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Two suns , simulator, niburu,
June 4
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Chemtrails way out of hand
This is f****** ridiculous this praying everyday
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Chemtrails and cloud irregularities project blue screen
Project blue screen, altitude discrepancies,
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2 suns
This was a typical chemtrail hazy sky, looking at the suns with my welding hood.
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Two suns ,light sources, niburu wed june 6
Please notice how I am able to zoom in on the second light source this is not a light refraction this is an entity separate from the Sun I don't know what it is but I know it's not a light refraction or lens flare this is a separate entity
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Two suns june 4th 9:11 am
Two light sources
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Chemtrails x marks the spot project blue screen
Relentless spraying,but whats the purpose?
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Chemtrail precipitation
Contrails are vapor that rises and dissipates Chemtrails are not Vapor Rising but rather precipitation coming down as this video clearly shows
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Two suns niburu sun simulator wtf
A second lightsource in the sky, idk what it is but its up there.
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