fact, HIS love is not based upon our actions at all! HE loves us because GOD IS LOVE and only the LOVE of GOD is GENUINE, everything else is a copy of the real thing!
My Natural Hair Regimen (3c/4a Hair Type) - - Thanks Dawn Michelle
I am trying to keep my hair regimen as simple as possible and goal is to use 100% natural products. I will be reinstating my Shi-Natural products for my hair as well, because my hair needs the extra moisture retention. My goal is to start mixing more herbs and finding out which ones work best for my hair type. I am really loving my short hair, however, I am thinking it is time for me to start growing it out more, so that means protective styles.
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Co-washed With TRESemme Naturals
Co-washed hair and preparing to use ZURI Luxurious Argan Oil MASQUE
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I Am Thinking About Doing Another Big Chop Very Soon on 3c/4a Natural Hair
Yes, my temple area is bugging me out so I asked my husband if he would have a problem with me cutting my hair into a very short fad or boy hair cut. He told me no, however, he wants me to find a picture of what I want and make sure I will be happy with it. My goal is to lose weight and not have to focus on HAIR and besides, I plan to do more make up and jewerly and color to make sure my skin and personality glows!
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My Second Trip To The Barber Shop and My Natural 3c/4a Hair Regimen
I will be mainly co-washing my hair several times a week or as needed and deep condition once or twice a week (a moisturizing deep conditioner one wash and perhaps a protein when required, but since I will be using Henna once a week, I probably will only use a protein deep conditioner once or twice a month or when I feel it needs it). My main hair line is SHI-NATURALS, I truly love, love, love all of her hair products, especially the deep conditoners, pre-poo Buttercreme, No Poo Conditioner Wash and the Leave-ins (my favorite is CHOCOLATE). I like to use very light natural oils like Grapeseed, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Safflower as well as coconut and olive oil (the latter two is normally used as a pre-poo when I am out of my pre-poo Buttercreme). Now, for my styling products, I really am loving the Shea Moisture line. All of this line smells really good and for the money provide everything I need in regards to moisture retention. One thing I realize is that a little goes a long way, especially since my hair is so short! Finally, I will continue to purchase the DevaCurl Set It Free Moisture Lock. I use this to seal all that goodness in and my hair is soft and moisturized throughout the day and evening. I do the L.O.C. (Liquid-water; Oil - natural oil of choice and Cream-Masque) Method every morning or after I take my shower and co-wash my hair. I do the GHE (Green House Effect) Method at night. As I mentioned, because my product stays on my hair until I co-wash my hair, I do not add any additional oils or product to my hair at night. I simply put a plastic conditioner cap, along with two to three satin bonnets and a wool cap or silk or satin scarf and tie my hair down and off to sleep I go. The next morning, my hair is wet and the plastic conditioner cap is wet with beds). Right now, I will be using Henna (Nupra 9) once a week for the next two to three months and then will decide if I will continue to do it weekly. I am really, really loving my natural hair journey!
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I Know It Has Been A While
Just dropping by to say hello and invite you over to my new channel, "Flymomma777". I am still natural and wearing a wig "PureNatural" Bohemian Wig in color number 4. You can use heat up to 377 degrees. Please stop by my new channel and subscribe. Thank you.
The Different Way I Intend To Use The Walk Away The Punds Ultimate Collection DVD
I completed the 3 Mile Walk today and I can TELL YOU, that it will really, really challenge you and give you a GREAT WORKOUT! The LORD gave me an ideal of how to maximize the use of this DVD by adding combinations of the exercises (combining two different walks on different days to make challenge me more). Even as I write, the LORD said that I can even combine three or perhaps as I really advance do a combination of all four of the walks in one day (switch the order of the walks to target different areas) to really blast the fat and get more energy as well as rest better. Make sure to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise and take it easy, also drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body! A great muscle reliever for those who get sore like I do when I really work out is Epson Salt (With Lavendar) and add a few of your favorite body oils or bath salts.
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Big Chop # 3 - I Am All Natural Again
I big chopped again on October 5, 2013. I am not doing anything special, just keeping my hair clean and moisturize. I am doing the Cathy Howse Regimen where I shampoo and deep condition my hair using a protein deep conditioner mixed with oils every three days and I do the L.O.C. Method twice a day (liquid, oil and cream). This time around I feel it is just hair and if I take care of my inside and the out my hair will do what it needs to do on its on. Talk with you later.
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My Natural Hair, Weight Loss and Mary Kay Journey - Life is Busy But It Is GREAT!
Just wanted to fill you in on my the different segments of my life journey.
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Steps 3 & 4 Leave-in and The L.O.C. Method
Now, as I mentioned in this video, I normally apply my leave-in first, however, since it had been a minute since I stepped out of the shower, I applied my Jojoba Oil first and then my Shi-Naturals Creamy Leave-in (Chocolate scent - I love Chocolate). Next I do the L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil and Cream) which is to add my oil (any natural oil, and I did it first), next my Shea Moisture Yucca & Aloe Thickening Growth Milk w/Biotin & Bamboo Extract for THIN, FINE HAIR then lastly my Shea Moisture Organic Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque w/Biotin & Bamboo Extract for THIN, FINE HAIR. Lastly, I spray my hair with the DevaCurl Set It Free and lay my edges down using my Shi-Naturals Kurl Pop or my EcoStyler Gel. I CoWash Monday through Thursday and do a wash (using Bobeam Shampoo Bar) either on Friday or Saturday because I Henna my hair on a weekly basis (Nupra 9). I am very busy on the weekends so I try not to do my hair on Sunday and some Saturdays depending on my schedule unless I get up super early like six or seven in the morning. As far as clarifying my hair I use either a clay, my Terressentials Mud Wash or one of my Bobeam Detox Shampoo Bars. I have to be honest though, I have not had a need to clarify my hair in the last month because I try not to use too much product and I coWash every day. I will try to do a video today showing you my nighttime Routine. COME JOIN US IN PRAYER AT 10:00 PM EST TONIGHT (TUESDAY - APRIL 30, 2013) WITH SISTER RACHAEL MILLER OF COLOR ME ORGANIZED TOUR: Dial in at (712) 451-6150 Access Code: 892162 followed by the # Sign. IF you GET KNOCKED OFF THE CALL, PLEASE REDIAL BACK IN AGAIN! We also have 5:00 AM (EST) Prayer Monday through Friday each week at the same number. Thank you for watching!
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Day 1 -Step One - The Cherry Lola Caramelized Treatment
For details of all ingredients check out the maxhydrationmethod.com or see msdeekay here on YouTube. She does an excellent job breaking down each step and the correct products to use with this method.
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Just Stopping By To Say Hello and Let You Know What I Am Up To!
I have been extremely busy and wanted you to know that I will be back as soon as I can. By the Way, I Joined Mary Kay!!!!!!
3C Natural Hair Styled with EcoStyler Gel
I tried a hair product that had not worked for me previously, but now, I think is a keeper.
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8 Months After Big Chop
I recorded a video but for some reason it did not upload. I will try to upload later.
Weight Loss and What I Am Up To Now!
My goal is to be very disciplined and organized when it comes to me losing the 100 pounds that I WILL LOSE (IN JESUS NAME)! I plan on journaling what I eat, what I do as far as exercising, how much water I am drinking, how many hours of sleep I am getting and anything else that I believe GOD wants me to factor in. I realize that I cannot do this on my own. I do not want to look for any QUICK fixes because I know to cheat is temporary, where when I learn to master my feelings and be real with what is going on in the inside of me, I WILL HAVE THE VICTORY IN JESUS NAME AMEN AND SO BE IT!
Exercise and My Mary Kay Business
The 5:00 (EST) AM Morning Prayer with Rachael Miller Monday through Friday. Dial Number : (712) 451-6150 Access Code 892162 followed by the # sign.
My WeightLoss Goals and Journey
My weightloss Journey will be to lose between 90 to 100 pounds or how I feel in my clothes/Body, whichever comes first. I would love to have you join my on this journey.
Natural Hair Product Haul Part II
These are the products that I will be using and have used in the past on my hair and some of the items on my daughter's natural hair. My Number UNO (#1) Product Line is SHI-NATURALS! I simply LOVE, LOVE, (Did I say I LOVE) these products. If you are interested in knowing more, please check out the Shi-Naturals Group over on Hairlista (my name is JayeJaye714 in that Group). I also love purchasing natural oils from Vitacost, because their prices are vey reasonable and ounce for ounce you cannot beat it. Also, I shop at Monterey Bay Spice Company for herbs and powders. The other Company I enjoy buying herbs and powders from is Mountain Rose Herbs. Both companies have excellent products, however, depending on where you live, the shipping can be pricey.
It Is All About Our Relationship With CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD
Child of GOD, JESUS loves you with an everlasting love. Do not let anyone or anything separate you from the LOVE of GOD. Peace and Blessings!
Working Out and Eating Light and Healthy
Let's Get Moving!!!!!
Excellent Television Ministries and Teachers
I just wanted to come back to share that I enjoy watching excellent television ministries, such as Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes just to name a few. Check your television guide for times and channels. Also, THE WORD NETWORK is an excellent resource as well!
Webcam video from July 19, 2013 2:46 PM
Step 2 Of My Natural 3c/4a Hair Regimen - Conditioning
I use a conditioner even when I co-wash, I just do not let it stay on more than ten minutes at a time (while I finish showering). I will use an inexpensive conditioner Monday through Friday and then use my Shi-Naturals Deep Conditioner on my primary wash day which is either Friday or Saturday. I rinse my hair with warm water and do a final cool or cold water rinse.
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Come Join Me and Sister Rachael Miller at Color Me Organized Tour Global
For additional information please go to the CMO website. You can order the 21 Day Challenge Book for $15 and it is life changing. Prayer Monday through Friday 5:00 AM (EST): Dial (712) 451-6150; Access Code 892162 followed by the # sign.
My Natural Hair Routine
Keeping it simple.
Zuri Luxurious Argan Masque
I am testing out this product that I received from the company to try.
It is All About Our Relationship With JESUS CHRIST!
I love the LORD SOOO VERY MUCH and have passion and desire to see all of GOD's people walking in the fullness of CHRIST!
It Is Important To Set Goals While You Are On Your Weight Loss Journey
Make it fun and also make it realistic. Losing weight affects every part of our lives and you want to make sure that you are prepared for the changes.
Just a Little Update!
(712) 451-6150; Access Code 892162#. Early Morning Prayer. 5:00 AM EST Monday through Friday.
Day 1 - Step 3 Bentonite Clay