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Two suns and moon welding hood viewing
Whatever the 2nd light source is has gotten larger in size since i began recording the hidden body. With the help of a welding hood it can be seen when you zoom in on the sun.
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Two suns one blinking again
This blinking effect is new , not sure what to make of it
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Two suns one blinks
Never seen it before but one of the two suns blinks twice
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Two suns and a lense flare
A clear example of the difference between reality and what youve been told
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Sun flickering  hypnotic attack
The sun flickering . Could this be a massive attack of hypnosis of the people? Seriously look how everyone around you is asleep.
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Chainsaw carving of gargoyle
An old pine tree ive been widdling on
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Chemtrails and cloud irregularities project blue screen
Project blue screen, altitude discrepancies,
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Chemtrails way out of hand
This is f****** ridiculous this praying everyday
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Sun thing different
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Two suns, infrared light  wed june 6
Please notice how I am able to zoom in on the second light source this is not a light refraction this is an entity separate from the Sun , it is an infrared light source.
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Two suns june 4th 9:11 am
Two light sources
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Chemtrails x marks the spot project blue screen
Relentless spraying,but whats the purpose?
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More hidden skies
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Typical evening
Same scenario every day, big front rolls up, and as soon as nightfall hits the stars come out
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Red skies
Just another evening on the red
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Distorted sun
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Two suns niburu sun simulator wtf
A second lightsource in the sky, idk what it is but its up there.
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Two suns no zoom
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Welding hood look at two suns behind the clouds
Its gotten bigger,
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Chemtrail precipitation
Contrails are vapor that rises and dissipates Chemtrails are not Vapor Rising but rather precipitation coming down as this video clearly shows
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Two sun documentation aug7
Approaching Celestial body
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Summer solstice Halo
Mostly from the chemtrails on the summer solstice today is a Halo
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No 2nd sun
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2 suns not lense flare
There's always that one village idiot that will try to say that this is a lens flare but it's not there's something else up there along with the Sun
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Two sun documentation behind the clouds
Planet x, niburu,
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2 sun documentation
Since the summer solstice the smaller infrared sun has been either in front or behind the sun, today june 11th 2018 is the first time its been visible.
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2 suns
This was a typical chemtrail hazy sky, looking at the suns with my welding hood.
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