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Ep 10: Cialis Commercials Encourage Sex...kinda.
In this episode of Commercial Success, Kiersten and Bradley breakdown those crazy Cialis ads and ask how do the couples in the bathtub make love, why is Colonel Sanders involved and what is up with all the caressing?! Follow us: Instagram: instagram.com/commercial_success Facebook: facebook.com/commercialhaha PODCAST (with additional chitty-chat) on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/commercial-success/id1354485164 Thanks for checking out the episode, guys. Please subscribe and go back to watch our other episodes. Spread the word and comment away. Maybe you'll get a shout out. Have a great day.
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EP 7: Keira Knightley Strips
I mean. What is happening here? As always, Kiersten and Bradley breakdown the insanity that is perfume ads. Follow Commercial Success weekly on Facebook and Instagram (www.instagram.com/Commercial_Success). Thanks for the subscribe!
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Commercial Success: The Pitch
Ever thought "WTF?!" when you see a weird commercial? From the minds that brought you the idea to move to Brooklyn without a job comes a weekly show about COMMERCIALS. Each week Kiersten Lyons and Bradley Hasemeyer break down those annoying 30 second interruptions of life, point out what's crazy, and how to fix them.
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EP 12: Would You Date This Guy and Michael Jackson's Baby
We've all seen those Trivago ads and wondered WTF?! So Bradley, Kiersten and special guest Matt Godfrey (Progresso, Old Navy, Santa Clarita Diet, etc.) decide what in the world is happening here. The full interview is on the PODCAST: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/commercial-success/id1354485164?mt=2 FOLLOW: Bradley @Bhaz (IG) Kiersten @KierstenLyons (Twitter) Matt @GodfreyTweets (Twitter)
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Ep 3: V-Day Roundup
Let's get real, some of the craziest ads on TV/Hulu/YouTube/Insta/Etc. have to do with LOVE. SOOOOOO we thought we'd cover that and bring you some or favs.
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Since we are professional commercial watchers...who better to turn to than us to break down each of our three best. Good times and lots of laughs on today's episode of Commercial Success. Follow along on Facebook: www.facebook.com/commercialhaha
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Ep 2: Fire Vs. Ice Doritos
On this episode, Kiersten tries to open the show, Bradley gets tongue tied and they both agree that this new Doritos spot is awesome.
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Episode 5: Chevy Ads aka: "our sex life and family members you don't like!"
On this episode of Commercial Success, we delve into the downright hysterical and odd Chevy commercials. They have walls that move, awards that appear out of nowhere and THAT guy who is hosting them all. We ask WTF then offer how we would fix it. Join in! Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CommercialHaHa and Instagram: www.instagram.com/commercial_success See you next Wednesday with a new episode!
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#BTS: ON-Set Messups
SOMETIMES it's good for people to see behind the scenes, especially when it's conflict with your co-host who is also your wife. Enjoy.
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Ep 8 Huntington and other edu commercials
Ummmm do these make us want to learn more or learn how to fix these cheesy spots? What do you think? Let us know below!
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Ep 9: Can Sling TV Save Your Relationship?!
Well we cut the cord and love using Sling...but we saw their new commercial campaign and had some questions....why is that girl crying? Have you seen this one yet? It DOES make us want muffins and coffee. All day.
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Episode 4: Tide Pods aka, "she would not have that washer and dryer!"
Ever seen THAT Tide Pods commercial that has the girl in the restaurant who also has a $3,000 washer/dryer combo at home?! Like WTF?! We get into that and a few other things that might just blow your mind. Come along as we find those commercials that make us say WTF and we offer how to fix them.
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Ep1: Because I Can
A new can. A new campaign. Do you like it? Diet Coke enlists the help of the talented Gillian Jacobs to sell the idea of just do what you want to do...even if it's not good for you...like Diet Coke? We're confused. Come along.
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Ep 11: Boobs, Babies and Bradley (new GE commercial)
Bradley and Kiersten are back at it again with Episode 11 of Commercial Success where they take a look at the new GE campaign of "you can't choose". From breast pumps to personal and very awkward breast feeding experiences, they share it all and ask "WTF?!" and how to fix it. Become a Successor: Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/commercial-success/id1354485164?mt=2 Facebook: www.facebook.com/commercialhaha Instagram: www.instagram.com/commercial_success
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Episode 6: Ads we like w/ special guest Sean Davis
ON this episode of Commercial Success, we have our friend and fellow actor, Sean Davis, join to talk about commercials we really like. Featuring Geico, Apple and Carmax.
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BREAKING DOWN all the Hallmark Holiday Movies 2018
JOIN our podcast (https://apple.co/2AupajX) as Bradley Hasemeyer and Kiersten Lyons breakdown the most absurd and awesome movie phenomena ever to occur: Hallmark Movies. With two cups of hot chocolate and an old microphone, the Hasemeyers will be bringing you the ups, the downs, the smiles and the tears from all 22 Hallmark movies this season. Follow along on Instagram: www.instagram.com/commercial_success and Facebook: www.facebook.com/commercialhaha Let us know in the comments below what's your favorite film this year!
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